Saturday, February 27, 2010

it's really a good thing that I read all your blogs

You all know by now that I work on a night shift, right? Right.

So when I'm bored, or when I get really really sleepy, I check my dashboard and read every, AND I MEAN EVERY blog you've (those I follow) recently posted to fight boredom and to keep me awake. Because you know, it's really hard to work when your brain is already on its way to dreamland. Sometimes, I get to comment, sometimes don't (because I'm working), haha.

So anyway, when I read Lauren's post, just in time for my birthday weekend, I found out that she got this award which is totally just in time for her birthday:

So yeah, I'm sharing this because she awarded me that award. Ha!

Really, I'm a beautiful blogger? *bats eyelashes*

So of course, I can't wait to go home to claim that award (although I don't know if this is supposed to be a surprise because I feel like I totally ruined her surprise for me by reading her post so early but then again why would she surprise me when my birthday is not until June! whew! that was a long sentence!)

Anyway, thanks so much, Lauren a.k.a. egosyntonicity. I'm deeply touched.

Apparently, there are rules. I have to tell you 7 things you don't know about me and choose 7 fabulous bloggers to award this award. (redundant much?)

So here goes.

-- this is gonna take me a long time because I'm really not good at these tell-me-about-yourself things. You see the Who The??? on my menu bar? (you probably don't because I ruined the HTML code and turned it white). Anyway, I haven't written anything YET because I don't know what to say about myself.


1. I'm attracted to guys who can rock long hair.
Yes. Totally. Whenever I see a guy who has beautiful hair, or even messy hair, as long as he can rock it and not look like someone who just can't afford to get a haircut, I'd be like "who's that???" You wanna know who my very first celebrity crush is? At the tender age of 8, I fell in love with this guy:

Edward Furlong during the Terminator 2 days

But I'm over him. Shit happens. Haha!

Moving on.

2. I only cuss when I'm joking. When I'm serious, I don't.
For some reason, I don't feel like cussing when I'm mad. For example, we had a fight, I can totally hurt your feelings with my in-your-face words and all but I wouldn't throw cuss words. I'd feel guilty. I only like to cuss when I don't mean it. Like when I'm shocked or when I'm complaining about some silly things. Even I can't understand why.

3. I am moody especially on PMS days.

4. I'm a designer.
This started as a hobby but then I started earning money from this so I turned it into a small-time business. I'm planning to be a millionaire by tomorrow so more power to me. Haha!

5. I use Dvorak keyboard.
If you're too lazy to read Wikipedia, you can still click on the link, look at the picture, and look at your own keyboard.


See the difference?

Yes. This is supposed to make me type faster and more efficiently. And it's more comfortable once you get used to it. This is actually part of our Medical Transcription training so we actually didn't have much choice but to get used to it.

6. I don't have a cute guy coworker.
Which effing sucks! I really should find a new guy. I mean new job!

7. I can't live without my pressed powder.
Yes, I'm vain in that sense. I can go to work and find out I left my cellphone at home and I'd be just fine but if I left my pressed powder somewhere, I, by all means, will go out of my way to buy a new one.

Finally, I'm done!

So now, I'm awarding this to 7 awesome bloggy friends who, in my 2 months of blogging, have been loyal and supportive and helpful and sweet to me.

1. Amanda Jean - No Day But Today
2. Christina - Christina In Wonderland
3. Connie - Conniedom
4. Katherine - This Or The Housework
5. Princess Vulgarities - The Not So Glamorous Princess V
6. Sami - Herding Cats
7. I have 2 people in mind for this last spot. But one has already been awarded by Lauren so I'm giving this to Andhari - Insomniac Lolita 

Oh, and now that you know 7 more things about me, please don't hate me! Hahaha!

edit: thanks for the HTML tips, Connie. Now I've fixed my menu bar. It's really fun experimenting with this thing. lol

Thursday, February 25, 2010

UPDATED: whoa, you're not human!

