Friday, March 12, 2010

If I Could Sell These, I'd Be Rich By Now

So i got a few awards from my friends in the blogosphere this week and I'm feeling awesome. First, I got this from Another David:

Then I got this from Christina and Connie:

  Thanks guys! You are just so nice to me!

Though I think when Another David gave me the award, it's more like, "Oh, I forgot! I should give this to Gnetch too! She might run me over if I don't. I mean, dude! SHE PICKS FIGHTS WITH THE SUN!!! And she can't DRIIIIIIVVVVVE!!!"  But David, I don't have PMS anymore. Maybe next month. Haha! Just kidding!

So here goes:


The rules (Another David's version):
1. List 6 things you master (He said think of 12 things but only list the even numbers so yeah, it's 6!).
2. Post a picture of your favorite martial arts movie.
3. Tag people.

1. Sleep.
I can sleep 15 hours straight especially if the weather is so beautiful, like not too hot, not too cold, not too noisy... (you know, when it's raining so hard, it's noisy outside). It's true! If you don't believe me, ask my mom.

2. Staying awake.
I know you're all like, "What the fuck?" Contradictory, I know. But it's true! When I'm on vacation with my friends, we don't sleep! Well, only 2 of us don't. Some need their rest. *whisper* they're old. But don't tell them I told you. Shhh...

3. Multitasking.
You know. While at work, I do my job while writing a blog post, while reading your posts, while commenting, while tweeting, while reading personal E-mails... I'm the best employee ever.

If you're new to my blog and you need proof, go here and here. But come back here.

5. Murdering mosquitoes.
I hate mosquitoes so I mastered murdering those insects. I can go camping with you in the woods and you won't hear me complaining about mosquitoes because they're gonna be dead before those little pointy insects touch me. What are their purpose anyway? Can anyone answer this?

6. Lying about being a mosquito murderer.
Yeah, I made up the mosquito murderer part. I haven't mastered that one yet. But I'm planning to. I swear.

I didn't follow the even numbers part because... Nah, I don't have a reason. Haha!

I can't remember the title of the awesome martial arts movie that I have in mind so I'm gonna give you this instead:

This is my 4-year-old cousin, wearing my 16-year-old sister's Tae Kwon Do uniform.

I'll do the tagging later.


The rules:
1. Thank the person/people who gave it to you.
2. List the things that make you happy.
3. Tag people.

To Christina and Connie, 2 of my favorite bloggy girl friends THANK YOU!

- When it's time to go home after work
- When mutant supervisor is absent
- When it's payday
- Vanilla ice cream (because I can experiment and make my own flavors)
- My little cousin (the one in the picture. He practically lives here)
- My bloggy friends (you all make me happy but to name a few, Christina, Connie, and Amanda. Those I didn't mention, you also make me happy so don't think that you do not affect me because you TOTALLY do).
- When you appreciate my blog posts
- When I get a new follower
- When I feel that you appreciate me

Now for the tagging part:

For the Master of Karate and Friendship award, I'm giving it to:
Christina - Christina In Wonderland
Connie - Conniedom 
Amanda Jean - No Day But Today 
Katherine - This Or The Housework (Welcome back and may your Mac rest in peace ;D)
Lauren - Egosyntonicity 
Ashley - One Crazy Brunette Chick (I so ♥ this biotch and I always look forward to her comments).

For the Happy 101 award, I'm giving it to:
Another David [yes dude, you're getting another one ;-) ] - I've Never Been Good With Titles

And my new Google Friend Connect-ers, you also get the Happy 101 award because you made me happy this week.
Ashton King - Journalistic Musings
Somekioffunky - Some Kind of Funky
Becca - Only A Mama Knows
Jane - Wishful Thinking
Rob - Go Forth and Blogeth
Ali - Travel Rambling

I think it's time for me to get a 3-column template. What do you think? So my awards would have like a shelf or something? Ha!

Love you all guys!!!

