Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear Weather, Seriously, are you on crack?

         Okay. I'll get straight to the point. Just so you know, I'm really really really confused. For like 2 months (I think), you were blazing hot. So fucking hot that I felt like I was living inside a microwave oven. Did you know how I felt when I was inside the house and still had to use sunblock? Of course you didn't, you insensitive person creature thing whatever! You knew I work the night shifts. You knew! But still, at noon, MY bedtime, YOU give me scorching heat and humid air.

Remember that? It's a picture of us fighting.

I tried to adjust, you know. Last Saturday, I bought summer dresses. Three summer dresses, just so I could stop cussing and hating you because I know you're just doing your job and all. I tried to understand you. I spent quite a huge(ish) amount of money to buy additional summer clothes. Just so I can be comfortable even when you're being mean.


Are you kidding? You've been raining since yesterday. So what am I gonna do with the clothes I bought now? Wait till next year? 'Til you're evil again? I mean, why are you like that? What did I ever do to you to treat me like that?

Right now, I'm trying so, so hard not to take it personally. But you're treating me like I stole your boyfriend or something. Are you serious?

What are you on, really? Because you seem so confused. You can't make up your mind. FOCUS bitch! Please give me an "okay" weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Just okay. Can you do that?

I think I know the problem here. You're a Bieber fan, aren't you? Aren't you?! That's why you're doing this to me. You're trying to get back at me!

Well, here's my revenge.

As I was writing this, it has stopped raining and the weather is starting to get irritatingly hot again. ARE YOU ON CRACK WEATHER???


  1. Move the bed away from the window :P

  2. hahahahaha! I seriously think the weather is on crack! Yes! 36-37 degrees celsius at daytime?!? What's up with that? Then at night the rain's pouring heavily. Looks like the weather have some identity crisis just like Justin Bieber!wahahahha!

  3. Haha! Super Gnetch is out to get you, weather!

    I'm nonetheless glad that it rained. I just hope it would not overdo it..

  4. Bwahahahaha.... this is awesome... i couldn't have laughed harder.... this was fun thanks for the much needed laugh Gnetch... hahaha

  5. I totally feel your pain! It's already 80 something degrees when I go home at 7 a.m. and then around 4 when I wake up it's cloudy and/or raining!

  6. Hahaha! I can't believe you're doing this Gnetch, fighting with Ms.(or Mr.?) Weather. Don't be too harsh on her. Apparently, she was caught in between Mr. Sun and Ms. Rain's lover's quarrel haha!

    But i am just sooo glad that Ms. Rain wins a lot nowadays.

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    that's the sound of the swarm of biebers, coming to feast on your vocal cords

  8. LMAO!

    The weather is definitely on crack! It sucks down here too. One minute it rains and the next, it's hot as hell!

    Send me the clothes! Oh wait....they won't fit my humongous frame! :(

  9. LOL.. the picture is so funny, gnetch..!!

    and u know what, this's the samw situation here too.. sunny in the morning but rain in the evening.. *gimme a confusing on what clothes to wear at the day. errr..

    Blame the global warming! =p

  10. hahaha

  11. go on and fight with Mr/MS Weather, I'll cheer for you. I know how hard it is to sleep at daytime when you worked hard at night shift cause I'm also working at night. Yesterday when I looked at the window I saw the sun shining but above it was an angry cloud. They're fighting uhhh?

  12. I'm not worthy! Your Bieber hate has gone to the extreme.

    It could just be that the weather is going through that time of the month. It's been like that over here. Flip-flopping to the point where I want to start throwing stuff up at the sky.

  13. Hey u know why it rained....I sent it your way and its cool bright suuny here. others watch out..the rain i sent wud be on it way to u really soon.

  14. This makes me miss rain. Stupid irrigated desert. :-(

  15. Richard: It is away from the window.

    Jan: I know, right? It's so confused. One minute it's so effing hot and then the next minute, it's gonna rain.

    I'm No Miss: At first I was thankful that it finally rained. Then it started to be a pain in the ass when I have to go to work at night and worry about my shoes.

    Ratz: Glad I made you laugh, Ratzy.

    Ashton: So annoying, right??

    Mitch: I'm really just wishing for an okay weather. Weather is just so mean to me.

    David: Arrrrgghhhhh.... Don't you feel privileged that you were the first one to see that picture of Bieber? Haha! But still... arrrgggghhhh... Let's beat him up. Now!

    Johana: Yes. Hot as hell is the best description. I don't know how to describe the rain. Does it rain in hell? And don't worry about the humongous frame. I'd totally send you the clothes but you're anonymous. LOL

    Tann: Exactly! Sometimes, when I go to work, I'd wear a long-sleeved top because it's raining and it's cold. Then after work, it'd be hot and I'd look crazy wearing something like that. OMG, weather!

