Monday, April 19, 2010

Is it just me or...

So I was Facebook chatting with a friend yesterday and I was ranting about how I desperate I was to get a new job, that I hated mutant boss, and that another super coworker friend has already resigned, and I wanted to do the same but I couldn't find the job that I want on the Internet... blah blah blah...

So this friend I was chatting with, for some reason, felt the need to end every sentence with this emoticon:
Well, our conversation was not entirely about my rants. We of course made jokes, made fun of each other... You know. The usual.

But that emoticon got on my nerves a little bit.

Hey, it's PMS season. You all know me when it's that time of the month.
So anyway, as I have said, this friend ended their sentences with that emoticon.


Even "Hahaha... :/"

See how inappropriate that looked?

It's hard to really understand what they actually meant with that emoticon, you know?

Here are some examples of their sentences:

"Why don't you ask your friend in China? :/"

I interpreted it as: "Why don't you ask your friend in China? (Excuse me, I'm about to fart)."

"Stop working then. Find a boyfriend. :/"

I interpreted it as: "Stop working then. Find a boyfriend. (A monster bit my foot and I'm trying not to scream)."

"Hahaha... :/"

I interpreted it as: "Hahaha... (I suddenly had a stroke)."

"Oh, you're really crazy. Hahaha-haha... :/"

I interpreted it as: "Oh, you're really crazy. Hahaha-haha... (half of my face is now paralyzed)."

"Oh. Okay then. Bye. :/"

I interpreted it as: "Oh. Okay then. Bye. (The stroke was severe. I'm now dead)."

Is it just me?


In other news:

So there has been a rumor that Justin Bieber is a girl, right? Because he looks like a lesbian? So to prove you all wrong, here's a picture of Justin Bieber and the BOY who looks just like him.

Do yourself a favor. DO NOT click to enlarge.

Fine. Click to enlarge.

You're all so mean, guys. He IS a boy, okay?

Um yeah, that's all.


  1. Oh my god that picture of him on People magazine, I saw it at the grocery store this week, and I about died of laughter. Is that not the worst photo EVER?! He looks like friggin' Mr. Ed with a giant hair-hat wig! AUUGGHH nightmares!

  2. LOL. It could be worse... I have a friend who ends everything with =P

    So you had to put your dog down? =P

  3. I'm drunk and that picture of Justin freaked me out. I'm afraid to look at any of my (two) dolls now. (I had to put two in case you got the impression that I was some kind of weirdo that keeps a plethora of stuffed animals into her 30s.)

  4. He might be a boy, but he definitely does look like a girl, hahaha :/

    Hm. I don't seem to be able to type with my right hand anymore^...

  5. It is just you! lol, I use the ":/" to.. haha.

  6. Sami - I saw it on Yahoo and I had nightmares of it! Haha.

    Annabelle - That probably meant "So you had to put your dog down? (I think I'm a dog and I wanna lick your face)."

    Melissa - Shock is known to clear out alcohol in the brain. LOL

    David - OH MY GOSH! You're paralyzed too?^

    Carina - Haha. I thought so too. :/

    And now, like David, I can't seem to be able to type with my right hand anymore. I *knew* that what was what it meant!! Damn, I was right all along!

  7. Laughing aloud here, alone, the hubby thought I've gone crazy. Felt the urge of imitating that emoticon as I faced him..but I couldn't! What does that mean anyway!?

  8. Interpretation:

    Ashley just had a fucking aneurysm because I was eating cereal when I started reading...

    Started choking from laughing so hard... Damn near pissed my fucking pants because I had been holding it for about an hour, fell out of the chair while clenching my thighs together. *peachy*

    What? I'm lazy and didn't want to go upstairs!

    So yes thank you very muck slut bag!

  9. Funny stuff. Am just about to leave for work so thanks for making it a good start to the day!

    Re: :/ I agree with you 100%. There's a time and a place for these things, and it's not at the end of every sentence.

  10. Really Gnetch, i don't know either what does that mean. Tell me when you know it already ok?

    Poor Justin Bieber...

  11. Dang! i missed this post earlier.
    Does *stuff* annoys you too? I hope not cuz i just did it on your 20SB page heheh..

  12. What if she DID actually just fart. Then you'd feel real, real bad.

  13. I'm No Miss - I'm glad I made you laugh. That emoticon is only used when someone is skeptical, annoyed, or undecided. So "hahaha :/" doesn't really make sense. (This answer is for Mishieru too.)

    Ashley - Oh yeah. It could mean aneurysm too. And you should just wear a diaper when you procrastinate on peeing. You're welcome. LOL

    TbR - Wow. I'm so glad to hear that. And yes, there is totally a time and place for this :/ face.

    Mishieru - You feel sorry for Bieber? No. Don't.

    Zachary - No. *stuff* doesn't annoy me because I use that too. Haha.

    Dr. Heckle - No. I wouldn't feel bad if she really did fart. She didn't have to let me know by using :/ right? Haha.

  14. Ya, I can definitely see how that would have been a bit annoying. To use that emoticon once or twice in your chat would have been alright but after every freaking sentence?! wow. A bit annoying. Oh an lols @ the Justin Bieber and Chuckie resemblance. hahahahaha.

  15. I don't understand that emoticon at all. Not even a little. I've never used it... and that's saying something. ;-)

  16. But I love that emoticon!

    Oh well. :/ Ha! I totally just ruined your day didn't I?

    Anyway, you know my feelings about the Bieb. It's a girl. You know it. I know it. The tween girls of the world should now know it.

    And if you really hate your job so much, you shouldn't let yourself be stuck there. It's not good for your emotional state of mind.

  17. LOL HE DOES looklike Chuckie!

  18. Mel - They have been separated at birth.

    LiLu - We should ban this emoticon! Haha. ;D -now that one I use a lot.

    Christina - I have to find a new one first.

    Andhari - Oh yes he does! They may be twins.

  19. Why did People go with that picture of Bieber! Not flattering at all.