P.S. You can just get these awards and place it on your sidebars if you're lazy. Fuck the rules! And feel free to get both awards if you want.

Aren't you just glad my mom brought me up to be this nice???

But don't forget to thank me or I will push you down the stairs! I'm just behind you.

Now, for our entertainment, look at this:

Some stranger, a Justin Bieber fan, Tweeted this. I feel like a total celebrity! Haha!


  1. Oh my God. I still find that funny.

    And, dude, seriously, all these awards are awesome. Don't you love awards?

    And I make you happy. Yay. *hug*

  2. Oh what made you think that? I so totally love it. It makes me feel appreciated. But some people ignore meme awards. But I don't. ;D

  3. Bawahaha at the tweet! And thanks for the award!! May they keep on rolling in!

  4. Ha, I totally thought that kids name was Justin Beaver...I am so out of the loop its not even funny.

    Nice posts lately.

    Brandon Neal

  5. Thank you! :) Your blog is great, by the way.

  6. Thanks! ;) You made my day! I totally shouted your name from my rooftop....I mean, my blog. hehehe


  7. That's the second time I've gotten this award. Guess I should actually do it, huh? Only, I don't have people to tag.

  8. Awesome girly! I multi-task all the time too, right now it's commenting+driving ( dangerous I know). I admire people who can drive and put difficult make up stuff though, like eyeliner. That must be super tough to do while you're driving, even at a traffic jam.

  9. 1) If there's one thing I learned in high school, it's that pissing off small Filipino girls (I'm just guessing here, from otherwise inexplicable number of Filipino views on your site) is a TERRIBLE idea. They travel in packs and will fuck your shit up.

    2) Mosquitoes are food for other animals. And we are food for them. Top of the food chain, my ass.

    3) Thanks, though I'm seriously out of people to tag. Not a complaint, of course, but this is going to be tough :P

  10. Connie: Yeah. That tweet was really hilarious.

    Brandon: Oh it's good to know that someone doesn't know Justin Bieber. Seriously.

    Ali: Thanks Ali!

    Becca: Oh wow! I can hear it from here. Thank you!

    Ashton: You can just place it on your sidebar.

    Andhari: Oh, I so wish I can do that. You're awesome!

    Another David:
    1. I don't know how to respond to this. Honestly. Should I be offended? The PMS post was a joke and totally exaggerated. Maybe my jokes are giving you bad impressions of us and I should tone down a little bit. I deliberately make fun of myself on my posts to avoid offending anyone. Some of us are educated and respectful.
    2. Oh, at least now I know their purpose. And at least I know that you read this post all the way through. lol
    3. As you said, fuck the rules. You can just place it on your sidebar. ;D

  11. Don't be offended, I was joking too! Sorry, I guess I went overboard :/

  12. ANOTHER DAVID: Got it. It's deleted from my memory now. lol

  13. Hey, Gnetch, I just found a super easy way to make a 3-column layout!

    First, log in at

    Then go to 'Layout'

    On the nav bar, there is a new thing called 'Template Designer'. Play around with it!


    (If you've already read about this somewhere, please pretend you haven't so I can appear smart and knowledgeable. :p)

    Have fun!

  14. I hate you forever! Fine I shall finally write the goddamn posts...
    Fuck me running backwards!

  15. CONNIE: Oh thanks a lot Connie! Seriously, I didn't know about this because, you know, I'm a really lazy person.

    ASHLEY: Yeah, write the damn posts! Make it awesome! And bitchy. But don't murder anyone. LOL

  16. You just wait hooker! Hopefully I'll be done tomorrow!

    As always, I'm going to rock the SHIT out of this post!

  17. The 'Justine Beaver' thing was hilarious. Christina showed it to me and I died laughing. I see you beat her to the punch posting it.

    Jerkface? Really? Come on. lol.

  18. Thank you soooo much!

    I SOOOOOO heart that you are in a twitter war! You're totally badass! hehe