Have you been bothered at work or school lately? Like someone there might not be human?

He/she could probably be MUTANT.

I know!

Let me provide you with the list of symptoms:

When his/her stone-ish hips keep bumping your chairs so strong when walking and you get paralyzed from the waist down or you get thrown over the window because of the impact, that person is not human.

This is if you can hear his/her voice so clearly from the other room or even when you're in different elevators. Some people may view this as "oh, he/she is probably just too lazy to walk and talk to me," but no.... that's not it. He/she might break the solid floor if she takes even a single step. And that's when the INTENSITY 10,000 VOICEPOWER comes in handy.

When his/her energy is too irritating to bear but the person does not seem to be under any illicit energy boosting medication, that is another sign.

UPDATE: Also included in this category:
  • "The bitch that writes all that nasty shit on the bathroom walls about people!" - reminded to me by cupcake. ;D

When he/she coughs and it sounds like somewhere around the world, there will be an EXPLOSION. Especially when he/she starts with the super loud "AHEM!" and you feel like you wanna cry inside like, "Oh no, people are gonna die..." and then the POWERCOUGH will come and you will be like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......" on the inside.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

HELP! i got LSS and i'm hallucinating!


Sorry. I meant: Hi! Im back.

I haven't been able to blog in the past week. I've been very busy and so... I'll explain later. And I'll read all your posts after this.

So I'm at work tonight. Remember when I told you that one of my jobs include using transcribing machines (a.k.a. computer, duh? transcribing machine just sounds more professional) with headset and foot pedal to transcribe dictated medical reports by physicians and other healthcare professionals, such as emergency room visits, diagnostic imaging studies, operations, and final summaries of patients, dying or not?


Well, yeah, that's because I haven't told you that. And now, I'm telling you. I am a medical transcriptionist.

Anyway #1, I'm having an LSS (last song syndrome). A terrible one. And this is one of the doctors' fault so *in my sweetest voice* fuck you, doctor. But thanks because I have a job. Here's an apple for you. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? What? Oh right! You're a doctor.

Anyway #2, so earlier this evening, I was listening to this recorded dictation by this doctor and in the middle of his medical report -- not really the middle but who cares? -- a song suddenly played in the background. Who turned it on, I don't know. He probably needed a background music or something but WHY THAT SONG? WHHHHHHYYYYYY????

He was listening to Taylor Swift's LOVE STORY! Yes! THAT SONG! And I hate Taylor Swift so I hate THAT SONG.

And now, that song keeps playing in my head. For 3 hours! Three excruciating hours! Taylor Swift has been wasting 3 hours of my life! I'm hating her even more.

Well, not really hate-hate. Not like I-wanna-slap-her-so-fucking-hard hate. Just can-you-at-least-stop-squinting-for-just-one-second hate. She always looks like she ate something sour. Or she smelled something bad. Or both.

Anyway #3, (I keep saying anyway #4 and I don't understand why), but anyway #5 (see?) I just wanted to share that with you.

And this:

Rome-yo taaake me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waaaiting, all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince. and i'll be the prin-ceeesss
It's a looove stoooory baby just saaaayyyy..

Hope you get LSS too!

Also, these are for you. If you hate Taylor Swift, you'll love the song lyrics below. If you love her, enjoy the photos and feel free to.. you know. If you're a guy, that is. Win-win right?

I juuusst faaarteeeeedd, yeeaah. Uh-ooooohooo...

Thaaaat Kanye guyyy is aan aaasshoo-ole... Yeahhh... Uh-ooohoooo...

I'm beeeing possssseesssed by a demoooonnn... yeah...Uh-oooohooo...


