Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I'd do for a laptop (No, not lap dance, asshole).

Look at this:
Click to enlarge:

Got it?

This is Tyla's idea and SURPRISE!!! I participated!!

So the topic she gave me: 
What do you want to have accomplished by the time you reach 30?

And the blog she recommended was HD In Effect, which I found quite awesome.

Since I only have like less than 2 years before I reach 30, I'm going to make this "goal" somewhat easy to reach.

No, it's not cheating, fuckers!!

Be ready. Because this is really, really, really deep.

By the time I reach 30, I want to...


Okay, calm down. Hear me out first!!!

All this time, I've been using my brother's PC to blog. And since it is his, it is sometimes hard to convince him to let me use his PC when I get home from work or on weekends.

So I will wait.

And wait...

And wait...

And fucking wait some more...

What. The. Fuck??

So this is what happens every day. By the time he allows me to use the PC, it will be almost my bedtime.

So it is pissing me off. Like, REALLY pissing me off.


Yes, I provide food, electricity, phone, water, and everything else in between (including my meds) in this house.

We split the Internet bill though.

Anyway, I have already made a few first awesome steps so I can get a laptop:

On Facebook and on Twitter:

And the biggest step I've made so far:

The fucker ignored my proposal.

I really really want to get my own laptop that I've thought about cheating on Drew Fuller!

I'm sorry, Drew. I love you too.

Anyway,when I get the laptop that I want, I will be able to blog anytime.

Even in my sleep.

Now bitches, it's your turn. Let me know if you want to participate and I'll give you a topic and a blog to check out.

Also? Check out Tyla's blog.

P.S. I'd like to thank everyone who did not hesitate to help me beat a hater's ass on my last post. THANK YOU!!!


  1. Yeah tell me about it! Man! i would love to have a laptop.. santa should know we have been good!

  2. Damn !
    Laptops must not be cheap out there.
    You can get a decent one for under
    four hundred out here.

  3. I'd so kidnap the bro's laptop...
    And booooooo for Mark...
    Also if you find Santa send him over :p

    I will participate, I just don't know when I'll write the post.But I promise you I will.So email subject.
    Over and ouuuuut!

  4. Gnetchy, i'm sure you'll be able to buy a new laptop by yourself when god allows you. for now He's worried that you might blog too much, He is not sure, if he will be able to keep up reading xD

  5. Better make sure you have your christmas stocking big enough for that laptop on Christmas eve!

  6. Ratz- Totally. I have been good. Right? Right??

    Maxy- They're not. They are expensive over here. I may be able to buy one if I don't eat, pay the bills, and buy the daily necessities for 3 straight months. Or something like that. Haha.

    Ria- Yes. Mark IGNORED my proposal. That jerk!! And it seems like Santa's ignoring me too. What's wrong with them??

    MKL- I promise I won't blog everyday then. Haha.

    I'm No Miss- I have a huge bag ready for Christmas. :)

  7. hahaha! i thought you'd say you wanna get married haha! i guess everyone wants a lappy and santa will surely have a hard time figuring whom to give it first. and hey, i think i wanna participate. :)

  8. I thought the same with Jan hehehe! I hope santa will grant your wish this christmas so we will never be out of awesome reads from you ;D

  9. Guess what? I found a website where you can send your message to Santa Claus. I tried it and they told me I'm old enough to compete with the kids.....grrrrr... can you imagine that? so i better not give the website to you.

    Just be patient, you'll have it soon.

  10. Ha. That was totally cheating. Lol. But if I were you, I'd kick your brother's ass to get the computer use. Especially since you're splitting the internet bill. That's just wrong.

    I kind of think I'd like to participate in this, especially since I know you're crazy and will give awesome topics. :)

  11. Let me tell you what I'm going to do before 30...oh wait, I am 30. Darn. :(

  12. Jan- I almost did but I changed my mind. :)

    Mitch- I hope he does.

    Sey- I'd be too old to compete with kids! hahaha.

    Christina- No it wasn't. I just wanted to make my goal easier! :D

    Richard- Well you can try "my goals before I reach 35." You still have 5 years. :)

  13. I like this goal but too bad I am over 30 now..well 31. But still I don't have a laptop. I have a piece of shit computer taht will probably die any day now. Oh the list of things that I would do for a laptop. Hell I'll give someone a lap dance for a free fully loaded laptop! Maybe I can get 2. One for me and 1 for you!

  14. Jayme- You don't know how relieved I am to know that I'm not the only one who's willing to do anything for a laptop!!! And yes, a lap dance would be an awesome way to get one (or 2) laptops. It's for a good cause. :p

  15. Oh my gosh, I asked Mark to marry me too!!... no response of course ;-) So funny! Glad I popped on by today :-)

    Oh, and have you stopped by LOCATION CENTRAL to put in your country info? It's the blog where you find other bloggers in your area.

  16. Jen- I know, right? Mark ignores wedding proposals??!

    But... are you kidding me?