Sunday, October 17, 2010

MTV abused me. That's my explanation.

So yesterday, a high school classmate and I bumped into each other while I was grocery shopping so  we decided to go to Starbucks to catch up. 

While we were talking, a guy with a Justin Bieber hair walked into the coffee shop. He was not the only person I saw with that kind of hair yesterday. And the grocery store was also abusing my gift of hearing with all his croaky songs!

Just. Kill. Me.

So of course, I complained.
Me: I still don't understand this Bieber craze.

Ex-Classmate: ...?

Me: I mean, it's like a disease already-- Wait. Are you a fan??

Ex-Classmate: No but...

Me: It's like these teens are so crazy about him. I just don't understand it.

Ex-Classmate: ... you had a serious crush on Nick Carter back in high school!


She just compared Nick Carter to The Biebs. She did! This bitch just questioned my taste!

Okay, so flashback:

Back in high school, I wasn't really a fan of any pop group until the Backstreet Boys invaded MTV! When I first saw them, I was like, "Meh. They're too... pop for me."

And then MTV started raping me with all their interviews and music videos and tours and all that BSB shit. It was then I started to notice Nick Carter.

Don't laugh, fuckers! He was cute!!

Anyway, every time I heard any of their songs, I went gaga.

Though I was not crazy enough to spend money to go to their concert (in reality, I never enjoyed going to concerts because I hate crowded places and PDA in concerts are just very rampant), I was crazy enough to get pissed when I hear people lusting after him at school.

Don't judge me! I'm a 90's baby.

So anyway, that was 10 years ago. Fine. More than 10 years ago. And I have gotten over my love for him when he started to try to be a rocker. I mean, dude!! Are you kidding me??

But I must admit, I was a diehard fan. I collected posters and albums. I even recorded their songs when I heard them on the radio even though I had their albums. I was young, okay??!

In my defense, Nick Carter was really cute although he sounded nasal a little constipated when singing.

This is random but I think Glee should do a BSB episode.

I said don't judge me. Don't give me that look!!!


  1. I kinda figured you'd have been into The Back Street Boys or as I called them The Back Door Bitches because I thought they were gay. I hated all those "boy bands" with a passion back in the 90's, now bands like Soundgarden, The Headstones, and The Chili Peppers were fanfriggintastic.

    As for the Beiber fans, I don't get it I can't stand that little bitch.

  2. OMG! I was so in love with Kevin! I loved (notice the past tense here?) BSB too! Had all their songs! *smh* Innocent youth with rampant hormones I was...

  3. I feel you girl.I wasn't just addicted to Nick Carter but I guess I was quite obsessed hahaha! yes, my room was crowded with posters of him, i collected all magazines with articles on them, i bought their albums, watched mtv the whole day just to catch their videos. it was like the whole world revolves around Nick carter. okay..enough! this ain't my blog. but im glad we shared the same likes apart from hating justin bieber. :)

  4. Jeez Gnetch ...fuck the 90's !
    Actually fuck the late 80's too !
    Music started turning to shit around 87.
    Fucking sissy ass boy bands.
    They aren't even bands.
    Okay, I am calm now.
    Feels good to vent.

  5. I developed a tad little crush on him when i was 17. But that was that... i think he is just another dude now...

  6. With that red face you really look like you'll kill someone who dared talk bad about Nick Carter hahaha!

    But anyways i can understand you because i am a huge boyband fanatic too at that time.

    I'll add salt to your irritation to Bieber, do you know that there's a mag out about Justin Bieber. Yeah, some sort of fan mag just for bieber fans. Saw it the other day at the mall.

  7. Gnetchy, I love you. I totally think most girls had a secret crush on Nick Carter. I'll admit I did. Of course, I still crush on random celebrities, so you might not want to have heard that. Just avert your eyes. But seriously, that bitch didn't have to bring that back up. I mean, that was literally from the backyard and dug in deep. Damn.

    And if Glee did a BSB episode, I might actually watch Glee again. Lol. I could just see Finn doing the Quit Playing Games With My Heart or I Want It That Way. Lmfao.

