Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Okay, you guys! You asked for this.

Well because I asked you to ask for it. Or something.

So first of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated. Those who gave me awesome challenges. You don't know how much I wanted to do all your challenges. Especially Hailey's and Ria's and Middle Child's suggestions. Everything was so cool but I fail at life so I wasn't able to do them. No, I mean, work has been crazy and I didn't have enough time. Or I wasn't able to buy the prop(s) that you required. Maybe next time.

Those who E-mailed me but didn't tell me who they are, please tell me who you are.

So before you watch the video, can I make some disclaimers? Like, why this video sucks?

Yes, I have like a long list of excuses but I'll give you only five.
  1. I still find it weird and awkward talking to a laptop. I don't know but every time I start filming, I would start talking like a robot. Also, want to know how many times I said "I'm sorry" while filming the video blog? 68 guys. SIXTY-EIGHT. But I managed to reduce them.
  2. If the audio sucks, it's because I didn't use a microphone. I just used the built-in mic that my laptop has and I swear, I think you'll here some paranormal sounds and aliens and zombies and shit.
  3. This is badly edited. I have deleted some important clips that shouldn't have been deleted and may have left some clips that should have been deleted. HEY! IT'S NOT LIKE I'M AN EXPERT YOUTUBER. And this is not even uploaded on YouTube.
  4. I used Vimeo because YouTube won't upload my video. I've been trying since yesterday and it stays at 1% for hours. HOURS guys.
And that's it. I know I said five but I suck counting.

I swear, I don't talk like a robot in real life.

So thank you guys. You guys make getting older more bearable. Thanks to those who greeted me on Facebook and Twitter. I swear, I appreciate it. A lot.

Those who didn't greet me even if it's on your Facebook sidebar, especially those who decided not to greet me but managed to send me some app/game requests (heartbreaking much!) wait for my payback. I won't greet you on your birthday, too! HA! I'm so mature.

Just kidding.

So I'm gonna go cry now. Because of embarrassment. Also because of your awesomeness.