Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some things are just not negotiable. Deal with it.

So here's the thing: You know when you don't get enough sleep, you feel like you're just gonna be useless the whole day? And when you don't get anything done, you get frustrated?

It's like you feel that you should have just stayed in bed. Like you can almost hear your bed calling you because you didn't get enough quality time together.

Well, I'm like that.

Actually, I'm the kind of person who doesn't have a problem staying asleep. I can sleep for 10-13 hours a night and wake up and still have the ability to sleep again. It's like a super power.

The problem with me is initiating sleep. It's hard. Especially with my schedule, I have to sleep at noon, while everyone's awake, watching TV, eating, laughing, talking, and all that shit. I would always have a huge battle with the pillows and blankets, a lot of twisting and turning before I get comfortable.

And then I *might* be able to fall asleep.

The problem is that I have to wake up a certain time to go to work! So let's say, because initiating sleep to me is a huge task, I never get enough sleep on weekdays.

By the time the alarm clock (actually, my cell phone) goes off, I would still be in coma.

Well of course, there are times that I have the energy to get up and hit the snooze button to cheat a little and sleep some more. 
I change my alarm music all the time because I always end up hating the songs that disturb my sleep.

But there are times that I don't even need the snooze button because *I* am in coma sound asleep. And when I'm sleeping, I don't hear anything.

To think, I even have a Rob Thomas (even Eminem on the second alarm) song to make sure I wake up. I mean, seriously, Rob Thomas is like-- Dang!! (I love you, Rob Thomas.)

But since I am a VERY RESPONSIBLE person (ahem), I will eventually get up. With the help of my mom and my sister yelling that I have to wake up because I'm gonna be late for work.

The result?

What the fuck do you want from me??? Oh. Yeah. Work. Okay!

So don't ask me what's wrong when I'm grumpy. THIS is what's wrong.

And no, it's not negotiable.

Gnetch + No Sleep = Grumpy.

That's life.

P.S. You can still vote on our blogger social poll. So far, Martini and Mudmasks Blogger Party is leading despite the fact that I messed up just a little bit and forgot the "we're". I can't edit it now. Doing so might delete the votes. I'm not sure. But I'm too lazy to look it up. :)


  1. Me with little sleep makes me uber grouchy too. I hope you can catch up on your sleep tonight. =)

  2. Mmmmm. Looks like I might have run into some competion in the "Who Can Sleep the Longest" reality show. Bring it Baby! your pillow, I mean.

  3. I feel your pain. You know that not being able to fall asleep within thirty minutes of lying down is considered a form of insomnia?

    And, also, Matty says we have to cosign on a Horatio 'Deal With It' pic. But he didn't add "go" so I'm not sure if he was serious or not.

    And, also, fiery pain and death to all those who wake us up when we don't want to be awoken!!!!!

  4. Haha this reminds me of... me!

  5. Whenever I'd come home from college and stay with my grandma, she'd always wake me up at like 7am after I had just gotten to sleep at about 4am. Then, she'd get all mad that I wouldn't wake up singing and blessing the day.

    Oh, and I finally posted my award you gave me and linked ya!! Thanks again, homes.

  6. I have that same super power. I love sleep! Like if there was a job that required that you sleep, I would apply and even work over-time. The thing is after a good night sleep, I'm tired so guess what I do? I sleep! and the process repeats itself.

  7. I get grumpy when someone pesters me when I wake up. but with less sleep... I think I can handle that one. Just don't make me wake up earlier than 6am.

  8. According to your doodle, you have 22 square-ish teeth! And your left eye is bloody, are you a pirate? I don't wanna be close to you, when Eminem wakes you up, cuz I'm blonde like him and you may punch me in the face or gnaw off my left ear with your 22 square-ish teeth -_-

  9. When I don't get enough sleep I wander the neighborhood punching the elderly. It's not great.
    Love the fire.

  10. I'm exactly the same with the alarm song. I have to change that shit up weekly. And it has got to be something hardcore to pull me from my slumber.

    Nothing like waking up to a bit of Metallica to get the blood pumping in the morning.

  11. Hehehe... it is like reading a post that i would have written. Only the songs for my alarm are different. God help us sister.