  8. LOL I love this post!! I was ALL over the BSB in the 90s - every video (on VHS) was on my bookshelf and I can probably recite the words still to every song. I didn't have a crush on Nick though - I always liked little Brian :)

  9. As a Glee fan, I'm positive they probably have a "boy band" episode in the works. You know, Back Street Boys, N'Sync, 98 Degrees, that band from that MTV movie...

    I had crushes on Melissa Joan Hart and Larisa Oleynick (Alex Mack) growing up. I'm kind of awesome like that.

  10. who am I to judge you when in fact I was one of those who loved Nick Carter before together with my cousin. she gave up her allowance just to buy that magazine where Nick is in centerfold.

  11. I loved me some NKOTB when I was young. In high schoo, I had irrational crushes on dead rock stars.

    And Glee should totally do a boy band episode.

  12. Wolfy- I said don't judge me!! *angry Asian face* Seriously, I was not into boybands. Okay, I slightly was but still...

    Johanna- Haha! Another BSB-er! I LOVED them too!

    Jan- God! I really thought Nick was gonna by my future!!! No. Really!!

    Maxy- Haha! I will still rule the world. Anyway, the only 80's artists I know are MJ and Madonna. So. Okay. Judge me now!! :D

    Ratzy- I was 15 when I had a crush on Nick. Ugh! Those days...

    Mitch- Hehe. Did I look like Maxy?
    Yeah, I don't care about Bieber's mag.

    Richard- What? He was cute!

    Christina- I feel like a hero revealing this stuff. My childhood crushes are weird. The only person I never regretted having a crush on was Taylor Hanson and Rob Thomas.

    Em- Aw B-Rok!! I like his voice. I saw his son on the news recently, singing. Adorable. (Do I still sound like a fan?)

    Steve- I hope Glee does that. Also, yes, your crushes are awesome. I liked Alex Mack.

    Sey- I used to buy all of those too!! Haha.

    Faux- LMAO! Dead rockstars? And yes, I've read your post about NKTOB. We are cool! And we should do a petition for Glee to do this episode.

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    Thanks for checking out my profile, Gnetchy! and i'm a BELIEBER (Duh!). I will suport @justinbieber 'till FOREVER! Never Say Never :) 3 PEACE OUT!

  14. Dude!Nick was a blue eyed-blond haired cutie!The Bieb looks like a girl!And a 12 year old girl!At least Nick looked his age!
    I had a crust on Nick as well :p

  15. Awesome. Well played. But Nick Carter. Really?

  16. I aint judging. I agree w/ you I don't get the Beiber mania either. alot of people hate lady Gaga but I find her music somewhat amusing.

  17. I don't feel the same respect for you that I did before reading this.

    I'm joking, of course. My respect for you is infinite. Hope you made it through a The Night Without Coffee without hurting anyone.

  18. I would definitely watch if Glee did a BSB episode...even though I was on team NSYNC back in the day...

  19. Nino- Smart ass!! :p

    Ria- I KNOW!! Nick looked so cute!!

    Ian- He was cute!!!

    Israel- Right? I really don't get the obsession.

    TbR- No, like I said on Twitter, I *managed* not to hurt anyone.

    Christine- Haha. I was a diehard BSB fan.

  20. I was crushing on the short guy with curly hair, think it was Howie, my cousin's was Nick. I would make fun of Nick's face in the poster and she would do the same to Howie's..ah, the old shameless days, don't judge me too haha!

    Love the drawings!

  21. I'm not judging, but only because you promise not to make fun of me for going all ape shit over Zac Hanson in 7th grade, right? Right?!?

  22. I love this post. I used to freak out over the Back Street Boys... Howie was my love... But the four year olds that I teach are in love with Justin Bieber.. I wonder if I was this obsessed?

  23. This is me, tooooootally judging you

  24. Hahahahahaha
    Gnetch, it's cool-we all had crushes we don't want to admit to.
    I cried like a baby when Kurt Cobain killed himself. Yea, because my head-gear wearing, flannel shirt sporting-13 year old ass could have dated him.