Friday, November 19, 2010

Now, don't be shocked but I've got some good news!! I KNOW!

Warning: Long(ish) post.

So we've all established that I'm forgetful. Right?


It's not like I don't appreciate you because I really do. Like, if I could give you one of my ears because it just so happened that you're the type of person who likes to collect ears, I would. Even if it would make you creepy and weird and disgusting and I might end up borrowing ears from a zombie. You know what I mean? Because I love you all like that.

So anyway, a few months ago (like, August...?) I got a few blog awards from my friends, which of course were greatly appreciated. I just forgot to post them.

This one was given to me by Ratz from What Can I Say.

Also from Ratzy!!

 This is from an awesome Asian, Tina from The Tina Life (See this post.)
I remember that this one has some sort of rule where you have to share a few facts about yourself. But my brain is fried. HELP ME!! Ask me anything. (Please...) *bats eyelashes*

This one is from Christina from Christina in Wonderland!! 

And the latest one? The I DON'T GIVE A FUCK award from Thoughts of a Randomista or TOAR. When I read her post, she made me smile. She said I'm her favorite Asian. No. Really! She said that!
Don't you just love that picture?

You fuckers made me happy despite the rollercoaster I've been going through these past few weeks. (I MEAN THAT!!!) If you noticed, I'm rarely posting anything. So thank you!!!

So, now! For the tagging part:

Chupacabra (did I spell it correctly??) Award of Excellence
Nino - My Kaefkasque Life
Israel Carrasco - Israel Carrasco Monologue Jokes
LaceyRee - This Freckled Lemonade
Dr. Heckle
Max Evel
Wolf - SNAFU Report

The Duct Tape Award For Bloggy Goodness
Emily Jane - 
Mel - ChinkyMel's Corner
Carina - Carina Blogarina
Jan - Between Me and My Thoughts.

The Versatile Blogger Award
Ratzy dear! I think I will only give this to Ratz. She is really a versatile blogger. Ttrust me.

A Blog With Substance
Ashton - Journalistic Musings
Nicki - The Loaded Handbag
Los Schoenys - Schoenrock Ohana
Tom - TbR Tangential

Ria - Serious stuff about lif... Oooh... Shiny!!
Tyla - Run Fat Girl Run
Sweta - The Disappearing Caravan
Christina - Christina In Wonderland

I really hope I did not forget anyone because I'd be punching myself in the head if I did. But if I did, FORGIVE ME!!!

There are also some people I did not forget but I decided not to include them at the moment because they are on blog vacation so I don't think they will be reading this post.


In another awesome news, I just won a "caption this" contest over at Israel's blog. Apparently, my suggestion made him chuckle the loudest. Oh! And his email came at the very moment that I was just about to scream because of the stressful situation I was having at work. So, yeah, the news made me happy.

And I haven't emailed him my address yet. SEE???

I will after this post.

And I got another awesome news but I don't think I'm allowed to reveal it. Yet.




After the epic success of our Online Vodka/Ice Cream Blogger Social, my Greek and Asian friends (including me, of course) decided to have another one.

Here's where I need your participation. I need you to vote.

Which one of these activities would you participate in?

If you have questions, let me know.

Also, boys, you wouldn't us girls to dominate again, would you?


  1. Hey there Gnetchy Gnetch... thanks for the award. :-D

  2. Awww you're the best, thank you for the award!! <3

    I love that the two I voted for are currently in the lead! Can we do both? :)

  3. Awww you're the best, thank you for the award!! <3

    I love that the two I voted for are currently in the lead! Can we do both? :)

  4. Holy awards Batman you really rack'em in congrats on all of them and thanks for the award. Also sorry to hear about the rollercoster you've been going through, I hope it all works itself out.

    On a completly different note I've heard from a reliable source that zombie ears are going to be the "in" thing for spring.

  5. It's cool that you're forgetful because, hey, that's what we love about you! And congrats on the awesome sauce awards. I love blog awards... ah.

    And now I have something to say on Sunday. Lol.

