I'm alive you guys! I'm sorry, I've been a bad blog friend. I try to keep up with your posts on weekends but seriously, I'm just really busy and stressed out. My work schedule gets changed a lot. And by "a lot" I mean weekly. Sometimes every two days, believe it or not. I'm also undergoing training for a new project that we have at work so my stress level has increased to 300%. And most of you know I have a writing job that I like way better and of course, that needs to be prioritized.

I also have some points where I don't have the motivation to do anything because of stress and I don't want to give you some shitty posts. I have considered giving you another drunken blog post just to entertain you (aww, right?) but I don't even have time to even go out and drink. *sad face*

I'm still on Twitter and Facebook. The links are on the sidebar so if you guys need me or just want to check if I really died, you can check me out over there.

Thank you for not leaving. I appreciate it.

P.S. Sorry I had to delete the last blog post. I still feel uneasy posting something personal (even though I tried to make it sound funny and all), but writing about it helped a little. And to those who cared, thank you.


  1. I miss your posts, you crazy asian you!! :"(( Also, I thought my bloglovin thing said you had a new post about dungeons, but now it dissappeared!! :(

  2. Sorryyy.... :(

    I deleted the post because I thought it sucked and it was a little personal, I thought no one would care.

    But thank you so much. <3