Monday, March 18, 2013

Why Cutting Onions Makes You Cry: The Truth Behind the Bullshit

People come up with a lot of ridiculous "facts" about why cutting onions makes your eyes water or why it makes people cry. They make up these ridiculous scientific reasons like amino acid sulfoxides form sulfenic acids and blah blah blah and sulfuric acid and shit. Psh. Come on!

Here's the REAL truth.

Cutting onions makes us cry to make revenge.

For killing them.
It's an onion, guys. Get over it.

That sulfuric acid thing that our Science teachers told us about back in school? It is actually the onion's [are you ready for this?] ghost. And that ghost comes out when you cut the onion.

And it whispers mean things to you and only you can hear them.

Whether those things are true or not, they can cause you so much anguish and pain. Notice how you become an emotional wreck right after cutting an onion? Well you can TRY to convince yourself that your eyes are just irritated but you know that's not true.

It doesn't even need Melinda Gordon to send you a message. It can talk to you WITHOUT her help.

Pretty badass, huh?

An onion ghost can make you feel stupid.

It has the ability to re-open wounds that you thought are healed.
Only you would know if this is true or not but still... Right?

It can make you feel bad about yourself by mentioning some of your insecurities.
The person who drew this must be lazy. Oops?

Make fun of your favorite celebrity.
Seriously though.

It knows everything about you and will remind you of the ones that you are too ashamed to remember.
At least it didn't say "Nick Carter phase".


Onion ghosts are heartless. HEARTLESS!

Well, that was harsh.


That, my friends, is the reason why cutting onions makes us cry. Facts straight from me. No scientific bullshit.

Believe me, I know. Because I cook.

Now, for some deep thoughts: Have you ever wondered how many onion ghosts are wandering around your house right now? Watching you? Laughing at you? Peeking at you in the shower? Waiting for their chance to get revenge for their death?

How many onions did you cut today? Are you scared now?


I just want to say Google sucks for killing Google Reader. I have transferred all my feeds to Feedly but it is still confusing to me.

So... guys. If you want some alternatives on how to better stalk me without Reader, look at my sidebar. The options are there. There's E-mail subscription, Twitter, Facebook page, Bloglovin, etc.


But I'm still not over the fact that Google is killing Reader, and it's not even gone yet. Is blogging really dead? Fucking Google. Murderer.