Sunday, May 30, 2010

How Did You Guys Find Me? *updated* (because Tann And Ria gave me something)

Two posts in one day? Ha!

Anyway, my original post is HERE!

Are you guys interested to know how people end up on my blog by Googling random stuff?

Let's pretend you said yes.

Gnetch - aw geez. I'm Googleable. At first I thought Narcy was net-stalking me by Googling my name and found my blog but the visitor was from the U.S. So I think I'm pretty safe? From Narcy, I mean.

I love Gnetch - really? I love you too. Whoever you are. I guess.

Thank goodness slut - you're welcome.

I have PMS fuck off - Fine!

She uses a lot of emoticons - Do I?

Here's the rest. Including the location: Click to enlarge. Please.

So I know there are some sentences that are sort of cut and not completely visible. So here they are:

☺ I feel guilty just to let you wait or something.

☺ I hate all the wedding songs where are the good ones.

☺ i'm new to twitter. bear with me.

Which one did you think was funniest?

I would like to thank Ria @ Serious Stuff About Lif-- Oooh Shiny!!! who gave me this:

And Tann @ Tiny Tann who gave me this:

I think I'm the most spoiled blogger ever. I love you girlies! Thanks.


  1. Thank goodness slut? Haha awww *pat*

  2. I was just gonna make you even more paranoid than you actually are by saying that Narcy has found your blog. But you're smart, checking the location.

    -Mark (Guy Friend)

  3. And I love Gnetch? I paid my cousin millions to do that. Just to make you feel you have a crazy stalker. I demand a Best Guy Friend Award.

  4. Apparently people in Canada AND the Philippines think you have ugly red shoes! Are you gonna take that from them?? Heck no!!

  5. You are soooooo famous girl! Gnetchers like me should celebrate. Pass the wine please!!!

  6. AHHHHH why are all canadians bored/lazy/pms-ing/paralyzed??? we sound like a sorry bunch. i promise we're not.

  7. Hey bitch!

    Better than what I get...




    You see where the fuck this is going?

  8. I guess it all boils down to one thing..... you're a celebrity waaahh!!! :/ oopss.. :)

  9. These all mean that you are such a keeper! :)

  10. Mark: Like I would believe you. Ha! That "I love Gnetch" is my favorite. Someone actually Googled that?

    Oh damnit! Why would someone Google that!

    Sami: Nah-uh! Those people!! Haha! My co-worker does have ugly red shoes and I blogged about it. And now, Google thinks I have ugly red shoes because it directs people to my site when they look for those! I think Google hates me.

    Mitch: At least they find me, huh? LOL

    Shannon: Hahaha. I know you're not. I have lots of awesome Canadian friends. I think they just Google random stuff. When they're bored and/or pms-ing. :D

    Ashley: Oh yeah! Haha! I think those people Googling those are looking for porn sites. I mean, who would search "brunette chick blowing" and "thank goodness slut," right?? Those pervs!!!

    Janjan: Watch that emoticon! Haha! But yeah, I'll try to look at it that way.

    I'm No Miss: I guess I can look at it that way, too. :)

  11. Checking my Google list to my blog is probably one of my favorite things to do. I never realized what a slut I am!

  12. Paralyzed from the waist down? lol Have you written about paraplegics?

  13. My favourite is 'Forgetful remind me' from Hong Kong.

    I wonder what he'd forgotten, whether it was important and how exactly you were able to help refresh his memory?

  14. My fav. was definitely the wedding songs one :)

  15. "thank goodness slut" WTF? HAHAHAHA

    That doesn't even make sense, how did that lead to your blog??

  16. Sara: Totally, right? Google search is helpful in that sense.

    Ashton: It was the emoticon post. I said this :/ looked like a person with facial paralysis. Haha.

    TbR: I don't think he was able to refresh his memory by Googling that he is forgetful. Though I think I should try it. If I forget something, I'll Google that.

    emily-jane Haha! If that person is really in need of good wedding songs, he probably wants to set Google on fire now for leading him to my wedding song post.

    David: I don't even think it makes sense. But I think that person was looking for a porn site. And he, for sure, was devastated after reading my oh-so-wholesome blog.

  17. It's amazing the searches that send people to certain bloggers. No wonder everyone in the world thinks all bloggers are crazy!

  18. Looking at words who bring people to your blog is great entertainment! lol

  19. First off, I'd like to say that I'm new here in this world of Blogging... and Gnetch, well, you're the girl who actually inspired me to start my own blog! haha.
    This may seem kind of random, but I found your blog while typing in "I wish I was 18 so that I could get drunk on my birthday" (boredom leads to many weird google searches haha) and up came your "I'm Drunk and I'm blogging" blog.. or something similar to that :P