Sunday, March 7, 2010

better think twice before sleeping when i'm around

So if you haven't heard, there is this photo tagging kinda thing circling around and the awesome, very pretty (BECAUSE HE GOT 3 BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARDS!!!) Another David tagged me. It's really simple. First, you open your 1st photo folder. Then, scroll to the 10th photo. Then, post the photo and share the story behind it. And, obviously, tag 5 or more people.

So here it is:

The photo:
look, we're crying!

The story:

My friends and I make it a point that we go on a 3-day getaway every year. Usually, we meet at noon and get to our destination at night (because we love far places). On this certain vacation the guy sleeping (he's gay by the way. Uhm, not that you needed to know) traveled alone because he had to finish some errands first so when he got to our hotel room, he was so effing tired and wanted to sleep and we were all so hyper because we got to rest earlier and we were like all drunk and crazy and constipated...

No. I lied about us being constipated.

Anyway, did I tell you I'm a prankster? Well, now I'm telling you.

Back to the story... So my other guy friends are like, "Oh, don't sleep. We didn't come here to sleep," and I was like, "Let him rest for a little while. He's tired." So the tired friend slept and we continued our fun. AND THEN! An idea came to me. I set the camera and stood by his bedside and posed like I was crying and praying over a husband who just died. Of course, my friends saw my plan and participated. They rushed over and placed themselves around the bed, faked crying, and I couldn't stop laughing (look at the photo. I was laughing so hard!) and I wanted to slap myself because I was trying to make it look like a goofy family drama and I just couldn't stop laughing.

Then, click!

After the photo was taken, we pretended like nothing happened and when our friend woke up, we asked him if he was hungry. Like normal friends would do.

Now, it's time for you to share your own stories my dear Twitter/Facebook/Blogger friends! Guess what? I chose 6 of you!
Amanda Jean - No Day But Today
Christina - Christina In Wonderland
Connie - Conniedom
Cupcake - One Crazy Brunette Chick 
Rachel - You Just Can't Google Everything
Ryan - Wandering Menace

P.S. I wanted to cheat and choose the picture where I looked cute but I didn't. Just saying.

P.P.S. I'm hungry. Just saying.

Update on ex-dear friend: I think he was right about what he said. You know? So he's still wheelchair bound.


  1. Lol awesome. Pranking people are the best, especially when they sleep. Endless possibilities!

  2. Lol. Pranks are awesome. Unfortunately, my picture was boring. No story behind it. :( I still posted anyway, though.

  3. Haha! Yep, i'm doing that prank! Funny stuff. I hope the sleeping guy has seen this picture and has it framed on his wall somewhere. Amazing. :)

  4. Yeah, you guys are all laughing pretty hard. I thought you were all about to write on his face, which, btw, is an excellent when pulled off. I should know, I've been on both sides.

  5. I'm going to kill you bitch!!!! It better end up being a good fucking picture of me bitch or I'm coming after your ass!

  6. ANDHARI: Oh you're totally right. I love it when my friends are asleep. ;D

    CHRISTINA: You could've just made up a story like "I was making MacGyver explosives in this picture." lol

    ROB: Oh he has seen it and he was like "I'm hot when I sleep, don't you think?" Yeah, he didn't care.

    ANOTHER DAVID: Well, I might share a few way worse pranks that I've managed to get away with over the past years. lol


  7. oh hi! Just read this post so I will have to do this tomorrow because of course I wrote my post today about the Oscars! :-)

    Now to figure out what picture to use....

  8. haha, cute prank! i'm going to take my time with this one because i don't actually have any photo albums on my computer. i store all my photos on discs which are packed away. guess i will just randomly select one to try this later then.

  9. that's a great idea!!! how many beds are in that hotel room anyway?!?

    love love love the site, btw.

  10. RACHEL: I can't wait to see which picture you'd end up using.

    CONNIE: I used the first photo folder on my facebook account. ;D

    LAUREN: Ooooh thank you. The beds in the hotel room, 6! For all of us. But we didn't use it because we spent the nights making fun of one another.