  12. I hate the PRESSURE to fall asleep, too. It's like, "if you don't fall asleep NOW, you won't get enough sleep. Do it, body. Fall asleep. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD AND HOLY, FALL ASLEEP."

    Twenty minutes later and I'm now berating myself for not falling asleep twenty minutes ago.

  13. Yeah, I used to sleep through my alarm all the time. Now, I don't. No idea what changed.

  14. I love this post so much, I had to read it again. I wonder, do you really drool so much? Please don't drown in your own saliva :P

  15. I have this problem too... And I'm definitely a grumpy asshole when I have to get up but haven't gotten enough sleep. And that's pretty much every day.

  16. I wish I could sleep past 6 hours a day.
    I'm lucky if I make for 7.
    It happens every now ,and again.
    How I miss those sleeping thru the days on the weekends.
    I don't even know what a weekend feels like anymore.

  17. I can't sleep for 13 hours, I don't know how people do it. I can barely sleep for four hours. This is standard night for me without an alarm: I fall asleep almost immediately, wake up 45 minutes later, fall back asleep in a minute, wake up three or four hours later, get up and do something for 10-15 minutes, go back to sleep for another two or three hours. And then I'm awake, and I can't, CANNOT, fall back asleep for at least another three hours.

  18. I'm the complete opposite I can sleep for as little as three hours a night and be good to go for the next day. If I sleep over 7 I'm screwed, I'm like a zombie I just moan and drool a lot.

  19. Mel - I only get to sleep at night on weekends. :)

    Middle Child - It's on!! Hahaha.

    Christina - I guess I have daytime insomnia. That makes sense considering my work schedule. Hehe.

    Dee - I think our sleeping pattern is the one that's normal. :p

    Los Schoenys - Ha! I have never blessed the day even with complete sleep. And you're welcome. I loved that you called me "innocent." Hee-hee.

    Israel - Oh my goodness, we have the same sleeping ability! We are so gifted.

    Jan - Oh yeah. I hate that too.

    Sid - Hehe. Good afternoon.

    MKL - (On both comments) You really counted the teeth?? Haha. Don't worry. I love it when Eminem wakes me up. Also, thank you for coming back to this post.

    Ryan - That's so badass!!

    Lost - Oh, totally!! Would you believe I even have "Anthem of Our Dying Day" just so I can wake up??

    Ratz - We are soul sisters.

    Nicki - Yes!! Sometimes I feel pressured to sleep too because I have to work. Oh Santa, help us.

    Richard - Tell me when you find out. I need to know.

    M - Yes. Sometimes I just blame it on PMS. :p

    Max - Aw Maxy, you're too busy. Hope you get enough sleep today.

    David - Really? It's a good thing you're sporty. Otherwise, you wouldn't feel refreshed after waking up. Your sleeping pattern would be too tiring for me. (I don't exercise, that's why. Hehe.)

    Wolf - I only get 4-7 hours of sleep on weekdays. That's when I feel zombie-ish. But on weekends, if I'm not too busy, I make sure I sleep a lot.

  20. You are just like me then!! I can sleep through anything. IF, and that's a big IF!!, if I first get into a good sleep. You don't really think about how vital sleep is before it screwed up. I have such sleep issues. Initiating, like you said. It's the worst!! And then most night and get into a good sleep, and wakeup every hour.. it sucks. If I get into a good sleep I can sleep forever, one time I slept for a day and a half!!! I know craaaaazy...

    It must be especially hard on you with your schedule!! Iiiik!!

  21. I have noooo problem falling asleep which is good. However, my problem is the whole staying asleep thing. I wake up like every 2 hours and then twist and turn. Usually waking up isnt a problem because I wake up before my alarm.. but then I go into pilot because I am sooo tired auto because I woke up soo many times. I agree... sometimes I feel like my bed is just calling my name.. like right now actually.. hha hopefully you can fall asleep easier soon!!

  22. I have a hard time falling asleep, so I've resorted to listening to this Deep Sleeping application on my iPhone. I'm sure it's available online. The guy talks you to sleep... It's sorta like meditation/hypnosis.


    It's Sunday morning and I haven't left my bed all weekend. It's disgusting but necessary to recoup the many lost hours of sleep that are stolen from me during the week.