    Emily: :)

    Ryan: Of course. Haha! Thanks.

    Sey: Thank you. I wonder what can we do for Weather to learn its lesson.

    Christina: I did try to throw something at the sky. But gravity keeps interfering.

    Meg: Arrghhh... Why, Meg? Whyyyyyy????

    Margaret: I used to say that when it was scorching here. I guess, occasional rain would be cool. But please, Weather. Do not change every 2 hours. It's really confusing.

  16. Damn BIEBER!

    He's behind all things evil AND tween lust.

  17. Oh, and thanks for the nomination Gnetch!

  18. the is definitely off its meds and doesn't take much to get pissed in a hurry! HAIL NO!

  19. A Bieber fan! HAHAHAHHA. This was too funny. And the weather has been nuts! Yesterday it was bright and sunny so I was going to go for a walk and then BAM, the sky turned black and rained for two hours. Wonderful.

  20. Funny!

    What's up with the Beiber obsession?

  21. Did you steal Weather's boyfriend? Does Drew know?

  22. HA! that explains why i can't style my hair Bieber-ish!

  23. What's with that Bieber ? I'm an alien from outer space and was thinking Bieber was some kind of vegetable ... Anyway, great writing miss Gnetch, I'll suck you up into my flying saucer and kidnap you to Zwç{

  24. Just discovered your blog! You are too funny! I send my deepest regrets for you and the sun shitting on your life right now....get well soon!

  25. Haha! I personally don't care what the weather is like as long as it isn't cold. I hate the cold. Actually I take that back, last year in a certain place in New England, U.S.A., it rained for 28 out of 30 days in the month of June, and the rest of the summer was not much better. =( That did piss me off.

  26. OMG!yes!!! SUE it!I'd be flashing my red painted talons had my forehead not been BURNT.not tanned BURNT! grr!

    Omg I have so much catching up to do.bwahaha bieber schmeeber rofl!

  27. Dr. Heckle: Haha. There's a Bieber pollution already. And you're welcome.

    TheBigShowAtUD: So you think Weather is pissed because it's off its meds? Hmm...

    Les Jeune: Totally. I really think Weather is a Bieber fan. That's why it's being crazy and mean.

    The Guys: Thanks for dropping by. I don't know. I don't understand it either.

    TbR: No I did not. And you should know I won't do it to Drew! How dare you ask me something like that? I thought you were my friend. *dramatically walks out*

    Zac: You like his hair?

    TIOADC: Ha! Thanks. And you can't kidnap me. No one can.

    MrsDixon: Thanks so much!!! Haha! That Weather is really a bitch.

    The Girl Who Loves To Whine: It's the constant change that's really annoying. Weather is really being mean.

    Sweta: I know! I don't want to get burned. Just an "okay" weather please. ;D

  28. hahaha yes unfortunately hahaha HELL NO!!!

  29. Zac: Actually, his hair is fine. It's just him that is annoying. LOL

  30. I feel your pain - the weather here in NJ is muggy, and hot... to the point of over airconditioned offices... so I have cute summer dresses, and I wear ugly cardigans over them at work! I finally buy cute jackets to go over them instead and it goes and cools down... ugh!

  31. Gnetch I feel you're pain. Here on the west coast I've been getting the exact opposite, tonnes of rain and crappy weather, and not one decent day until today for almost two weeks.....Mother Nature must be on the rag cuase she's being a real cow right now.

  32. That Bieber picture is awesome. He makes such a pretty girl.

  33. Yes, you are on crack... But I still love you!

    It was COLD here, until about 2 weeks ago! Now It high 90's....

    Mother nature prefers to fuck with us after we buy new clothes... I've come to accept it and give her the big "FUCK YOU!"

    Love you bitch:/

  34. Okay hoe... that was CB, signed in to another account... Never fucking claimed to be a rocket scientist! I chose to be beautiful instead!

  35. Haha the weather, great conversation topic and always a mystery!

    Why do you hate on JB so much? I only know close to nothing about him, but he is just a kid!

  36. Shayna: I hate ugly cardigans too so I haven't been able to wear the little summer dresses I bought. This Weather is just so mean to me.

    Wolf: At least you've had a decent weather. I wish tomorrow would be a good one.

    Jenny: Ahaha. I got it from a certain Facebook Group.

    Ashley: Haha! I love you, awesome bitch! And yes, Weather has received a lot of angry "Fuck yous" from me too. She just can't change her mind after I buy my clothes! That bitch. :/

    Carina: Oh, I don't really "hate him so much." I just love making fun of him because of how his fans react on Twitter. Those little girls really go out of their ways to defend Bieb. They call me things like "jerkface" and all that. And it makes me laugh.

  37. LMAOOOOO SHE IS THAT GIRLIEEEE, even without the make ups!