Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Feel Guilty Replacing You Just Like That But A Girl Has To Move On

When I was younger...

Wait. That's not an interesting intro, is it?

Let me start again.




So when I was younger (I'm using it anyway. Got beef?) I've always been jealous of people who can play the guitar so well so I decided to learn. But I started kind of late, I was already a teenager. A few guy friends taught me how and when I finally had my first guitar, I was really excited.

Yay, guitar!

You know when you buy cheap guitars, you should really have someone with you who knows what normal guitars sound like. But I was really excited so I went to the store by myself and got a turtle back acoustic guitar. When I showed it to the person who was willing to teach me at the time, he said there was something wrong with the sound. He made several tone adjustments to no avail. There really was something wrong with the placement of the strings. The saddle was too low, according to him. So I went back to the store and the manager was nice enough to replace it with the same design. But still, there was something wrong with it. On my third time to the store, I had someone come with me and finally, I got something that sounded good enough. So there, I had my THIRD first guitar (?!).

We've been through a lot, the guitar and I. When I go on vacations, I take it with me. For approximately 8 years, I've been using that guitar. Well, not on a daily basis. But still, 8 effing years! And then...

This happened.

Two years ago, my first guitar died.

It was my sister's fault. She used that guitar a lot (she's actually better than me now), hung it (not carefully enough), and it fell! So my first ever guitar is now dead. Yes, it has passed away. Bless the guitar.

Anyway, my sister was denying the fact that she was careless.

I was really pissed off! Like really, really, really pissed off! I SAVED MONEY FOR THAT GUITAR!

I need to call Gil Grissom the new guy! Or anyone!


*enter CSI theme song:*
Whoooo are you
Hooo-hoo, hooo-hoo...

 Anyway, while the investigation is still ongoing, I felt the need to replace the new guitar so I bought a new one right away.

So now friends, I'd like you to meet my 2-year-old guitar.

To my late guitar, I really love you and I  feel guilty replacing you just like that after all we've been through. But a girl has to move on, you know?

Anyway, I just have to ask. Has this ever happened to you? Did someone break something you own that is really important to you?


  1. I did classical guitar as a kid and even though I don't really play anymore, I'd still kick the ass of whoever busted my guitar.

    New guitar looks great, though!

  2. Yes!! When I was younger ( wait, was the uncool way of starting??)my sister would constantly steal my stuff and destroy it. I hated it, I still do. Still, i gotta say: the purple guitar is looking VERY hot :)

  3. Grissom is busy! With my case. You gotta wait lady...hehehehe...

    Actually, my husband broke 2 laptops of mine. In anger. I was spending way too much time on the laptop and he got so angry that he smashed it. The first one was a Dell. Then he went to buy me another one when he cooled down, the same day. LOL

    Then it was the same scenario with the 2nd laptop. After he damaged it he got me an HP straight away.

    Now every time our tempers fly, I quickly hide the HP!

    I've always wanted to learn how to play piano. Still haven't got the chance but hopefully I'll get to it soon.

    Nice guitar by the way!p

  4. Oh no! Frotunately, I've never had to go through that. I'm a clutz and usually the one breaking things :/


    GRRRR to the fuckers who booted his ass for the other guy.

    Sorry about your guitar chick, want me to help you kick your sisters ass?

    In a SISTERLY way of course. (Meaning we don't put her in the hospital, you know)

    People know better than to touch my shit!

  6. KATE: Exactly. I haven't been playing that much anymore, too (kinda busy with work), but I was pissed off when my old guitar broke.

    CARINA: Thanks! How come our sisters love to break things?? Haha!

    JOHANA: TWO LAPTOPS?! Whoa, that was kind of heartbreaking. But it was kind of nice of him to replace the broken Dell. ;)

    DAVID: It actually feels a little bit better when you are the one who breaks your own stuff, right? When someone else does, it's irritating.

    ASHLEY: I heard Grissom got sick of his role so he left.
    And yeah, let's kick my sister's ass in a sisterly way. Haha!

  7. This might be beside the point but please make a video of you singing while playing the guitar. COME ONNNNN ;)

  8. ANDHARI: Me? Singing?? Oh no! You'll get scarred for life if you heard me sing. But I might post a video of me just playing the guitar. In the near future. Promise. Haha!

  9. The question is what haven't I broke that's really important to me. I've broken every computer, camera, keepsake, lost all my childhood pics. I'm a disaster.

    Stumbled across your blog and I love it, btw!

  10. Oh the first guitar...I know that one well.
    I had a boyfriend do a lot of cheating on me, so I smashed one of his guitars on the sidewalk-another guy came up and asked me what I was doing, so I told him and his response was:
    'man, you just got his baby, that's really gonna hurt'

    I love the chalkine of the guitar and your evidence pile.
    Good stuff

  11. If that had been my guitar... and consequently my sister who had done it... there would be blood. And death. And Gerard Butler "This is Sparta!" moments.

    No one messes with a guitar and kills it and lives.

    But thank you for not putting creepy sunglasses CSI: Miami guy on your blog. My nightmares thank you for it. :)

    R.I.P. Gnetch's first guitar!

  12. lol - another hilarious post! Love the crime scene photos. I'm still LOL

  13. CARISSA: Oh, just like my sister. Haha! Thanks for stopping by, Carissa. And your blog is hilarious too.

    RYAN: Haha! I'm guessing that did actually hurt him.
    You liked my evidence pile? Thanks!

    CHRISTINA: Yeah, I don't like Horatio on my blog either. No... no... no...

    PUREGOLDLADY: Thanks so much girl! Glad to make you laugh.