Wednesday, February 17, 2010

HELP! i got LSS and i'm hallucinating!


Sorry. I meant: Hi! Im back.

I haven't been able to blog in the past week. I've been very busy and so... I'll explain later. And I'll read all your posts after this.

So I'm at work tonight. Remember when I told you that one of my jobs include using transcribing machines (a.k.a. computer, duh? transcribing machine just sounds more professional) with headset and foot pedal to transcribe dictated medical reports by physicians and other healthcare professionals, such as emergency room visits, diagnostic imaging studies, operations, and final summaries of patients, dying or not?


Well, yeah, that's because I haven't told you that. And now, I'm telling you. I am a medical transcriptionist.

Anyway #1, I'm having an LSS (last song syndrome). A terrible one. And this is one of the doctors' fault so *in my sweetest voice* fuck you, doctor. But thanks because I have a job. Here's an apple for you. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? What? Oh right! You're a doctor.

Anyway #2, so earlier this evening, I was listening to this recorded dictation by this doctor and in the middle of his medical report -- not really the middle but who cares? -- a song suddenly played in the background. Who turned it on, I don't know. He probably needed a background music or something but WHY THAT SONG? WHHHHHHYYYYYY????

He was listening to Taylor Swift's LOVE STORY! Yes! THAT SONG! And I hate Taylor Swift so I hate THAT SONG.

And now, that song keeps playing in my head. For 3 hours! Three excruciating hours! Taylor Swift has been wasting 3 hours of my life! I'm hating her even more.

Well, not really hate-hate. Not like I-wanna-slap-her-so-fucking-hard hate. Just can-you-at-least-stop-squinting-for-just-one-second hate. She always looks like she ate something sour. Or she smelled something bad. Or both.

Anyway #3, (I keep saying anyway #4 and I don't understand why), but anyway #5 (see?) I just wanted to share that with you.

And this:

Rome-yo taaake me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waaaiting, all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince. and i'll be the prin-ceeesss
It's a looove stoooory baby just saaaayyyy..

Hope you get LSS too!

Also, these are for you. If you hate Taylor Swift, you'll love the song lyrics below. If you love her, enjoy the photos and feel free to.. you know. If you're a guy, that is. Win-win right?

I juuusst faaarteeeeedd, yeeaah. Uh-ooooohooo...

Thaaaat Kanye guyyy is aan aaasshoo-ole... Yeahhh... Uh-ooohoooo...

I'm beeeing possssseesssed by a demoooonnn... yeah...Uh-oooohooo...


UPDATE ON MY NEW URL: So here's the reason why I haven't been able to post anything this week: I've been busy learning HTML, designing my blog and Googling how to put this, and how to do that, and how to change this, and how to remove that. You know? Because the web designer I got BAILED on me! Maybe I was too demanding. What's wrong with putting a picture of a dead monkey with chicken guts all over it as a design to make it look like the monkey stabbed the chicken and the chicken killed the monkey and ran away because it got scared even though it was self-defense, anyway??? I was willing to pay for that design! (I said anyway again, didn't I?) But, how is that demanding?

P.S. I just want to explain my reaction about this whole LSS thing. It's bad enough that for many hours, the song has been playing in my head. But then, I started singing it! And my seatmate stared at me like, "Are you seriously singing THAT SONG?" That was embarrassing.


I don't have a seatmate! RUN!


  1. LOL!!! I Hate that shit!!!! And it's ALWAYS a song you fucking hate!!!

  2. Taylor Swift has been wasting 3 hours of my life!

    hilarious! loved the pictures too, that's probably exactly what she was thinking

  3. i always like kanye, but after he proverbially bitch slapped taylor i knew he and i would be best friends forever. seriously. OPEN YOUR EYES. OPEN THEM! O-P-E-N T-H-E-M!

    oh, and thanks bunches for making me prance around my house singing that stupid stupid stupid song (that i might happen to love just a little bit)!

  4. wow, your job sounds well posh!

    is taylor swift that bad? i've only heard one of her songs before. the one that won an award for best music vid and kayne west jumped up on stage to "congratulate" her... not really my music style but i thought that song was okayish.... oops, do you hate me too, teehee?

    btw, you can go to or to change your template... after you find one you're happy with, you can keep on editing the html until you're fully satisfied. i'm no expert but i can help point out the basic stuff like changing the fonts, sizes, columns, etc.

  5. I have never heard it called last song syndrome... that's bad ass! I'm totally stealing that and using it all the time!

  6. *hug* Thank you, dear, for hating Taylor Swift (or kind of hating her). I mean, I hate her with a fiery passion that burns in the pit of my stomach, but, you know, whatever...

    And, also, I would pay money for that blog deisgn as well. That. Is. Bad. Ass. Oh yeah!

  7. Long range hi5! You've got me LSS-ing now too haha! Grr! It's amazing what kind of talent is getting produced lately. I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift and will never catch on to these kinds of trends. Seriously :D *tips and sips a glass of bubbly*

  8. I'm glad you hate Taylor Swift because I do too! And I don't buy all these craps on how she's super "nice" and "perfect". Would like to see some Lindsay Lohan in her somewhere.

  9. Ha, that's nothing. I have had the Copa Cabana song stuck in my head for 2 days now.

    Went out with friends and they were singing it, I thought to myself...oh boy, how do I get this song out of my head?

    But my case of LSS is getting better. Woke up this morning, listened to blink 182 and Boys Like Girls.

  10. cupcake - yes. she should stop singing.

    another david - she will never bring back the 3 hours she has wasted. she's gotta pay me.

    egosyntonic - i'm spreading LSS. lol

    connie - well, she's annoying. for some reason. and i'll never hate you. ;D also, i've checked deluxe templates, thanks so much. editing html gives me headache. i should take a vacation. lol

    katherine - i'm allowing you to steal that.

    christina - i know, right? and im hugging you back. also, that design for my other blog, sadly, will no longer be possible, thanks to that web designer.

    V - it's actually the point of this post. to spread the disease.

    andhari - if she's super nice, she should do us all a favor. stop annoying people. lol

    brandon neal - copa cabana? lol. but im glad your LSS is better. bad songs should be banned!