Sunday, July 25, 2010

So When The Blogger Is Away, The Copycat Will Play?

Disclaimer: This post was written calmly. Believe me or I'll set you on fire. No. I mean, really. I waited a few days so I won't sound as angry and/or annoyed. And I tried to avoid sounding arrogant because I am not. I hope I succeeded. Also, this is going to be funny in the end so read on.

So the other day, while I was reading blogs, and I saw a very familiar comment to one of my blog friend's posts. It was MY comment, written by someone else. I would know. Wouldn't you know if a comment or a joke is yours? So I looked at this person's blog and saw that I commented that on one of her posts and she decided to use it when she gets the chance. Which was obviously annoying and of course, weird. I didn't know someone would SORT OF plagiarize comments.

Sort of, because the funny thing about this person is that she doesn't have the balls to say the word, "fuck." So instead, she used "crap" and "damn." Well, she is a good person and she might go to hell for using that horrid word.

Obviously not the actual comment.

Anyway, it was then I remembered that this girl has written something in the past that is so similar to one of my old posts. And by similar, I mean the topic, the format, the labels, AND the ranting style!! Which is too obvious because her writing is different from what I am used to and it is (or was) totally different from mine. I talked to her about it and she denied that she has read my post. And since I'm the nicest bitch in the planet, I let it go. Her version is like a cheap imitation anyway.

Also? It's not like I'm the only one who can think of that same topic (although the format of that post was undeniably the same as mine) so what the hell.

You see? I'm all kinds of nice. (Please note that this sentence was written in a very sarcastic manner that I think the person I'm talking about will never be able to copy because she is in no way sarcastic.)

But a few of her latest posts are starting to sound like my blog voice!!!

What I'm trying to say is, if you try to sound like someone else on your blog, it would sound fake! You wouldn't want to sound as if you're trying too hard, would you? And do you even feel proud when your readers compliment you on your writing when you know it is somebody else's style that you just coldbloodedly copied?

So a note to my dear copycat. I want to let you know that you're not going to hell if you use the word fuck. So if you want to copy me, say it. Say fuck. It is spelled F-U-C-K. Fuck.

Not that I invented that word but you see, if you want to sound like me, you can sweetly say it.

You're welcome.

Also, if you're still hesitant to say that word due to the fear that Satan will come after you, I just want to let you know that the words damn and crap are also forms of expletives. So if you think the word "fuck" could drag you to hell, damn and crap would do too. Oh! And also theft! So be prepared.

I'm that supportive.

Guys, if you ever were victimized by this kind of person, let me know. I have, as always, thought of another great idea on how to get rid of copycats.

By stamping "second-hand material" on their blogs.

Actually, it is Emily Jane's great idea. Not mine.

Reminder: I made this post very specific because I didn't want to cause you, my dear readers, to get all paranoid and think that I'm talking about you. So if you haven't done anything I just mentioned, then it means I love you because you are one original badass and I'm not talking about you.

To the person I'm talking about, it's not too late to bring back your own style. I'm just saying. And linking back won't kill you or give you STDs. Also, it won't cause your hair to fall off. If some posts reminded you of an experience and you decided to write about it, it wouldn't hurt to link back. But copying comments is really stupid so just stop it.

Also, to the person who got paranoid because of my tweets about imitation, it wasn't about you. Stop the E-mailing your blog friends about it, trying to have a pity party, and getting all defensive about your posts.

Yes, one of the people you e-mailed is my friend. So to calm you down, this is not about you and my tweets weren't about you. Stop Chris Browning yourself about this.

And by Chris Browning, I did not mean "physically assaulting" yourself. I meant, this kind of Chris Browning:


  1. What? Are you serious?! OHHHH EMMMM GEEE. I didn't know people would even copy comments. I mean, aren't these comments supposed to be yours and what you thought about a certain post. Wow. Last year there was a girl who copied posts from other people, then the whole blogosphere noticed and bam...she was off of blogger. Anyway, people need to give credit when it is due, I hate it when people take the work of other people and use it as their own. tsk tsk tsk

  2. What bullshit, how lazy do you have to be to copy somebody eles's comments and matieral. I know from time to time some of my stuff has been similar to other bloggers matieral or on a similar topic, but I've always given credit when I do and I write MY OWN OPINION not copy and paste theirs and call it mine.

    It just goes to show Gnetch that this copycat dosen't possess anywhere near the awsomeness you do, and they should be laughed at until they pee themselves from shame, or some other suitiable form of punishment.

  3. I was wondering if you were going to blog about this... :)

  4. Your self-control astounds me. I can't believe you didn't go all kung-fu on her ass. Really.
    And to be copying someone else's style/posts/comments who cusses while being all goody two shoes about language - that is fucking hilarious.

  5. aaaila.... and just wen we were hunting for solution for blogger plagarization...we forgot comments...:O

    sheesh people think so 'originally'!!!

    Holy Cow

  6. OMG Gnetchy Gnetch... Seriously... this really happened??? What a crazy dumbass.... Hahahaha.... I cannot stop controlling myself...seriously... people even think of copying comments... what a weirdo!! You go girl... carry on being supportive.. ;-)

  7. I love it! (Not the plagiarism, but your post)

    Well said. On the bright side, the fact you've been copied means you're worth copying.

