Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Deal With Arrogant People Part 6493

I asked the people on Facebook (AHEEEEM) if they have a suggestion for a blog post and someone requested that I write a post on how to annoy an arrogant friend.

I have already written a lot of posts about arrogant people in the past, but there's no reason for me say no to this request since no one else actually gave a fuck about my Facebook post.

And besides, her suggestion/request is awesome.

So anyway, let's go straight to the topic.
Adj: Displaying an exaggerated sense of of self-worth or self-importance.

Synonyms: Proud, conceited, cocky, braggart, asshole, motherfucker, piece of shit, pain in the ass, ignorant, coward, insecure, throat-punchable, etc.
Arrogant people aren't that hard to spot. They are EVERYWHERE. In order to deal with them, you have to understand what they are going through, where they are coming from. Because all they need love and understanding.


Arrogant people expect that everybody loves them. They have this sense of self-worth that if they are loved, they think they deserve it and if they are hated, they think the other person is just insecure or intimidated. Because what's not to love? They are perfect.

Some arrogant people think that they are the prettiest thing their parents have ever created.


No. Don't do that. It's too violent.

The best thing to do is to stay calm. You can bring them back to earth. Just have faith.

Or something.

1. The Diversion

An arrogant person consistently talks about THEM and how important they are and how much they contribute to the world even if they're not doing anything. They also get offended when you correct or disagree with them. So here's what you can do:

If you run around the room while screaming, this will work better. Just imagine...

This won't make them humble but will definitely make them shut up.

But you'll look totally ridiculous. That's not my problem.

2. The Hug

Hugging is the subtlest way to make them shut up. When your arrogant friend starts bragging shit...
The world revolves around this asshole.
You look at them straight in the eye, shake your head and whisper, "No."

Then hug them. Tightly. Like they're the most important thing in the planet. Hug them like the special fucking snowflake that they are.

You need real tears to make this work.

But to make this work EVEN better, you need a background music.

Make a ballad version of Avril Lavigne's Complicated and play it while you're hugging your friend.

3. The Last Resort

So since arrogant people think everyone either loves them or is jealous of them, there is a huge possibility that my previous suggestions won't work. That is why you need another way to deal with them.

Arrogant people are insecure and the only way they know how to deal with their insecurity is to bring other people down. If they go overboard in bringing you down so they can feel better about themselves and you can't take it anymore, I think it's time to be a little bit harsh.

Yes. Tough love.
I hope I helped.

You're welcome.

The gifs aren't mine.


I think I need a Dear Gnetch thingy on this blog. Want advice on things? I give awesome advice, you know? <---- SUPER HUMBLE.
So if you need some "advice" (suspicious quotation marks), you know what to do.


  1. MY WORDthose are some awesome gifs...

    1. Haha! Yeah. Those gifs are popular on Tumblr.

  2. Haha, the best to. Thank you, Jinetch!

  3. Or just ignore them. After you punch them of course.
    Dear Gnetch,
    I need some advice on fake friends. And fake people. And stuff.

  4. Ok. I really like #2. The whispered, "No." It's like, "Oh you poor delusional baby,"

  5. Special Fucking Snowflake Hug tactic is the bestest evers. I'm now putting out personal ads to get an arrogant friend to try this on.

    1. PS Your lollustrations (illustrations that make one lol) just slay me. Every time. It's wonderful.

    2. Thank you so much, Kana. You don't have an arrogant friend? You are lucky!!!

  6. One thing you can never do is out-arrogant them. They're way to committed to being arrogant so you can't win.


    1. Yeah. Out-arroganting (what?) them will only lead to more arrogance.

  7. girl, u never ran out of WAYS to solve a problem, and most of the time it doesn't get pretty haha!

    I'm pro "Dear Gnetch" thing.

  8. "Make a ballad version of Avril Lavigne's Complicated and play it while you're hugging your friend."

    hahahaha. brilliant. as a Canadian, this is doubly funny.

  9. Girl!!! You ROCK!!

    This post was fantaboulous!! :)) (Don't look at me like that!! That word totally exists...)

    I've been wanting to kill a particular co-worker of mine, so your post made me almost cry just because I identified so well with it. hehe But then, it also made me think about keeping a check to make sure I'M not that arrogant dick.'s so easy to let your insecurity get the best of you sometimes. XD

    p.s. When I am famous you may totally live in a room with internet nad boxes of pizza!! :)) Love you!

    1. Haha! Oh I would probably use fantabulous too when I get the chance.

      Don't kill your coworker (yet). Try the first two options first. And then...

      Don't worry, you're not arrogant. At all. Also, can we have a cool guy neighbor when you adopt me? You know, when you're famous?? Haha!

  10. Oh man, I'm so going to use these tactics. Or failing that, I'll just resort to the ol' "punchio in the face and run away" method.

    Thanks, Gnetch!

  11. Oh man, I'm so going to use these tactics. Or failing that, I'll just resort to the ol' "punchio in the face and run away" method.

    Thanks, Gnetch!

    (sorry about deleting the previous message. I used my hubby's account by accident)

  12. Now this is brilliant and helpful.... and explains why I get all those hugs downtown Portland from complete strangers!

    1. Oh my gosh! You mean I'm not the first one who thought of this tactic? You made me really sad!


  13. Wow..
    Enter the full article, mainly for my own

  14. Thank you! I will use some of these ideas next time I come across a good friend of mine who is so full of himself :)
    Also this definitely gave me the smile I needed. Thank you! :)

  15. Having dragged myself over here I'm just shocked that yet another blog is not all about me (What do you mean you don't know me, that's no excuse).....

    ....Is that arrogant enough for you?....

    ...Do I get my hug now?

  16. So my favorite things to do in life are as follows:

    1) eating
    2) playing volleyball
    3) talking about myself

    Pretty much all my siblings hate me cuz I'm loud, obnoxious, and think I'm the greatest thing to happen to their lives. But they're wrong...I'm the greatest thing to happen to EVERYONE'S lives!!!

  17. Number 3 is probably the only thing that 'might' get their attention.

  18. Wow, that picture of her smiling and holding her hands to her chest looks just exactly like Ally O'Neal. She got diagnosed w/ personality disorder from the army called "insecurity". Thanks, lol.