Monday, March 22, 2010

a hate texter, my taste in men, and drunk tweeting

For about 3 days now, some girl has been texting me about ME trying to steal HER boyfriend. Like total hate texting. I barely know this girl. We just exchanged numbers because we have met a few times already and because we have 1 common friend. In short, I only know her by name. Or something.

So last weekend, I was in this social event and she was there too. With her "boyfriend" whose name I can't remember. Not to mention his face.


It was not hard for me to ignore her texts (a) because I did not take them seriously, and            (b) because HELLO???! I don't know you, idiot. But I got curious so I asked our common friend what this girl's problem is and what the boyfriend looks like. My friend told me the girl's problem is the group pictures of us the guy had stored in his phone.

Let me repeat, GROUP pictures. Not even one solo picture of me.

So we were hanging out that day and apparently, the creep was taking our pictures. But again, GROUP pictures. I cannot understand why she thinks I was trying to steal her boyfriend. I did not even know he was taking our pictures. I was busy being crazy.

And according to my friend, the boyfriend looks like...

Wait for it...

A foot. (Exact description given by my friend).

Uhm, like this?

Okay, maybe not but excuse me, NOT MY TYPE.

So it got me thinking. What exactly is my taste in men? Of course, I don't like someone who looks like a foot. Have you met someone who looks like a foot?


So I thought of a few celebrity crushes I had over the years.

I'll mention some of them.

First, Drew Fuller. I really love his face. Just look at him and you'll understand. Also, I love his eyes. I haven't seen him in a while, though.

This second one is Lee Min Ho. He is a Korean actor. I like his eyes. And the hair, oh my goodness, LOOK! And he's kinda mysterious. I like that in a guy.

Now this is Kim Bum. He's also Korean. Yeah, I really like Asian eyes. I'm not normally into cute, adorable, good-boy faces but I can't help looking at him. He really is cute. And his smile? I'm telling you. He has better pictures but I'm lazy.

I discovered these 2 Korean guys' existence when I saw them in a TV series.

Mark Salling. I have a crush on his character (Noah Puckerman or Puck) in Glee, actually. I like his badass-ness. Really. He got my attention on this certain episode where he sang Sweet Caroline and played the guitar. Like, this dude is cool! Or hot! Whatever. If you can play the guitar or the drums and can sing? You're hot in my book. I had a crush on Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty) when I was in high school.

Lastly, look at this dude's body. His name is Piolo Pascual. He is a Filipino actor. He actually looks good. And he has nice teeth. He has better pictures but I chose this one because I want to you see his body.

Now, if my hate texter's boyfriend looks anything like the guys I just mentioned, maybe she should worry. Not that I'm gonna steal the guy. I'm not like that. She should worry about other girls.

I'm not really into physical qualities, though. Maybe just a little bit. But I'm more into a guy's personality, humor, if he makes sense when we talk, and stuff like that. But of course, he has to look presentable. Definitely not like a foot. But I was thinking. What if I see those good physical qualities that I just mentioned in one guy? What would he look like? I think I just created a picture of my future husband in my head. I'll pray for this one.


Or maybe not. I think I just created my own Frankenstein.

Damn! Shit! I'm gonna have nightmares about this.

God, you knew I was joking, right?
I promise, I'll be a good girl.
Just say you knew I was only joking.

So now what? DRUNK TWEETING! Yeah.

Saturday night, I tweeted these.

And then after a few minutes (or hours, I'm really not sure), I attracted 2 new Twitter (I can't believe I just typed Tweeter. WTF?) followers.

So I tweeted this:

Now, here's the big revelation.

I wasn't drunk.

I was just bored.


  1. That miley person is following me too!!!! And I don't even trash talk that Justin kid!

    Now I know to hold you responsible for any tween followers I get on twitter!

