Sunday, November 7, 2010

P.I.L.S. or People I'd Like To Strangle

Don't you think it's shocking how sometimes, little things just piss you off? Oh! So it's just me then?

Anyway, since I share ALMOST everything with you, again, I'm sharing this one. Also, because I'm in a PMS-y mood. See? I told you I share ALMOST everything! (Weeeee!!!)

Here are a few examples of people I'd like to strangle. Or PILS* for short.

The in-denial ass.

Sad to say, there are just some people who are natural-born assholes. Some are aware of it but they don't care and continue being assholes. Some are actually proud because they think being an assbag makes them cool. And some are just in denial. They think they are good when actually, they're not. Which is the WORST of all assbags. I think they have this thing I'd like to call the CAS or Chronic Asshole Syndrome.

I'm totally inventing acronyms now! Does that make me a... scientist? No? Because you know, invent + scientists +... What? Lame?


Anyway, want some examples?


♠ People who can't stay true to their words. Or those who don't follow through with their promises. And feed you with lame excuses.

Bloggers People who think they are some sort of celebrities and think they have the authority to tell people how to run their lives because apparently they know everything because "they've been through a lot." (HA-HA! ♫ I'll never te-ellll....♫♪ )

♠  The Copycat. - She's old news but she definitely falls into the category because I don't think she's aware that she's an ass.

The "perfect" people.

♠ People who don't admit that they are wrong. They always have an excuse.

♠ People who ask but don't believe because they think they know what really is up.

♠ Thin people making fun of fat people and fat people making fun of thin people. So maybe they think they are perfect.

The super important people.

These are the kind of people who are always HOURS late when you meet up.

Or those who, when the group decides to hang out, they're like, "Yes! I want to hang out."

But then, "Oh, that's too far from where I live. Can we meet at [insert a convenient place for them here]?"

Or maybe those who say, "I'm not used to places like that." Then the group would ask, "What you do want to do instead?" Then they'd be like, "It's up to you guys."

Okay, what??

These super important people seriously make me want to punch random strangers just to get the annoyed feeling out of my chest.

Okay, she's not really a stranger. But she's still annoying. Besides, she is also one of the people I'd like to strangle.

What? Don't you??

*Inspired by this movie I stumbled into while channel surfing where Christina Applegate called this guy a PILS or People I'd Like To Stab because he called her MILF. Can anyone tell me the title of this movie? Anyone??

*Taylor Momsen's picture (the non-gnetchified version) found here.

P.S. I now have a suggestion box on the side bar. Try it. It's for your own good. (Actually, it's not. I just want to steal your ideas. I'm sneaky like that.) Try it!! :)


  1. I had skribit on my old blog!! MKL suggested something once... ppl are weird. It's a good idea though!!

    Your post made me laugh, I had a bad night so thank you for that. Also, it made me think because part of why this night sucked where the things you'd like to stab people for!! Good to know it is not just me. Also, when reading I have to admit I do some of these things to! I guess what I took away from this post is that we shouldn't be so hard on each other.Don't know if that was your intent :P Still, it's hard though because it hurt when people act like bitches.

  2. The Gnetchified version is better.
    Also I'd like to include the A.S.S. people in your list.(Attention seeking syndrome people).
    Because, them and the CASes, they have something in common.:p
    Aaaand the movie is "The rocker" (2008).

  3. Carina- I Googled suggestion box blogger and this is what I saw. Then I remembered you have this on your blog as well. Thanks for your suggestions! I will post it next weekend. Why did you have a sucky night? What happened??

    Ria- Haha. Thanks! Yes, I forgot about those A.S.S. people. I should add them next time. Oh, it's THE ROCKER!!! Thank you! :)

  4. You forgot the "I'm so insecure I constantly seek other people's approval in obnoxious ways" people. I work with one of those. He's quite tiring.

  5. Kurt Cobain? WTF?
    Please punch her.

  6. I agree. I hate people that flake and later have a lame excuse. It usually begins with, Y"ou know what happened..." There isn't enough time to post how many people I would love to bitch slap. Here is just a sample: 1- The loud dude/girl at a restaurant that loves to hear his/her voice. 2- The sneaky cheapskate that never has money but finds a way to take those exotic trips. I better stop now. BTW Many of the people that bug you can be found in many variations on Facebook.

  7. I agree Gnetchy Gnetch.... i would want to strangle the ""Oh! i have been through a lot" types... cannot tolerate them!

  8. Good Job on the digi pics.
    Now may I pull your hair ?
    I wanna pull your hair like a big brother would a kid sister.

  9. copy cats are the worst. whoever said immitation was the highest form of flattery had never been immitated...or was on crack. either way, an idiot.

  10. So many assholes too few shallow graves for them, I feel you're pain Gnetch. Another one to add to the list are the guys who suffer from fake lat syndrome where they walk around with pencil thin arms thinking their a massive body builder so they puff their chest out and stick their arms out like they are too big to walk normally.

