Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Deal with Negative Feelings

People who don't have negative feelings are full of shit.

(That's the best intro ever, I know. Aren't you proud, internet friends?)

So I have this problem where, if I am not close friends with a certain person, I would have a hard time telling them something that I think would be mean, even if it bothers me so much, and it sometimes hurts in the chest.

So when this happens, I ask a few trusted friends what to do. But sometimes, there are friends who would go, "Oh if I were in that situation, I would tell them to fuck off and leave me alone and punch them because I'm upfront and straight to the point and tough and a badass and I don't care about anything."

But once they are in a similar situation, they don't do anything.


While some of you may not have a problem telling people to fuck off *raises one eyebrow*, there are also some who think that there are better ways to deal with shit.

Because who knows, maybe the asshole who did something that bothered you is also going through something and you being harsh to them is just the sign they've been waiting for to set themselves on fire?

It will be in your conscience, you know.

I can be very enlightening sometimes. You're welcome.

So what do I do when I'm in this situation without, you know, being harsh?

Personally? Aside from blogging, I draw. A lot. I draw wholesome things. Kid-friendly things.

Writing your feelings down and drawing are both very therapeutic. Not only will it get your head off of that thing that bothers you, but the colors can help you relax as well.

Plus, it doesn't require exercise so how much win is that?

Here are a few samples of the things that helped me tolerate the day-to-day annoyances that I go through.

Sometimes, I channel my inner 3-year-old and embrace my innocence.

At times that I have bigger problems, I go really deep and edit pictures hipster style* because some issues are just too hard to face and accept.

Like lies.

Or betrayal.

Or anger.
I'm pretty sure he's humping some bug. Or a worm. How nasty, this cat.
Sometimes, I take things harder than I'm supposed to.

And it's just hard to move on.

There are times that I'm confused.

In life, there are battles you have to face, in which you'll get wounded.

During the times that I can't express what I feel, I quote lines from movies.

Or deep lyrics from songs.

It helps me express what I feel without hurting anyone. And it's very artistic. Even my laptop does it when it's starting to feel tired and overused.

So when life gets tough, my dear readers, don't lose hope. There's always a way.

You're welcome.