Friday, January 22, 2010

Stay Away, Creep!

Creep: noun
A male that a female is not interested in. A woman may label a man a creep if the man does not communicate to her well and the only thing he does show to her is his physical attractiveness, which is not enough to interest her.
-- Urban Dictionary

We've all had creeps in our lives, haven't we? Those dudes who just won't stop bugging us no matter what? Those dudes so full of themselves that they think we're only playing hard to get?

Now, I'd like to suggest one way to drive them away, those creeps! Of course, we will only know what a creep a guy is after, say, we went out with him at least once, and he just wont stop calling or texting after.

Here's what you should do: First of all, THIS IS IMPORTANT; think of another guy's name. Say, in this case, Robert.

When Creep calls you and insists to get another date, ask for his home phone number and tell him you're gonna him. He will, of course, be delighted. Tell him when and what time you're gonna be calling to make sure he, and not anyone else, answers the phone.

I have provided you with 2 elaborate scenarios.


Phone rings.

CREEP: Hello?
YOU: Hi, it's me.
CREEP: (Tries to hide the excitement in his voice and fails miserably.) What's up? I'm glad you called. I was just thinking about you.

Right, creep.

YOU: (Right). Uhm, I really want to talk to you about... This is kinda awkward.
CREEP: (Again. Him. Excited. Flattered?) Tell me. I actually...

Cut him off.

YOU: I heard you have a HOT sister. Can you introduce us? You wouldn't mind, would you? Dude?

In case he doesn't have a hot sister:


CREEP: I don't have a sister.
YOU: Oh sorry! I thought I was calling Robert!

Hang up.



  1. lol lol lol omg this is hilarious.

    Things people do to get rid of creeps

  2. Yikes! That is drastic, but totally justified when dealing with a total creep!

    Found you from 20sb we love comments!

  3. What if he does have a hot sister that he'd be willing to hook you up with?

  4. Unbreakable; Jenn; Another David: Thank you for your comments. Appreciate it! xo

    As for Another David's question, I was supposedly calling for the nonexistent "Robert's" hot sister, right? ;)

  5. hahahahaha i love it.

    definitely going to be trying that one... ;)

  6. Not all of us are like this! LOL. "I heard you had a hot sister" hilarious!

  7. that's great! i need to get rid of a very creepy creep who told me he likes me because i'm transparant and have "warm hair." oh yes. warm hair. thanks for the advice!

  8. That's a quite mild creep, many are scarier to which you have to actually kick their butts!:D

  9. YOU GUYS! BIG THANKS!!! I didn't yell at you here but I certainly did say it out loud! xoxo