UPDATE ON MY NEW URL: So here's the reason why I haven't been able to post anything this week: I've been busy learning HTML, designing my blog and Googling how to put this, and how to do that, and how to change this, and how to remove that. You know? Because the web designer I got BAILED on me! Maybe I was too demanding. What's wrong with putting a picture of a dead monkey with chicken guts all over it as a design to make it look like the monkey stabbed the chicken and the chicken killed the monkey and ran away because it got scared even though it was self-defense, anyway??? I was willing to pay for that design! (I said anyway again, didn't I?) But, how is that demanding?

P.S. I just want to explain my reaction about this whole LSS thing. It's bad enough that for many hours, the song has been playing in my head. But then, I started singing it! And my seatmate stared at me like, "Are you seriously singing THAT SONG?" That was embarrassing.


I don't have a seatmate! RUN!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'll Never Join The Doppelganger Craze Again! Ever!

It's been almost a week since my last post. I've been so busy with work and sleep and my other hobbies so I haven't been able to blog. I was really planning to post something last February 3rd because it was my first month blogday.

Or 1st blog month.

Which ever sounds better.

But anyway, belated Happy 1st Blogmonth to me!

I accept late gifts because I'm totally understanding.

And thanks to my 20 followers. Oh, I have updated my official Welcome Followers post so I can thank you all.


As inspired by my bloggy friend Christina, I also joined the Celebrity Doppelganger craze and here's the result.

But the photo I used is an old picture. Like 3 years ago. See, I even had braces on.



So okay, I tried it again with a newer (or new-ish) photo. And the result?

Since the results are different, I decided to play with it a bit more. Plus, most of my supposed look-alike celebrities are unfamiliar to me so I decided to look for another photo.

*looking, looking, looking...*

Found one!

With sunglasses on.





Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Your Ugly Shoes Unleashed The Poet In Me

First, I'd like to say that I really loved your comments on my last post. Thanks everyone for standing by me on my throwing-a-fit day. And to those who did not bother to read it, well, read it now! :)

Second, I should do this:

Disclaimer: Writer of the poems below is not a professional poet. Yet. Should you want to hire her and make her professional, let her know. But you have to wear an awful pair of shoes to inspire her. Or else, hiring her would just be a waste of your time and money. You're just gonna regret hiring her. And you can't fire just like that because if you do that, she will die of hunger and it will stay in your conscience for the rest of your life.

Third, you might wanna have a very absorbent tissue or hanky or newspaper (?!) handy. Anything you can use to wipe your tears and sweat and all that stuff because this is gonna be a tearjerker and I really did put my whole circulatory system into these poems.


Uhm.. Can't think of any.


Let's do this thingy!

So I did not mention that the girls on my last post have no sense of fashion though they insinuate they do. Like, they talk about other people's taste in clothes and choice of music and stuff. So now I'm mentioning it because this is payback. No, I'm kidding. But if I'm not, who cares? I'm just trying to explain how my inner poet was brought out.

This happened last week at work. I was busy doing my job when someone walked behind me. But it was just Girl 1, going to talk to another coworker so I turned away instantly. Then, something awfully shiny, lust red to be exact, caught my eye so I turned to look again but only for a second. I saw it! She was wearing a pair of shiny, shimmery, aluminum foily, lust red flat shoes! With colorful socks on! So I turned away again, confused. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Do I need to see a specialist? Then secretly, I took a peek again. There it was! The shoes! She really was wearing an awful pair of shiny, shimmery, aluminum foily, lust red* shoes! I was not seeing things! I really thought I was. Like the ghost of Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz came to haunt me.

* I actually Googled the shades of red for this. But I did not see any Christmassy red there and I think lust red is the nearest shade.

Was my explanation too long?

Okay, so after I confirmed what I saw, these poems came to mind.


*actual shoes are much worse

By: Gnetch

When you walked by
I uttered "Oh my!"
You caught my attention like a bright light
Your ugly shoes abused my eyesight

Wait, wait, wait!! Here's another one:

By: Gnetch
When you walked by my office table
I looked down and it was unbelievable
To fathom I was just unable
Why you buy shoes that are horrible


What do you guys think?