Saturday, April 10, 2010

Excuse Me, Is There Something Wrong With Your Eyes?

I'm not a celebrity.

But of course, you know that already. I just wanted to say it.

And since I'm not a celebrity, there are some things celebrities do that I don't understand.





So why do some celebrities feel the NEED to squint?

I made a list of possible reasons.
  1. Those squints are unintentional (Good enough. But that's a boring sentence).
  2. They think it makes them cute.
  3. They ate something really sour at the time the picture was taken.
  4. They love sour foods so much that it became a horrible habit to make a sour face even if they're not eating such food.
  5. They smelled something really awful at the time they got the picture taken.   
Well, number 5 is not very likely. I think. I mean, personally, when I smell something dreadfully poop-ish, my eyes would (normally) get watery and my nose would crinkle with disgust. And my lungs would probably file a Lung Abuse case against me because I allowed them to take in such a deadly odor.

Okay. That was a horrible thought.

What if my lungs decided to kill me?

Shit. I'll save that thought for my next post.

Anyway, here are some celebrities who squint a lot.

Renee Zellweger

Taylor Swift

Chad Michael Murray

David Caruso a.k.a. Horatio Caine (without the shades).

Oh wait.

Go back up.

Just a little bit.

Don't you think Chad Michael Murray and David Caruso look alike?

Not in the separated-at-birth kinda thing. More like when Chad grows old, he'd look like H himself!

Look at their pictures. Go! Don't be scared shy.


And look. Even Google agrees!

I just ruined someone's fantasy, didn't I?


  1. Oh nooooooo! You're right!

    Maybe one of the hard parts of being a celeb that we always hear about is having to live in a really bright sunny place like LA?

    I Am The Worst Blogger

  2. Ha! H and Chad totally looks alike. The guy who plays his son in CSI: Miami also looks like him! *grins*

    And I think celebs squint from the glare of the camera? No? Don't know or maybe they do squint because they smell something poopish! Who knows!

    Lung Abuse? Totes bad-ass! ;p

  3. They should stop squinting, they're gonna get crows feet and nasty wrinkles!

    Oh wait, they're celebrities, they can pay big bucks to have those botoxically removed.... sigh. They're taunting us!!

  4. You are such a bitch! You did that just because I had you LSS-ing.

    I'm going to have nightmares. You know I'm scared of the CSI-Miami guy.

    You're a true evil villain. I'm not worthy.

  5. Oh whoa. I never thought of the two as similar in such a way, but when you put them side-by-side, it is undeniable. He will probably play his son or a young version of him in a future film or tv show.

    from [Super Duper Fantastic]

  6. You bitch!

    I squint alot! It's because I can't fucking see and I forget my mother fucking glasses half the time!!!!

  7. "I'm not a celebrity."


  8. That's quite possibly the scariest picture of Chad Michael Murray I have ever seen.

  9. I totally agree!!!

    lol funny post xx

  10. KATE - Probably. Or the super bright camera flashes? Oh, I don't know! Wahaha.

    JOHANA - Yes. They totally look related. And my lungs could be bossy sometimes.

    SAMI - YES! They ARE taunting us, those celebs!

    CHRISTINA - Yeah. It's payback time! Bwahahahaha...

    SUKI - It's my sister who really noticed their resemblance. Then I Googled their names and I got that picture! Yeah.

    ASHLEY - You are exempted. We're friends. I'm biased.

    RICHARD - I'd be a celebrity soon. And I'll squint on cameras and interviews too until a blogger writes about how annoying my eyes are.

    ASHTON - I've always thought of him as scary. Haha!

    BLISS - Thanks (for agreeing). Just kidding. ;)

  11. Maybe they're always looking into really bright lights?

  12. I think celebrities squint because they are too vain to wear glasses. This does not account for David Caruso and my explanation for him is that he has probably not heard of prescription lenses for sunglasses...Not as surprising as is first sounds when you consider he does not appear to have heard of acting lessons either....

  13. That's fucking right bitch!

    I need lasik surgery damnit!

  14. They probably took smile with your eyes class from Tyra Banks!

  15. I think they poke themselves in the eyes before they go out in public.

    Sometimes I squint when I'm trying not to fart, so... that could be it too.

  16. Are they both bad actors? David Caruso looks at the floor before he says each sentence. I think he writes his lines on his shoes.

  17. DAVID - Hmmm.... Possible, possible.

    BLACKLOG - Hahaha! Horatio Caine would probably answer you like this:

    "(Walks in to the scene, looking down) I think...(dramatic pause) my acting...(pauses again, takes off his glasses, and looks at the camera) is sexy." Then the theme song starts - Yeeeeooooowwwww!

    ASHLEY - And those celebs can afford Lasik. If they actually have an eye problem.

    ANDHARI - Oh, yeah, the "smeyes." I've heard of that. Possible, possible. ;)

    DR. HECKLE - Oh! Yeah, that's another possible answer! Maybe they are trying to hold a fart!

    CHICKEN - Well, apart from squinting, I would say that Chad can act better. But David Caruso? See my reply to Blacklog. Haha!

  18. I vote for the vanity thing. Because I TOTALLY do the same thing. I hate wearing glasses. But I also suck at contacts. But now I will try harder not to :)

  19. I never noticed! Maybe you're right!! And they do look alike to! Haha