Saturday, April 30, 2011

My brain is rude but stabbing is awesome. This title will make sense later. Maybe.

I stayed up late again to write something for you guys. Because you, Internet buddies, are awesome.

It's been like what? A month since I gave you an awesome-ish blog post and guess what? My brain is being kind of a brat.

I was asking super nicely, like the sweet little me, for a topic and my brain was like:

So I gave Brain the puppy dog eyes.

Disappointment ensued.

Super rude. Brain? You have an attitude problem. Just saying.

So anyway, since my brain hasn't been very cooperative these past few weeks, I decided to try to draw some stuff first and TRY to come up with a story later.

Did I tell you two of my cousins came to visit? So we have a 9-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy in the house.

You're probably wondering why I had to tell you that.

It's because what you're about to see (or hear. No. Read?) has something to do with that very vital information.

I was minding my own business, trying to draw cartoons when these two kids decided to watch and ask a lot of questions. Can you imagine how hard it is to concentrate when there are kids yelling beside you, asking a lot of questions? Especially when Brain is being kind of villain-y.

First, Brain is being mean to me and then this?

This made me very, and I mean VERY, angry.

The solution?

I thought maybe, just maybe, if I stab something, it would make me feel better.

That would probably make me a cereal killer. Pretty bad ass.

Technically, this is still a blog post. With drawings. Winning!

Take that, Brain!

Also? Fuck you for being stingy.





    Lord, do I love you.

  2. <3 ha ha ha ha ha! yay for you being back..! and yay for the death of cereal!

  3. bwahahahahahahahaha.

    cereal killer.... u are so awesome.

  4. This is your most violent post ever.

    I love it!! ;-)

  5. hahaha u knw u'r one of my favorite bloggers right? :p
    And this is still an awesome post..take that gnetch's brain!,lol

  6. Just ran across your blog and I LOVE your drawings! You should illustrate your own children's book! LOL

  7. Lol! This must be in the Best of Gnetchy CD, when it comes out :P

  8. Hello. I love your blog and I laughed a lot reading it. Bad brain, huh?! No topics, super rude, being a real attitude-problem giving trouble maker....hahaha. Good post! :)

  9. Hello. I love your blog. Bad brain, eh? Super rude, bratty, disobedient and trouble making! Good post. :)

  10. That first pic of your grouchy brain seriously made me LOL! And I don't use that term lightly. In my mind, your brain has a very growly voice.

  11. @Carol: Thank you!!!

    @Nicki: I love you more!!

    @Ty: Thanks! I'm such a cereal killer, I know!! :p

    @Ratzy: Thank you!!

    @Jay: Ha! I know, right?

    @Kitkat: Thank you so much!!!

    @Ashton: Right?

    @Heather: Hahaha. I would so like to do that!!

    @Nino: CD? That's not a bad idea.

    @bjbohls: Thanks!!

    @Woody: You're right! My brain has a growly voice!!

  12. I love that you have a category for "I have issues." I think all of my posts would have that tag if I used that though...

    You have some funny cartoons. Have you ever thought about compiling them and submitting to a syndicate?

    I hate it when my brain runs out of ideas... I usually just have to take a walk and shit starts piling up. Then I can't remember everything I thought of while I was out...

  13. Way to take on your own brain! I always lose in those confrontations. And you with no actual fatalities! Mama's so proud. <3

  14. Gnetch do you need a hug.....or better yet a flamethrower