Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Most Important Battle of My Life. And Also, You Guys Are Just Effing Funny!

No. Not that kind of battle.

This is a Facebook Battle. And just so you know, this is more important than FarmVille or Cafe World (which I never even tried to play).


So guys, this is important. I need you to judge who won. I think I did but my friend (remember Guy Friend?) doesn't think so. He said I lost BIG TIME!

Some friend I have. Right?

So here are some photo evidence of the said battle.

Click the images to enlarge. Please. (I asked nicely. See? I'm nice. Make me win this.)

The Emoticon Battle With Another David

5 minutes later...

No response from David. 

10 minutes later...

Still no response.

Ha! I won!

And then, After about 20 minutes, Facebook said: "David posted something on your wall."

Yes. I declared myself a winner. But Guy Friend said, "You lost. He's gained 1,000 points for that last one. He's way ahead, you loser."

Hearing that, I ran to my room and cried myself to sleep. (Well, actually I didn't. I just wanted to get sympathy from you to get you to say what I want to hear. I'm shallow like that.)


In other news...

These are some stuff I found this week that made me laugh out loud while at work and made my coworker look at me like I'm crazy because I'm laughing when I'm supposed to be working but what they didn't know was that I was actually reading blog posts while on Twitter and Facebook and of course, well, working.

I know, right?

From Johana:

She started her post with a warning, saying that--

Oh, just click to enlarge.

I guess she knew that her post will make me crave for something that I can't possibly buy at that moment because I'm at work and I can't go out.

And of course, my favorite badass Ashley a.k.a Crazy Brunette. She has a video blog challenge where you need to watch her video and drink something alcoholic every time she says the word fuck (including fucking, fucker, fuckhead and all those things). So go to her blog and do that challenge. And tomorrow, I expect to read some BUI (Blogging Under the Influence).

No. I'm not forcing you.

I'm not threatening you either.

So everyone, (AND I MEAN YOU. YES. ALL OF YOU), you are all so awesome! I really think I need to tell you that. Because it's true.

Oh! I guess I need to explain why I updated my last post and added: UPDATE: Okay. This is a OBVIOUSLY a satire and not supposed to be taken seriously.

I got an e-mail sort of lecturing me about the detrimental effects of not bathing. Can you believe that? Well, neither can I.

And I take a bath TWICE a day, thank you very much.


Back to the battle. Guys, who won??

Edit: Earlier, I included the Google Analytics keywords here but I decided it's better if I turn it into an entirely new post.


  1. Clearly you fucking (drink) won, and I mean, fuck (drink), who uses a real life face to win an emoticon battle, clearly the fucker (drink) lost! :P

  2. Hah! Believe me, you lost! He won big time! You can never beat him.

    -Mark (Guy Friend)

  3. Richard: THANK YOU! I knew I'm the winner here! But you're drunk now! Should I believe you? LOL

    Darth Vader: Shit Mark! You're Darth Vader?! Damn! How could I have failed to figure that out? And someone said I won. Sorry. Ha!

  4. Wow! So much happened while i'm not around for a while. I am so way behind...

    Who ever tried to beat you is crazy. Who would want to fight Super Gnetch? They better know you first hahaha!

  5. Argh!! I am SO over with FB... good luck girl!! may you win this battle and the next and the next.....

  6. Your brain. It works like mine. It's HERE and then HERE and then HEY GUYS LOOK OVER HERE and OOOO A COOKIE!

    Personally, I think you won the first round, but then he got you in the second.


  7. Try making a crazy emoticon face urself and then we'll see who's (And you definitely have an edge being the nice lady that you've portrayed yourself to be) better...

    Till then, I declare its a tie...

  8. Well of course YOU fucking won!!!!

    WE do NOT lose!!!! Are you kidding me????

    Why wasn't I invited???

    I have to give you my actually FB page, I thought we were already fucking friends on my REAL FB!!!!!

    Thanks lady... I am DAMN awesome. I want see some DRUNK Blogging damnit! Nobody played my game!

  9. OH, and she IS FORCING all you fuckheads to go to those sites she mentioned!!!!

    She demands and I am the ENFORCER!!!!


  10. Mitch: Haha! Oh yes they do! LOL. So you think I won??

    Ratz: I wish you can go back to Facebook and we can do some not so serious stuff. It's fun!

    Margaret: I'm glad our brain works the same. I was actually worried my all-over-the-place thoughts might give you headache. LOL
    You think I lost the battle?

    Priyank: I'll try to do that. I really will.

    Ashley: THANK YOU bitch! I heart you! Haha! Of course we never lose! You could've joined the battle. Everybody's welcome to post stuff on my FB wall, you know? It's like a blogger's freedom wall. (What?) And yes, please. Give me your actual FB page. :/

  11. You totally won!!

  12. Well you win because it's you... but that picture was pretty damn funny.

  13. You won, for sure, on behalf of stroke victims everywhere...

    PS Thanks for your email program.

  14. Ok, ok, it seems like your readers are siding with you. That's cool. You may have won this battle, Gnetch, but the war is not over.


    Stroke victim in an army helmet.

  15. Emily-Jane: I know, right?? Thank you.

    Ashton: Ha! I knew it! Thanks.

    Dr. Heckle: Thanks. Haha!

    Another David: And I thought you have admitted defeat. (I paid my readers to say I won. But Guy Friend seems to take your side).

    ];\ that's a stroke victim with bangs. Ha!

  16. you r a winner clearly :-)

  17. Love David's face! Too funny :-) And I'm going to go with tie ... is that wimpy? ;-)

  18. I'd have to say that you won! Because you were quicker! Hehehe...Next time I cook beef I'll take pictures of it! Hahahaha...

  19. Ha! The battle is futile. He won forever for that. FOREVER! You can't beat forever, Gnetch. Even in spite of your insurmountable awesomeness.

  20. Sorry, dear. I think you lost. I agree with Guy Friend. Another David won like bazillion points for that last one. And a bazillion is hard to catch up to. Good luck!

  21. Meg: Thank you!

    Shayna: Well, I guess it's only fair. Haha.

    Johana: Awww, you're such a friend! But no pictures please. You'll make me hungry!!!

    Christina: How could you take his side? How???

    Los Schoenys: Even you? You're taking HIS side? Ohh... *dramatically walks away crying*

  22. The First round..ALL yours..the the pic? lol effin' EPIC! bwahahaha!

    Mallets off,please..cute li'l girls scare me :P

  23. I wasn't going to comment since this is an "old" post, but holy crap I kind of died when I saw David's picture. I want so hard to say you won (time lapse is automatic forfeit, amirite?!), but...I mean...he put up a damn good fight.

  24. I'm going to have to say that David won, mostly because I think he's cute, but also because his picture thing is pretty much what my blog post was about today, only not quite that creative, and I hadn't even seen this yet, so I'm psychic or something. Attack of the ridiculously long sentence!