  11. I freaking lovey you, Gnetch. I really do. Unless I'm one of those bloggers you mentioned when you said, "People who think they are some sort of celebrities and think they have the authority to tell people how to run their lives." You didn't like my advice, huh? :P

    But I help you blow people up! Isn't that enough to deserve your love and not be a PILS?!

    But, seriously, we have to do something about these people. Punching random strangers be damned!

  12. Been blog-hopping and chanced upon your blog. Your site's really cool! Love the drawings, especially of that chick whose butt crack is showing!

  13. Ashton- Oh, I totally forgot about that! My former best friend is soooo like that and yes, it is tiring.

    Zac- Haha! Does she look like Kurt Cobain?

    Israel- My gawd, I couldn't agree more! That's why I have a lot of people blocked on Facebook.

    Ratz- Yes. It's like they're trying to say that "what you're feeling is nothing compared to mine." Or "What you're doing is stupid because I have been through it and I know everything." Some people can say it in the most inspiring manner. But some are just arrogant.

    Maxy- Thanks. No Maxy, you can't pull my hair until you've punched random strangers for me.

    Brook- I agree! It's really a pain in the ass when you're being copied. Especially when she is the "nice" one.

    Wolfy- Haha. I see you want to punch some people too.

    Christina- No it wasn't you. I am really on the verge of punching random strangers. Please stop me. Haha.

    The Beat Of My Drum- Aw thank you! Thanks so much! :)

  14. I think the Copycat is the worst of the worst. I think I have one in real life - not blog life but still. I have my suspicions...
    Great blog, glad I came across it!

  15. I tick three of the above boxes. Does this mean that you'll stop talking to me now?

    I'll try to change. I'll work on it. I'm sorry.

  16. Please te-ellll....♫♪ about the le blogeurs, who think they're celebrities, if not here, send me a DM, I'm so curious :P I thank someone in the blogosphere caused this post.

    And yay to Gnetchy! Your army of trolls is already gathering. Where should we attack? :P

  17. Can I pull your hair, and punch people at the same time ?

  18. Hahaha, THANK YOU for sharing this!! And calling out bloggers who think they're celebrities. It needs to be done sometimes :)

  19. I cannot explain or describe the lengths in which you rule and make me laugh my ass off, another killer post!

  20. Dang, not hanging around you once a month. Since of course I am a blog celeb. NOT!!! Seriously, this is hilarious stuff!! Ian didn't lie.

  21. Fantastic post, especially the part about the super important people... douche bars.

  22. Oh Gnetch! You are so wicked sometimes. You really had my laughing my ass off with this post, well with all of your posts actually and I love all your illustrations too. One of the things I hate is when someone doesn't stay true to their words and does not follow through with their promises. Ugh.

  23. Lena- Thanks!! An IRL copycat must be really annoying.

    TbR- Which ones?? Cuz, you have to tell me!!! At least I'll be ready (to punch you)! No. I did not just write that! :P

    Nino- I can't! I don't want to! Haha! And no. Not anyone in the blogosphere caused this post. Someone in real life did.

    Maxy- Sure thing!!! If you can. ;p

    Em- Awww... Hehe. I really think they should read this. They are annoying. :)

    Ian- Thanks!!!

    Copyboy- That's what my guy friends used to say. Haha! Thanks.

    M- Thanks. The super important people are tiring, aren't they?

    Mel- I was PMS-ing. Haha.

  24. Yeah I hate those people who only want to hang out at places easy for them!

  25. You have a blog Award on my blog!

  26. As always Gnetch,
    you crack me right up.
    Keep it up. Especially loving the drawn pics!

  27. Shouldn't it be PILTS if it's "people I'd like to strangle?"

    Just sayin.

  28. How 'bout moochers and cheap-ass people? I don't mind helping a friend out every now and again, but you gotta draw the line somewhere. You're really gonna drive all the way down to my husband's shop to use his lift, tools, and equipment to change the oil on your car because Jiffy Lube charges $30 and that's more than you wanna pay? And then on top of that, expect my husband to do it with you for free cuz you guys are friends?? Look, hombre, you just spent nearly $20 on gas driving down here plus, you're making my husband stay later at work when he could be home with me making sweet sweet love!

  29. I was at the DMV the other day which is, of course, already a miserable place, but to add to it, the 300lb girl in front of me had her pants practically to here knees and was sporting an unfortunately large thong. The place wasn't small enough to move a new seat where I wasn't able to get a horrific angel. Basically, yeah...I can relate to the butts.


  30. Soooo I had written up this whole long thing about how much I hate it when people always expect people to go to them in order to hang out. Especially when it's like a group of four and one just won't budge. But it was seriously fucking long, so I deleted it.

    Suffice it to say, I agree.