  2. KATHERINE: Tweens have been following and unfollowing me on Twitter. Haha!
    Just look at the bright side. I could be your way to Twitter stardom! ;)

  3. woah, that lady sounds crazy! my friend pam has accrued herself a bit of a stalker, too. this dude thought they were bf/gf after they'd met twice over the span of a month. where do these people come from??

  4. I love Drew Fuller!! He's so cute.

    And as for the girl who's hate-texting you, you should text her back and give a detailed explanation on how her boyfriend was feeling you up in that party while taking the picture...! ;p

  5. I tweeted about Justin Bieber once and I got followed by several Bieber fans. Super scary. He's like a little annoying virus.

    By the way, how weird is that girl? Insecurity much? Love the foot drawing though HAHA

  6. I hate when people think you want to steal their ugly boyfriend. It's almost insulting, ya know? It's like this: I happen to think I have good taste in guys and for you to suggest I would even look at unfathomable.

  7. Now officially in love with Piolo Pascual!!!

  8. Oh gosh! I got a hate texter once. Only, it turned out they had the wrong number. After spending a week arguing with me that I was this other chick and was lying to them, they finally found out that their friend had purposely given them the wrong number. I kept telling them I wasn't a skinny slut, that I was just a chubby loner, but noooooo they wouldn't listen.

    Love that you have Justin Bieber followers when you were bashing him. Makes me laugh when that happens.


  9. I don't even know who Justin Bieber is.. Am I missing out??

    That crazy girl is probably just overly sensitive and insecure. You should feel bad for her, she can't be happy.

  10. First of all, you renewed my love for Drew Fuller. Charmed... I miss that show!

    And I don't really like Puck. I'm more a Cory Monteith/Finn kind of girl.

    But I digress.

    Have fun with your Frankenstein man... and with the girl who's freaking out over a foot.

  11. Wow, I'd love to see what you're like when you've had a few (read: 10) drinks then! :)

  12. DAVID: I think she is crazy. When I met her in person, she was like this shy, soft spoken girl and suddenly... BAM! Hater!

    JOHANA: Yeah, he is cute. As for the hate texter, I still don't want to tire my little fingers texting her. Haha!

    ANDHARI: Definitely like a virus! But I'm convinced he's a girl.

    ASHTON: Exactly!

    T: I'll share him with you. I'm that nice.

    TABITHAVENASSE: Where do these hate texters come from? Haha!
    And yeah, Justin's fans are totally obsessed!

    CARINA: Oh, be thankful for small favors. You're not missing out on anything. ;)

    CHRISTINA: I miss Charmed too! Because of him.
    What I don't like about Finn is that he looks stupid when he dances.

    ELLEN: Oh, I think I'm gonna try that one of these days.

  13. Ahh I can't stand girls who are so paranoid about their boyfriend's even talking to other girls. If you don't trust your bf, it's never gonna work. A group picture? come on! It would be different if it was a photo of you 2 kissing or something!
    Tell her you don't want to date someone who looks like a foot lol.

    I found you from 20SB. My blog is if you wanna check it out! :)

  14. Fuck that stupid cunt!

    I don't give a shit what he looked like! When she started her TEXT-talking bull shit, I would have told her that I took him in the bathroom and fucked him six ways to Sunday!

    Next time she msgs you remind her that her boyfriends thinking about you when he's banging her!

    I heart your face!

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. JILL: Exactly. And I would never kiss a foot with a face! Haha!

    ASHLEY: This is what I love about you bitch. Haha! I'll wait for her text today and tell her that foot guy is thinking about me when he's banging her.
    Oh, and thanks! ;)

    PUREGOLDLADY: He is actually a soap opera star. You're good. Haha! But he also does movies, he sings, and hosts a variety show. Yeah, I'm in love. J/K

  17. lol can someone really look like a foot. lol thats funny.

    well its her insecurities don't allow her to brake your peace of mind.

  18. Omg Gnetch! I could never imagine you falling for Korean heroes! HAHAHAHA But I am glad. Welcome to the group! I love Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum too hahahaa.