Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So Let Me Share My Headache With You

Hello there guys!!!

What? I'm bubbly today!

Okay. You got me. I have a headache. Yes. So I thought I'd share my headache with all of you. I don't want you to think I'm a selfish bitch.


So I came across this certain website that gave me such a headache just because I tried so effing hard to understand it. My skull felt like it was about to explode. Well, maybe I'm kinda slow today. But I took it as a challenge. I read EVERY post. And I took it as a brain exercise to use some of their words in a sentence. Just for you, guys.

Consider these sentences your guideline because I'm going to direct you to that site later.

- Don't go out scantily clad. You might be graped.

☻Homeless sexual
- Homeless sexual is a person who is attracted to members of the same sex.

- Have you seen the YouTube bideo of that funny guy from that show?

Cock cola
- Cock cola tastes better than Pepsi.

☻Christmas Christ
Christmas Christ had long hair.

- Rest in piss.

Feeling the headache now?

But I must say, that "piss" thing gave me an idea.

They actually said "John Lennon, rest in piss." Which was a little bit disturbing. Like they wanted the poor guy to rest in his own urine.

Do you think I interpreted it correctly?

So what if they wanted to say "Peace on earth."

What? They say piss instead of peace, right?

The website I was talking about: HERE.

Oh! I forgot to say that you need a couple of aspirins ready before reading this post.

Too late now.

Let me warn you that though it's a humor site, it's racist-ish. Just don't take it seriously. It's funnier that way.


  1. LOL I'm loving the whole engrish mistakes :D


  2. oh my! my head start to pound the moment I saw the spelling error - foreigner (foregner) wat da heck!LOL!

  3. Quote from the site:

    "Don't worry, we have private. Because, for example, only people who have internet will see it."

    Haha! Private what!? I must really have a "green" mind. Maybe that is why I lose followers haha!

    How did you find the site Gnetch? =)

  4. Lol! Is that site real? Wheew!

    The site said "Korea is best, let's be careful."

    What the heck do they mean by that?

    Gnetch, i must say you are one generous lady, sharing everything even a headache, ugh!!!

  5. I already had a headache so I'll just save that site for later, k? Cool.

  6. Aw, poor Koreans. I'm glad I, for one, am not a homeless sexual. That would just be embarassing.

  7. hahahahhaha
    loving the drawing

  8. I'm not seeing the errors in the website ...? I always thought it was Rest in Piss. Damn. No wonder why certain people don't talk to me anymore ... wink.

    <3 thanks for the laughs, needed it today.

  9. Andhari: Haha! Piss out.

    Janjan: It will subside in a few hours. Trust me.

    I'm no miss: They have private. We all have privates! Haha! I was reading Mo Twister's blog and one of his posts directed me to that site. I was like- Aw geez!

    Mitch: Of course. I share everything because I heart you all so much! Haha!

    Ashton: Cool.

    Sara: I feel sorry for the homeless sexuals. :D

    Sid: :)

    Ryan: Thanks! *big smile*

    Tyla: Hahaha! Rest in piss is appropriate in certain situations, actually.

    Richard: They're "best."

    Chicken: It will subside. LOL

  10. WTH?? I was about to leave a nasty comment but that's just so not me, the lovely bitch heheh..

  11. I mean I was about to leave a nasty comment on that site you linked :/ oppss..

  12. I'm not even going there slut, because if there is a comment section I will be forced to explain to then what dumbfuck idiot assbags they are...

    They must be a part of the 2 million people out to piss us the fuck off.

    They will one of the first to go when we take over the world.

    I heart you slut.


  13. Zac: Ha! Don't worry. I knew what you meant. I actually commented that I was the criminal they were looking for. Though I didn't get what they meant by the word criminal.

    Oh, and the lovely bitch, was it me? Teehee..

    Oh wait. Forget I asked.


    Ashley: Oh you should totally go there! It's gonna be the best effing experience you'll ever have as a reader.

    And yes, I think they're out to try to stop us from our mission. That's why we have to keep an eye on them. LOL

    I heart you bitch.

  14. This is AMAZING.

    One of my friends is teaching in Korea this year, and she sent me a care package with sesame crackers called "Dick Sticks" and a sleep mask with a cat on it that says "WITH PUSSY EASY SLEEP".

  15. What the hell was that?!

    "We make this website for the world. Hello foregn peoples!! Please choose your problems"

    I didn't see an option for "This Website."

  16. Also, you need a button so I can link to you on my blog... You should get on that. ;)

  17. Wow! How'd you make it through every post??? I made it about 19 seconds and couldn't even wrap my brain around it! Think I need to go pop some Excedrin.

  18. Where do you find all these goodies? LOL

    The small fonts are enough to give me a headache but because of you I'll browse through. ;p

  19. Annabelle: Oh my. They can really think of awesome names for their products. Haha!

    Dr. Heckle: I was looking for that option too, actually. I was heartbroken when I didn't find it. And about the button, I promise, I'll make one. Thanks!!

    Los Schoenys: I really tried my very best to read everything. I took it as a brain exercise. Can you give me some of your Excedrin please?

    Johana: Well, I just Google stuff sometimes and I ended up on a local DJ's blog which directed me to that website. He was laughing about it so I thought it was funny. Damn! It was funny. But in a different way. Hahaha.

  20. literally laughed out loud at "christmas christ!" as opposed to the over christs? easter christ, halloween christ, president's day christ?

  21. There were so many awesomely bad things about that site that I thinked I peaced myself. What? It can't be backwards like that?


    thats all,seriously. it real? :))!LOL