I have been updating my Welcome Followers Post a.k.a. YOU TOTALLY HAVE TO READ THIS BECAUSE THIS IS FOR YOU and now, it looks kinda messy. I think. Soooo, I decided to create a page especially for my dear followers. Here you will find the links to all your blogs and if you're looking for some interesting blogs, you will definitely find some here.

Click randomly and enjoy!

This is not in alphabetical order. I'm kinda lazy. Hehe!

 Oh! If you're looking for male bloggers, they are in blue.
One Crazy Brunette Chick
    Dr. Heckle

     BWS tips button

    The SNAFU Report
    • Katherine Szeto*
    • Tuluat*
    • Jayme @

    • Cat*
    • LiLu @
    Two Foul Mouth Fuckers

    If I am in your blogroll or if you're following me via RSS, let me know so I can add you to this list. Thank you.
    Also, I may have unintentionally missed a name or two. Let me know please. Comments section is open.

    EDIT: I haven't been able to update this but if you're a follower and you want your link up here, just let me know.

    UPDATE:  So Blogger decided to disable commenting to my pages hide all my old comments (asshole) so if you want your blogs to be in this list, if you're following me, just Email me. :)

    ANOTHER UPDATE!!! The comments section is back!!! Yay!!


    1. there you go!!! super thanks gnetch.. I would really kill you if you didn't include my name hahhaha! no, just kidding..

    2. My name is on the list, my name is on the list, my name is on the means i am awesome! yay!

    3. Nice! THANKS! ;)

      Becca @

    4. Yayyyyy.....Yes its right I saw my name in the list. I am jumping around ..hehehhe...I mean i m going to after completing this comment

      Thanks Gnetch. You rock babe

    5. you just called me one of "the most awesome bloggers ever" and this made my day. week, even.
      and you rock too, of course :)

    6. the link is

      and thanks so much for including me!
      by the way tomorrow drop by my blog,you'll have a little award waiting for you! :)

    7. Thanks, Ria. Sure I'll stop by. I'll even check out your blog now. And then again tomorrow. And again the day after tomorrow. Hehe. Thanks again. :)

    8. Thanks so much for the shout out!!!

      Just FYI, I can't take credit alone, it's me and my sis Chantale who run the site :)

    9. this is an awesome concept!! n yaaay!! my name is on the list!!! :D :D you're an awesommmme blogger!!

    10. I follow! I feel left out :(


    11. I'm following you as of yesterday. I'd love it if you'd check out my blog and I'd love it even more if you could send some traffic my way. I only have 8 followers. Oh, and I'm a girl. Jay isn't my real name.
      my blog

      And of course, I love your blog! I finished reading all of my books, so I needed something to fill the void. Thanks for being awesome!

    12. @hellodove and Jay: Added. :)

    13. Thanks for adding me and visiting my blog. I can tell we're going to be good blog buddies!

    14. Replies
      1. Added you!!! Sorry, I keep forgetting. :(