Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random thoughts that are supposed to be posted on Twitter but of course I chose Blogger because Twitter is still lame that until now, they still haven't upgraded their 140-character - uh - thingy.

I say thingy when I don't remember a certain word.

Just thought I had to explain.

Also, I have to warn you that this is probably the most all-over-the-place blog post you'll ever read in your entire life. But I'm not drunk. No. I'm not. I swear.


I'm not a morning person. REALLY. NOT. Not that I pick fights with strangers or yell at random objects or stab animals or anything like that. I just don't function well in the morning. For instance, every time my alarm goes off, I hit snooze. I am so addicted to sleep. It's my crack. But you know that already.

What you don't know about is what actually happens when I finally manage get out of bed.

I space out.

I think about a lot of stuff that's not really necessary to even think about but I tend to think about them because as I said, I don't function normally in the morning, and I know it's not really that essential to keep repeating myself but this is my blog so deal with it.

I'm kidding.

Fuck. This new keyboard frustrates me!! I don't know what key I keep hitting accidentally but that vertical line that keeps on blinking after every letter that you type (Googled it! Insertion point. Ha!) goes everywhere WHILE I'm typing.

Anyway. (See? After a year in blogging, I still overuse anyway.)

So where was I?

Oh. Yeah. The spacing out.

Okay. So for instance, yesterday morning, I thought about about serial killers. And Horatio Caine. No, really. I did.

I know. Not really a good way to start the day. I mean, Horatio? Really?

But I remembered this post by Blogzarro and it got me thinking. About Horatio. Because he is most likely responsible for ruining a budding serial killer's future.

That was yesterday morning.

Today, I thought about winning the lottery. Last year, Tom and I made an elaborate plan to win the lottery January 2011. But I forgot everything about it. Also, I don't really play the lottery.

Thinking about it now, that must be the reason why I'm still not rich. So I blame Tom. Not that it's his fault that I'm broke. I just wanted to blame someone. Got beef?

So yeah. That's how my brain works in the morning. Well, okay. The whole day, dammit. But these thoughts come to me when I'm in the shower. This is why it takes me an hour to take a bath.

Uh. That's all. Just thought I'd share.

Oh! I made something for you, guys! Because I'm super sweet, I made cards for you to give out to the person you choose.


Hallmark should hire me as a designer. These are really sweet if I do say so myself.

I did warn you that this post was gonna be random and all over the place, right?

I kinda forgot to mention pointless. Ooops.

P.S. I'd like to thank everyone who sent me online hugs last week and this week on Facebook and Tumblr (that was shameless self-promotion right there). You guys are amazing. I love you forever, mofos!

Also? I now have a laptop! Go ahead. Congratulate me. But I'm broke now. So congratulate me AND THEN wish me luck. I don't want to die of hunger.

*mosquito drawing inspired by Natalie Dee


  1. I know the feeling of being broke. I had to ask my boyfriend for gas money today. 'Cause doing my taxes took all my money. And my car kept dinging at me.

    Also, I just got a Tumblr and am so going to follow you! Yay! Be excited :)

  2. Those cards are hilarious. Too bad I didn't have them for Valentine's Day. But, lots of birthdays coming up for people, so it's all good.

    Also, my laptop arrives Wednesday evening sometime. I'm also broke. But, I'll have twitter, tumblr, facebook and blog access 24/7. Which is all I really need. ;-)

  3. I know a lot of people I could give that balls card too. And I still feel bad for being a dirty rotten name-stealer.

  4. yay! congrats on the laptop. i liked the cards. and yeah, screw hallmark! yours is way, way better.

  5. Missed you. Thank goodness you got the laptop now. And congrats you are broke, i am broke. Let's celebrate.

  6. I love your random thoughts, really. Your cards are better and they make me wanna (right click and hit save as, open a new mail, attach, and hit sent) to few but deserving recipients. Glad you got the laptop. Yay!!!

  7. I love ur cards! I am sure i'll be giving them away soon!

    One request. Next time can u plz make a card about d perverts who keep looking at ur boobs when talking to u!

  8. Yay, congrats on the gnetchytop. He will enjoy getting hot on your lap, that's for sure. So you better have a good cooling system, or he will overheat and possibly things will start flying out of him. And we don't want a mess on your living room carpet, do we? ;)

  9. So you got a new laptop to stalk people with excellent. Great cards by the way, I say screw Hallmark and start your own thing. Then you'd be more powerful then Oprah

    Being poor is so totally worth it. And yeah. You'd pretty much be the most badass Hallmark designer ever. Get on that.

  11. Woohoo laptop! So no more blogging droughts? :P

  12. Wohoo! Laptop! Broke, who cares? :) That's just temporary! I love the balldrawing. Can I copy it and send it to my boyfriend? You see, every day I send him a joke for him to read it when he gets to work. It kind of our thing, start your day with a smile - and your drawing is so funny!! :)

  13. You got a laptop! :D
    Awesome stuff.
    Hahahaha, I know a few special people who I'd like to give those cards to... :)Hallmark should SO hire you.

  14. I love your greeting cards! And I too hate the morning. My dream job is to be a professional sleeper. And hell yeah I'd work overtime.

  15. So I made this stupid commitment to my sis-in-law to go running with her at 5:30am. I repeat, FIVE THIRTY in the EFFING morning!!! What the hell was I thinking?!?? When I was in college, I could barely make it to my 9am classes, let alone be up and active at 5:30 in the morning. Seriously, WTF??? I don't even like my sister-in-law.

  16. @Ashton: We can and we SHOULD make being broke look cool. Just an idea. And yay for Tumblr!!!

    @Maxy: I know, right?

    @Jay: You can use them as post V-day cards. I mean, who wouldn't appreciate thoughtful notes like those?

    @Other Jay: Don't worry about stealing Jay's name. I don't think he minds. And you can totally send some balls to people who don't have them.

    @Jan: Thanks. I'm such a big a threat to Hallmark. Haha.

    @Ratz: Missed you too! As I told Ashton, we should make being broke look cool. Then everyone else would want to be broke. What?

    @Sey: I know to whom you're gonna send it. :p

    @Nabanita: Sure. Next post will include a card for perverts.

    @Nino: Hahaha. Sure thing.

    @Wolfy: Who's Oprah? KIDDING!! Totally kidding. Anyway, yes. The purpose of this laptop is to stalk people. You know it's my passion.

    @Nicki: Hahaha. Thank you! Should I start emailing Hallmark my designs???

    @Richard: Uhm.. I don't know about the blogging drought. I can't promise more posts but maybe (just maybe) more posts than I used to this year.

    @Carina: You totally can, dear. :)

    @Friendly Llama: Right? If they hire me, I so would get you as my assistant. I could use your wit too.

    @Israel: Right? Mornings are evil. And there should totally be a career for over-sleepers. That would be awesome!!!

    @Los Schoenys: Your comments make me smile every time! My gosh. And yes, mornings should be- I don't know... Deleted??? :p

  17. lool.. your so cute.
    luv hw this post is so random and everywhere :p
    the pictures are hilarious.. xpecially the one with the balls
    new follower (hint hint) :p

  18. I think about Horatio all the time... even during sex. Is that weird?

  19. @Kitkat: Thank you so much!!! :)

    @Heckle: I've always known you have a thing for him. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

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