Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maybe This Will Make You Shut Up... I Hope

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of self-centered, conceited, people or those who have this inflated idea of their worth. But of course, who is?

I know someone like this. I'm assuming you do, too. So I would like to share with you a few tips on how to make this kind of person stop telling you stories about their importance.

Let's call this person Narcy (for narcissistic).

Let's say, Narcy is a girl. But she can be a boy too. Whatever suits you.

Conversation I:
Narcy doesn't have a job and tries to put you down because you are actually employed and she needs to do this to make herself feel better.

Narcy: Those people working their asses off are crazy. They are stupid. They wouldn't be rich just by being employed. They SHOULD put up a business. Not get a job. 

You: (Ask innocently, like you really want to know) You have a business? No? You have a job? No?


Conversation II:
Narcy considers herself a photographer just because she has an SLR camera and she loves taking pictures.
You and Narcy looking at an amateur model's picture.

Narcy: She shouldn't be a model. Models should have that X-Factor. I won't take her picture.

You: (In an as-a-matter-of-fact kinda way) Yeah. I heard only photographers take a model's picture.

Conversation III:
In a coffee shop, out of nowhere, brings this up:

Narcy: (In a very proud manner) Someone has been sending me a message on Facebook, asking me if I want to become a model. I already said no but he keeps on asking.

You: (Of course, you would know if this is true or not, especially if Narcy is just 4'11" and not at all modelesque) Someone has been e-mailing me, asking me to become president of the country.


Okay, I can only give you 3 tips for now because my mind is not working properly. I'm sick. Seriously. I'm not feeling well. But I'm not on crack. Although I accuse almost everyone of you being on crack. Or everyone you talk about on your posts. For some reason. I don't know.

Anyway, how did I turn this post into about cracks??

Going back to my topic, am I the only one irritated by this kind of person? How arrogant can people get just to feel better about themselves? Do they really have to brag? Or to make up stories? Do you know someone like this? Can you share some situations that I can add to this list?

Thank you.

Oh! I just remembered something. If Narcy says -- and by says, I mean brags -- something and you cannot think of a good answer for her/him to shut up, you can just say, in your most disgusted facial expression,

"Fuck! Did someone just fart?"

Let's see if THAT don't shut her/him up.

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  1. We all know someone like Narcy. I had a friend like that (well we're still friends but we don't keep in touch anymore.)

    Conversation III is really good! It got me cracking up. I can use that when I meet people like Narcy. LOL

    Usually, I would just smile and nod when I'm in the company of self-centred people. Showing indifference or a lack of interest sometimes works too. ;p

  2. I'm sure I know people like that, but right now all I can think about is my friend who lies about stupid stuff to try to make herself look better. Example: You see her drinking diet coke. She tells you she was drinking Sprite.

    I'm not sure why this post made me think of this, but it did. I guess 'cause you said something about being irritated by people. And that really is irritating.

  3. I heard only photographers take a model's picture.

    LOL! Such a snarky comeback, I love it!

  4. I hate people like that. Actually, I kind of live with someone like that.

    And snark doesn't help.

    It just makes her bitchy and it's kind of like stepping on a mother flippin' rake.

    But don't tell her I said that.

    Another war might ensue.

  5. lol I think we all know at least one person like that. I hate cocky people.

  6. You could have called me by name bitch! You know I don't give a shit...


    Dude I just about choked when you said

    "Someone has been e-mailing me, asking me to become president of the country."

    I would TOTALLY say something like that! I'd a 'fuck' or two...

  7. I MEANT I'd ADD* a 'fuck' or two, you know to the sentence???

    That's what I fucking get for NOT re-reading my shit before I hit 'submit comment'

  8. I can definitely relate to this post. There are a lot of Narcy's out there. I wonder what it would be like if they all got together. They'd probably just try to top each other off.

  9. JOHANA: Yeah. Sometimes I just show that I'm not interested. But then the Narcy I know will repeat the same story the next time we hang out. Talk about self-obsession. Haha! Your post about shameless self-love actually reminded me of her.

    ASHTON: Oh, that's really annoying. She probably thinks Sprite sounds way cooler than Diet Coke. Haha!

    DAVID: Oh, thanks dude!

    CHRISTINA: Whoa, it must be really hard to live with someone like that!

    JILL: I don't know where these kind of people come from. I mean, from what PLANET are they?

    ASHLEY: Narcy is 4'11" in height. And she lives just 15 minutes away from me. So she's not you. Haha! And typos are okay. I don't really preview my comments as well so... yeah, were awesome. We can be president!

    CHINKYGIRLMEL: First, hi! Welcome to my blog.
    Second, that's a good idea. Actually, I'm thinking of introducing THIS Narcy to a coworker of mine who is another Narcy. I don't know what would happen though. ;D

  10. Well, I'm only 5'0 but I live waaaaaaaay more than 15 minutes away!!!!

    YAY!!!! What will our slogan be???

    'We're fucking awesome AND hot so vote for us so Ashley doesn't kick your ass'

    Too long?

  11. @Ashley - Whaaa.. you're only 5'? We're like the same height! Well, about your campaign slogan, that should get us elected. ;D

  12. Yep that's right WE ARE fucking awesome!

    That's why I ALWAYS wear high heels, otherwise I feel all stumpy!!!

    Okay so whens the next election?? Like 2013???

  13. I HATE people like that! It's hard to be around them!

    Ithink you should teach them Narcy a lesson and ACTUALLY fart everytime she says something stupid!

  14. hahahaha
    "someone keeps emailing me asking me to be president."
    nice gnetch