Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some things are just not negotiable. Deal with it.

So here's the thing: You know when you don't get enough sleep, you feel like you're just gonna be useless the whole day? And when you don't get anything done, you get frustrated?

It's like you feel that you should have just stayed in bed. Like you can almost hear your bed calling you because you didn't get enough quality time together.

Well, I'm like that.

Actually, I'm the kind of person who doesn't have a problem staying asleep. I can sleep for 10-13 hours a night and wake up and still have the ability to sleep again. It's like a super power.

The problem with me is initiating sleep. It's hard. Especially with my schedule, I have to sleep at noon, while everyone's awake, watching TV, eating, laughing, talking, and all that shit. I would always have a huge battle with the pillows and blankets, a lot of twisting and turning before I get comfortable.

And then I *might* be able to fall asleep.

The problem is that I have to wake up a certain time to go to work! So let's say, because initiating sleep to me is a huge task, I never get enough sleep on weekdays.

By the time the alarm clock (actually, my cell phone) goes off, I would still be in coma.

Well of course, there are times that I have the energy to get up and hit the snooze button to cheat a little and sleep some more. 
I change my alarm music all the time because I always end up hating the songs that disturb my sleep.

But there are times that I don't even need the snooze button because *I* am in coma sound asleep. And when I'm sleeping, I don't hear anything.

To think, I even have a Rob Thomas (even Eminem on the second alarm) song to make sure I wake up. I mean, seriously, Rob Thomas is like-- Dang!! (I love you, Rob Thomas.)

But since I am a VERY RESPONSIBLE person (ahem), I will eventually get up. With the help of my mom and my sister yelling that I have to wake up because I'm gonna be late for work.

The result?

What the fuck do you want from me??? Oh. Yeah. Work. Okay!

So don't ask me what's wrong when I'm grumpy. THIS is what's wrong.

And no, it's not negotiable.

Gnetch + No Sleep = Grumpy.

That's life.

P.S. You can still vote on our blogger social poll. So far, Martini and Mudmasks Blogger Party is leading despite the fact that I messed up just a little bit and forgot the "we're". I can't edit it now. Doing so might delete the votes. I'm not sure. But I'm too lazy to look it up. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Now, don't be shocked but I've got some good news!! I KNOW!

Warning: Long(ish) post.

So we've all established that I'm forgetful. Right?


It's not like I don't appreciate you because I really do. Like, if I could give you one of my ears because it just so happened that you're the type of person who likes to collect ears, I would. Even if it would make you creepy and weird and disgusting and I might end up borrowing ears from a zombie. You know what I mean? Because I love you all like that.

So anyway, a few months ago (like, August...?) I got a few blog awards from my friends, which of course were greatly appreciated. I just forgot to post them.

This one was given to me by Ratz from What Can I Say.

Also from Ratzy!!

 This is from an awesome Asian, Tina from The Tina Life (See this post.)
I remember that this one has some sort of rule where you have to share a few facts about yourself. But my brain is fried. HELP ME!! Ask me anything. (Please...) *bats eyelashes*

This one is from Christina from Christina in Wonderland!! 

And the latest one? The I DON'T GIVE A FUCK award from Thoughts of a Randomista or TOAR. When I read her post, she made me smile. She said I'm her favorite Asian. No. Really! She said that!
Don't you just love that picture?

You fuckers made me happy despite the rollercoaster I've been going through these past few weeks. (I MEAN THAT!!!) If you noticed, I'm rarely posting anything. So thank you!!!

So, now! For the tagging part:

Chupacabra (did I spell it correctly??) Award of Excellence
Nino - My Kaefkasque Life
Israel Carrasco - Israel Carrasco Monologue Jokes
LaceyRee - This Freckled Lemonade
Dr. Heckle
Max Evel
Wolf - SNAFU Report

The Duct Tape Award For Bloggy Goodness
Emily Jane - emily-jane.net 
Mel - ChinkyMel's Corner
Carina - Carina Blogarina
Jan - Between Me and My Thoughts.