    Not that I'd ever copy you, or agree with anyone copying anyone, I'm just saying

    *looks around for fire extinguisher in case Gnetch sets him on fire*

  8. agree with TbR to some extent... nobody ever tries to plagarise me :(

    great post anyway, and shame on her!!

  9. Gnetch ,
    Guess what ?
    People are weird .
    I've had people rip my shit off in the past on a certain social network, and I have learned not to give a shit.

    Look at it like a comedian telling jokes at a night club, and then people repeat the jokes the next day at work.

    Take it as a compliment on a job well done, and grow from it.

    From what I see you have a audience.
    Be happy with the cool people you meet from all the fun ,and great postings.

    Now Bend Over !

  10. Lol, this was funny to read! And guess what? She won't ebe able to blog about this topic, cuz then she would attack herself, hehe. Ah, I had copycats, too. I was initially upset as well.. but now I take it easy. They're the pathetic ones and usually have only few followers. Keep your head high, Gnetchy. Your herd of sheep will read only the original - you :)

  11. Imitation is the best compliment. CaN'T remember if you've already said that in your post, just that the "FUCK" keeps ringing in my head hehe..

    Kidding aside..mmm..the WHO!!??

    But you know what I couldn't help but think of you when I say bitch and asses and fuck..not that you're bad and all. It's just the blog.

    You're cool, you know :) (And I'm happy I'm not soo late this time yihha!!)

  12. Whaaaaaat? Bitches be crazy. SERIOUSLY. I've seen people try to mimic popular bloggers blog voices before (which in and of itself is kind of creepy and obv. fakey) but comments? SHEESH.

  13. Skank hoe! And what you couldn't like post the goddamn links or what???

    I need to see the knock-off version please... I'd like to tear her a new one! Was this the same bitch as the one time we almost had to commit the felony???

    I do believe I created the word 'fuck'... Well, I at least PERFECTED that shit!

    Love you skank face!!!!


  14. im kind of bummed you wont say who. hahahahahahaha. 'cos i feel liek mindFUCKing them.

  15. Oh my! I read your ranting on FB and I thought it wasn't that serious. writing style and tone may be forgivable..but the comment?? no way!!! that's indeed upfront plagiarism. Sue her for that!

  16. I snorted in my work place because of you.
    You made me laff so hard that I laff-snorted in my place of business.
    I hope that makes you happy.
    Oh who am i kidding i have no humility, bring more lols on girlpants. I like what you say.

  17. Oh oh! Someone pissed you off again. I can see the torture room being prepared hahaha!

    Copying comments? That was really a lazy thing to do and totally NOT cool!

    I bet she learned her lessons now!

  18. Holy fugamollie you're still crazy after all these while. I love you Gnetch!

  19. It's late in the evening :) why am I home? I hate it. My body clock told me you have a new post.

    You know what I love about you? Let me enumerate:

    1. No one can say the word "FUCK" as loving as you do. except for your BBBF I think.

    2. You know the word "badass" isn't that appealing to the ears of our fellow citizens here, yet it sound like royalty when applies to you.

    3. Remember the time I wrote about that "hacking thing" I got my strength from you when you said that it's okay and my reader would understand. ( I was so angry then to that girl).

    with your copycat, I do understand that we can think of the same topics, most of the times and we can get ideas from other blogs too like memes but like what you said there will be no harm done when you link up but what is frustrating is that "why even the labels?" let me say this in our language labels na nga lang kinopya pa?

    Anyway (wehhh I am getting your habit of saying anyway...) the way you put spice on each post cannot be copied by anyone. You will always be the one and only "Badass Asian"

    Opps to long for a comment, it can be a post now. I might as well send you an email huh!

  20. P.S. Let me gather my strength, I will search who that copycat is- hahahha too dizzy to search now!

  21. Booooo for copymeows!
    Yaaaay for Gnetchy!

    That's all!

  22. I have to say that I'm shocked that this even occurs.
    My next thought is that I do feel sad for the person who is obviously driven to write but doesn't have enough confidence to let their own voice be born.
    So, take it as a compliment. Hope that this post reaches those who most need to read it.
    Nice blog!

  23. i only wish we were twins in another life.
    i wish it so hard .. in the butt.

  24. Hey little shorty, I have a award for you ...LOL !
    Hugs butthead !

  25. Maybe she is in love with you and this was her creative way of telling you?

    I would watch out for burning bags of dog shit on your porch...Which, of course, is the next logical step in this twisted romance.

  26. Copying COMMENTS? That's so pathetic.

    I'm always paranoid bloggers are bitching about something I've done when they complain about commenters. I can safely say I haven't plagiarized a comment, though!

  27. that's foul. copying comments, too?

    you know, a peson like that should just kiss the ground you walk on rather than steal. O.o

  28. Woah - blog plagiarism is tack-i-licious. I'm dying to know which blog it is, but I'll be mature about it.

  29. On the one hand, you should feel flattered that someone worships your writing well enough that they want to complete rob you of your creative juices.

    On the other hand, can I kill this person? It would make me very happy toeradicate all plagiarizers from the face of the planet.

  30. Great blog! Came across your blog from one of the blog hops, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I am now following... feel free to follow back if you like!!!!
    All the best,