No, Really.

You really clicked on this page. Okay. We have established that I'm lazy. Right? So I threatened asked a friend to interview me because I don't know what else to share. *wink*

Q: Why Thank Goodness For The Good Ones?

A: At first, I thought it was appropriate because you know, when you're sad and you saw something funny or light, you can just say, "oh, thank goodness for the good ones!" It was only after a while that I realized that not only is this stupidly long, but this also sounds like a porn site.

Q: Where did you get your name?

A: Gnetch? It started in college when one classmate had a hard time pronouncing my name (Jeanette). He called me Jah-net, Jeh-net, and all that stupid-sounding names so I told him its really G-net (but I put emphasis on the /T/ sound to make it more difficult for him) and of course, he couldn't pronounce the emphasized /T/ sound and every time he called me, it sounded like Gnetch. So there.

Q: Are you a mutant?

A: Sometimes.

Q: What special powers do you have?

Q: What do you hate most in people?

A: I don't hate. I'm super nice.

Q: Really?

A: Is that a question? You're judging me.

Q: What do you usually do when you're bored?

A: I sleep. When I sleep I forget that I'm bored. When I wake up and I'm still bored, I sleep again. It's a gift.


  1. hope I could also have the gift of wanting to sleep after sleeping :)

  2. --> you're different
    --> you're special
    --> automatically, you reach the status of...*drumroll*


  3. "Are you judging me?"

    ...giggles...awesome :)