Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh No You Didn't!

Remember my story about this emoticon?

Okay. For new readers who are too lazy to click on that link, that emoticon was overused by my friend when we were Facebook chatting and I started hating that emoticon because it looked like person with facial paralysis and it is totally inappropriate to use on every fucking sentence especially when you say, "Hahaha! :/"

But. Ever since I started ranting about that, it never stopped appearing! Not in my dreams, you judgmental assbag*! It never stopped appearing on ALMOST every message I got!

On text messages, E-mails, and comments.

Are you guys shitting me or this emoticon is really out to get me?


PLEASE click the images to enlarge.

And of course, surprise...

Do I need to encircle this?

I swear this is still her.

Look! Even on Facebook!

You guys are making me angry.

Meet me outside now!

*gets some homemade explosives and sharp tools*

And don't call the police.

P.S. I got 2 awards again. This time from Tyla @ Run Fat Girl, Run
The awards are here IF you want to know what those are.

Thanks, Tyla.♥

* My new favorite word from Ashley


  1. Yikes! I use that one all the time, hope I haven't annoyed you! I just don't know how else to express uncertainty or uncomfortableness in

  2. @Carina: Haha! Don't worry. I wasn't serious about this actually.

  3. Assbag is a pretty good word. I like buttsack myself.

  4. OMG! What does that thing mean? It like a weird cult symbol or something. I'm scared.

  5. oh oh! someone is angry hahaha!

    :/ ooops! have i typed it?

    Don't kill me Gnetch! Lol!

  6. :-/

    you gonna love this with nose aren't you? hehehe..

  7. ahahha!! maybe it's the newest punctuation mark. it has to appear in every sentence so you should make yourself get used to it. and no I won't try to type it afraid of your explosives and sharp tools hhahaha!

    P.S. I already deleted my other blog. in case you wonder you lost one follower. :)

  8. how close are you to burst out actually?

    :/ close?

    :/ :/ close...:P

    did I hear a blast somewhere??? :P

  9. LOL yea I remember that was pretty :/ :P!

  10. I have googled that emoticon the last time. And it meant..uhm I forgot :/ (Is that appropriate?) Gotta google that again ;)

  11. Oh my! Why would people use :/ when they know :/ bothers you so much? I think you should ignore all :/. Totally. Because we don't want :/ to make you angry. Plus, :/ needs to be banned. No more :/. People you hear me? No more :/. We don't want Gnetch to be angry over :/.

    Thank you! ;p

    There you go Gnetch, no more :/. ;p

  12. Did I overdo it? :/

    Oops! Sorry. I swear no more :/.

    *running away*

  13. hahahhaha....
    i can understand. I get pissed off when some of frnds use :-p for every god damn thing....jus everything.

    so now if fell like using :/ with you I wont ;-)

  14. hehehehe. that emoticon is definitely out to get you. hahahaha. The emoticon I am a bit obsessed with is the smiley faced one =). I tend to overuse that all the time.

  15. You just royally fucked yourself biotch!!!

    Although I am a bit perturbed!!! I thought that was 'our' thing damnit!!!

    GRRRR to all the other fuckheads!

    Took me awhile to figure out what *word you fucking meant!!! It's alright... I'm slow sometimes!


    Heart your face slut!

  16. God, I make a lot of spelling mistakes!!!!! I was just looking at all our little mini chats!!!


  17. LOL back with a vengeance!! I'm guilty of punctuating with smileys sometimes but I've never used the "paralyemoticon"

  18. Actually I think it is out to get you. Because I just can't stop myself from typing that emoticon like all the time. :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ It's the beginnings of an army!!!!!! And they're coming for you!!!!!!! :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/



    :/ :/

  19. I don't think I'd even know what to think if I saw it. I've never used it--usually I'll only use the occasional smiley. I feel self conscious using too much "l33t speak"--like I don't want to come off like a silly tween, you know?

  20. LOL your comments are hilarious.

    I've seen that emoticon used a lot too but I've never used it.- so I'll spare you. :)

  21. @Los Schoenys: Ooooh.. I like buttsack too!

    @SKOF: Cult? Oh! That's probably it!

    @Mitch: Argh!!! I'll let it pass this time.

    @Zac: Even you??? Grrr.. But okay, I'll forgive you. It looks a little better with the nose anyway. But still... Arrggghh!

    @Janjan: Thank you for not typing it. Haha! *hides the explosives*

    @Sid: I'm just about to... There! Now I'm angry!!

    @Sweta: YOU typed it!!! Hehe.

    @I'm no miss: Yes, actually you used it appropriately. So I can forgive you. You can go home safely.

    @Johana: Oooohhhhh!!! Meet me outside in an hour!! Don't call the police!

    @Meg: You can use it. But not on every sentence like my paralyzed friend did. :)

    @ChinkyGirlMel: I knew it was out to get me! I use emoticons too so people will know when I'm joking or not, actually. I use this :D

    @Ashley: Oh! You are the mastermind of this thing! I knew it! Hahaha!

    @Emily Jane: Yes, I use emoticons too. But you know, my friend overused it. I'm serious. She used it on every effin' sentence. I thought she just had a heart attack.

    @Christina: You and Ashley are in this together, aren't you???

    @Sadako: Haha! Tweens have a language of their own, for some reason.

    @Jenny: Yeah. I'm the victim here actually. They're so cruel. They love to make fun of me. Haha!

  22. I use that one! Although my favorite is (o:

    Don't hate! ;-)

    I'm at Life: Forward ( - Please visit!

  23. Sorry, someone came home drunk and knocked over the computer monitor. When you typed :/ I saw a dick & balls. With references to CB I wasn't surprised. She's probably the one who knocked over the monitor.

  24. hahaha
    gnetch your mad pout is adorable.
    ultimately intimidating-but adorable nonetheless.

  25. I found a better one!


    see? much more like a stroke victim!

  26. @ShaynaLeahK: Haha. I don't hate ;-)

    @The PWT: I'm pretty sure it was her.

    @Andhari: *dramatic scream* Noooooo....

    @Ryan: Heehee... Thank you. Do you think I should keep that look?

    @David: You're dead. Like DEAD! *throws the explosive*