The Versatile Blogger Award
Ratzy dear! I think I will only give this to Ratz. She is really a versatile blogger. Ttrust me.

A Blog With Substance
Ashton - Journalistic Musings
Nicki - The Loaded Handbag
Los Schoenys - Schoenrock Ohana
Tom - TbR Tangential

Ria - Serious stuff about lif... Oooh... Shiny!!
Tyla - Run Fat Girl Run
Sweta - The Disappearing Caravan
Christina - Christina In Wonderland

I really hope I did not forget anyone because I'd be punching myself in the head if I did. But if I did, FORGIVE ME!!!

There are also some people I did not forget but I decided not to include them at the moment because they are on blog vacation so I don't think they will be reading this post.


In another awesome news, I just won a "caption this" contest over at Israel's blog. Apparently, my suggestion made him chuckle the loudest. Oh! And his email came at the very moment that I was just about to scream because of the stressful situation I was having at work. So, yeah, the news made me happy.

And I haven't emailed him my address yet. SEE???

I will after this post.

And I got another awesome news but I don't think I'm allowed to reveal it. Yet.




After the epic success of our Online Vodka/Ice Cream Blogger Social, my Greek and Asian friends (including me, of course) decided to have another one.

Here's where I need your participation. I need you to vote.

Which one of these activities would you participate in?

If you have questions, let me know.

Also, boys, you wouldn't us girls to dominate again, would you?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

P.I.L.S. or People I'd Like To Strangle

Don't you think it's shocking how sometimes, little things just piss you off? Oh! So it's just me then?

Anyway, since I share ALMOST everything with you, again, I'm sharing this one. Also, because I'm in a PMS-y mood. See? I told you I share ALMOST everything! (Weeeee!!!)

Here are a few examples of people I'd like to strangle. Or PILS* for short.

The in-denial ass.

Sad to say, there are just some people who are natural-born assholes. Some are aware of it but they don't care and continue being assholes. Some are actually proud because they think being an assbag makes them cool. And some are just in denial. They think they are good when actually, they're not. Which is the WORST of all assbags. I think they have this thing I'd like to call the CAS or Chronic Asshole Syndrome.

I'm totally inventing acronyms now! Does that make me a... scientist? No? Because you know, invent + scientists +... What? Lame?


Anyway, want some examples?


♠ People who can't stay true to their words. Or those who don't follow through with their promises. And feed you with lame excuses.

Bloggers People who think they are some sort of celebrities and think they have the authority to tell people how to run their lives because apparently they know everything because "they've been through a lot." (HA-HA! ♫ I'll never te-ellll....♫♪ )

♠  The Copycat. - She's old news but she definitely falls into the category because I don't think she's aware that she's an ass.

The "perfect" people.

♠ People who don't admit that they are wrong. They always have an excuse.

♠ People who ask but don't believe because they think they know what really is up.

♠ Thin people making fun of fat people and fat people making fun of thin people. So maybe they think they are perfect.

The super important people.

These are the kind of people who are always HOURS late when you meet up.

Or those who, when the group decides to hang out, they're like, "Yes! I want to hang out."

But then, "Oh, that's too far from where I live. Can we meet at [insert a convenient place for them here]?"

Or maybe those who say, "I'm not used to places like that." Then the group would ask, "What you do want to do instead?" Then they'd be like, "It's up to you guys."

Okay, what??

These super important people seriously make me want to punch random strangers just to get the annoyed feeling out of my chest.

Okay, she's not really a stranger. But she's still annoying. Besides, she is also one of the people I'd like to strangle.

What? Don't you??

*Inspired by this movie I stumbled into while channel surfing where Christina Applegate called this guy a PILS or People I'd Like To Stab because he called her MILF. Can anyone tell me the title of this movie? Anyone??

*Taylor Momsen's picture (the non-gnetchified version) found here.

P.S. I now have a suggestion box on the side bar. Try it. It's for your own good. (Actually, it's not. I just want to steal your ideas. I'm sneaky like that.) Try it!! :)