    And I'm sorry you've had such a shitty past few weeks. But yay for getting a post done FINALLY! Woohoo!

    And also, I voted for bring-a-pet, because it's more bad ass than the others. If you can rock your pet, you deserve the super bad ass award. Lol.

  6. congrats on the awards, Gnetch!!! you totally deserve all of them! AND thanks for nominating me for an award, too! and, it was my favorite when I was looking at them, so you are so badass. The vodka/ice cream social was amazing and I am excited that you are doing another social soon :)

  7. I just posted on comment on my blag asking you What the hell do you want the prize or not so it was funny to see this post. Also, how do I get the image for the award. I'm an idiot and not very tech savy. HELP!

  8. Congrats on the awards ,and thanks for the shout out ,and your a good blogger buddy,and see I can be nice
    sometimes too.
    It almost makes me sick.

  9. :) where's the all of the above button :0p ...


    im down for all ideas. so i hope peeeeoopplesssssss vote :D!

    thanks for the award :)

    <3<3<3 and congrats on all of yours

  10. Yay for awards! And thanks :)

    Oh, and I found the picture I took for your last online party that I never did send... oops.

  11. Thanks Gnetchy! :D Your award will be added to my award page and linked to your post and you'll forever remain in my heart as one awesome dudette <3

    Seriously, I should give you like 10 awards for awesomeness... Cuz you even comment on some posts I write on my green blog, where I never really expect comments. I just write posts for future googlers. Yet, you come and give me compliments. You're really amazing, even if you stop commenting on my blog tomorrow and throw that zombie ear in my face. I would still heart you ;-)

    Gnetchy, have a nice day.

  12. Ratz- You're welcome.

    Em- You're welcome. Yes, we can do both if they both win. :)

    Wolf- You're welcome. Yes, the past weeks have been difficult but I'll live. Thanks. :)

    Christina- If bring-a-pet wins, I'm gonna have to borrow someone else's pet. Haha.

    Lace- Of course. You deserve an award! Can't wait for the next party!

    Israel- I hope you got my email this time. :)

    Max- Thanks. Ha! Don't be too nice.

    Ty- Oh yeah. I should've included an all of the above choice!! You're welcome.

    Ashton- You're welcome!! It's okay. Haha.

    MKL- Aw. That's too nice. I like the stuff you feature on your green blog.

  13. gnetch congrats on all the awards and THANK YOU for sharing one to me!

  14. Hold the phone!!! This is the first blogger award I've ever gotten! Oh. Em. Gee!!! I feel like I should notify the press! Thanks, yo! You da best!

  15. First, HOLY EFFING BLOG AWARDS BATMAN! You're a talented ladyblogger. Congrats!

    Secondly, thanks so much for the award and linkage!!

    Thirdly, fire shots. Like it was even a question.

  16. Woohoo for the award Gnetchy!Thank youuuu :D
    And your big news pt.2 will be announced tomorrow officially :D

  17. Thanks, cuz.

    I have substance - but I'm no substance abuser. Honest.

  18. Gnetchy dear, thanks for the award. You are awesome. And congrats on receiving those awards as well. I love the zombie ear drawing. I am currently addicted to playing Dead Rising 2 on Play Station 3, it's got a lot of zombies. It's so fun and so bloody. hehehehe.

  19. Gnetchy dear, thanks for the award. You are awesome. And congrats on receiving those awards as well. I love the zombie ear drawing. I am currently addicted to playing Dead Rising 2 on Play Station 3, it's got a lot of zombies. It's so fun and so bloody. hehehehe.

  20. Carina - You're welcome.

    Jan - Thanks and you're welcome.

    Los Schoeny - Hahaha!! Go ahead. Call the press.

    Nicki - Thank you!! And you're so welcome! I voted for fire shots too. :p

    Ria - You're welcome, dear!! And thanks!

    TbR - Oh, cuz... I believe you. I swear, I do. Don't give me that look!!

    Mel - Awww... Thanks. And you're welcome. You deserve it.