Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's Talk About That Person

Have you ever talked to someone then regretted talking to them because they're just plain annoying and arrogant and irritating and everything they say or do pisses you off, but since you're really not close friends with them, you can't tell them, "Hey, I don't like it when you do this," because it would be awkward and you can't stop thinking about cakes because last night you ate potato chips and they were so good and now you want deep fried French fries and ice cream?

Wait... What was I talking about?



So yeah. Have you?

Maybe they are THAT PERSON who is SO nosy that they refuse to mind their own business and just keep sticking their nose into your business and it's like, "Dammit, bitch. I'm not talking to you!!!"

Or maybe they are THAT PERSON who is SO stupid that they don't even know how stupid they are, and because they think they're smart, they will instantly assume you're being silly when you talk about something they are unfamiliar with? Like, they think it doesn't exist because they don't know it?

These kinds of people deserve a high-five!

In the face.

With a hammer.
You guys know I LOVE HAMMERS.

Or maybe they are THAT PERSON who likes to please EVERYONE.

Or maybe they are THAT PERSON who likes to talk with their face just unnecessarily close to your face and you can't understand why because what they are saying isn't even confidential? Yes! Close talkers! So close that you can almost feel their eyelashes brushing your cheek!

Or maybe they are THAT PERSON who always plays the victim in every situation and takes everything personally.

(Not me, Mark Zuckerberg.)

Or maybe they are THAT PERSON who is so self-centered and arrogant and know-it-all as if everything they say matters and you can't correct them when they're wrong and will even interrupt you when you speak!

Or maybe they are that person that you can't even find a description for.

Well, yeah okay, I exaggerated a little bit.

Okay, so I exaggerated wayyyy too much. But it's not just me who finds these kinds of people irritating, right?

I mean seriously, why are they so many? And why do they have friends?

Oh! And before I forget, there's also THAT PERSON who always complains about how other people suck.

I hate it when my drawings get all pixelized when I upload them!

In other news, I applied for AdSense guys. Yup, I did. I had a tooth emergency and I needed (still do) the money because dentists are fucking expensive! They cost like a million!!! So I thought, "Hmmm... Adsense. Why not!"

But you know what? THEY REJECTED ME!

I didn't even get friend-zoned. They outright rejected me!


Unacceptable site content? Seriously? My blog is the most festive, rainbow-farting blog ever! What the hell are they talking about?

I'm so taking this personally!

I have an ouchie in my heart.

Just kidding. But seriously.