Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I have something to announce.

But first, remember when I offered Justin Bieber's decapitated head to the Internet gods just so they would be nicer to me? Apparently, Bieber's head is not enough! My Internet connection is being such an ass again. It takes forever to load my post editor (Yes. This post editor).

I've explained everything here.

But since I know that you don't really click on the links I give you (HAHA!), I'll give you a short explanation.

Basically, this is what my post editor looks like using Chrome.

This is what it looks like using Firefox.

And finally, this is what it looks like right now:

What Internet Gods? Do I have to hunt Ke$ha now and offer her head to you as a sacrifice? You have weird tastes! But who am I to judge?

So anyway, on to my IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Awesome Lynn from Thoughts of a Randomista invited me to guest post. So you'll see me there. Hey, I told you I'm sort of a big deal. Okay, not really. She's just kinda busy with stuff. I sent her an old post because I'm kinda having some sort of a writer's block  (I am so sorry).

So! You'll find my post at Thoughts of A Randomista. HERE.

If you're a new reader, you probably haven't read it. If you've been with me since the very beginning, you probably have read that post. But still. Support me. Please? Let's pretend I'm really a big deal kinda blogger. Post a comment there as if it's the first time you've read it. WHAT?!

You don't want me to get mad, do you?
See? I'm recycling my drawings now. Dammit.
I just want to say that this post may be short but it's kinda hard to write because I can't see the post editor toolbar. Sucks, I know. Life is a bitch.

Anyway, again, I'm HERE. And please support her too. Her blog is one of the awesomest!!!


  1. I really miss you and your post. The internet Gods must have been angry with me too cause I have the same scenario when trying to write which made me decide not to write... and because of that, I'll just search for a nice air promo so we could travel....what do you think?

    and oh.....don't forget to bring that hammer okay....i so kinda love that and maybe you could let me borrow it for a while.. :)

  2. Congrats! Sounds awesome. You know, you should guest post on Heckle some time. You are always more than welcome to post on my site!

  3. @Sey: So it's not my Internet then? There's probably a problem with Blogger. I'm so excited about our travel. And YES, I am so gonna bring a hammer just in case I run into that psycho ex of my exfriend. Haha.

    @Heckle: Thank you! Oh! I totally would love to! I'm just kinda brain-dead at the moment. Please give me a badass topic. PLEASE!!!

  4. RAH!

    I think Google is indeed on the fritz, starting last night my Friend Connect widget isn't loading. :/ It's just a blank box.

  5. A badass topic? One word: Bieber. ;P

  6. My Google was acting weird too! It's like when you lose your phone. Or your keys. Which is happening to me right now: NO KEYS. But I digress. Google going out makes me realize just how dependent I am on my day-to-day Google interactions. Damn you, Google. Damn you and your internet monopoly!

  7. I have gone over and commented on your guest posting gig as you requested. I wasn't going to, but I was afraid you would ninja kick me in the balls if I didn't.

  8. blog more often please!!! :/
    i read ur post on TOAR's blog and loved it!..maybe u shld write ur posts using ms word then copy and paste on your blog to solve the post editor problem lol :)

  9. Gnetchy...It's all Blogger.
    Yes, I have a new blog.
    Why, because I get bored easily...LOL!
    Seriously, Blogger has been having issues lately.

    As always ,good job on the pic's you little dork.

  10. it's one of those times. i get it too...a lot! that's why i prefer to blog at the office than at home coz the internet is way too fast in the office. just don't tell my boss, okay? i do it during lunch break anyway.

  11. well... in my case... I can't give comment in any post here in bloggers.. I dont know.. if I am in my house... arghhh... my internet is very slow... thats why every thursday and friday... i dont have any comments... becuase it's my rest day... ehehhe...

  12. YOU ARE A BIG DEAL BLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at all of your followers!!!!! Do I need to remind you I only have 14. Hahahahahaha :0p Key $sign Ha would be a good offering. Don't forget Kristin Stewart as well ;0p

  13. It's not the internet gods it's Skynet that you have to worry about which is why your connection sucks right now. Their getting ready to send a Beiber look alike Terminator to finish you off with crappy annoying music.

  14. I think it's *puts on sunglasses* Horatio behind all these!
    My blogger does not show which bloggs I follow (or says I don't follow any).It's been going on for 2 months.
    Internet gods are against Geminis in my opinion.

  15. @Remy: It kinda scared me. I thought I did something wrong to my computer. Haha.

    @Heckle: Okay. I'm gonna write something about the Biebs. :)

    @Nicki: Right? I am kinda Google dependent too. And it's bad. Really bad.

    @Jay: Thank you!!! And I'm not gonna ninja kick you anywhere. Of course not!!! *avoids eye contact*

    @Kitkat: Thanks so much. I wish I could blog more often too. My brain is just not working that well that often. Haha.

    @Alice X: Yeah. It's annoying.

    @Jan: I can't blog in the office. :( It's blocked.

    @Musingan: Hehe. So you read blogs at work too, like Jan?

    @Ty: I am?? Aw... Haha. I am so gonna offer Kristin Stewart's head next time.

    @Wolf: Hahaha. It's gonna be a catastrophe.

    @Ria: I kinda thought he had something to do with this too. He's gonna regret this!!! :p

  16. Thought you were gonna announce that during one of your drunken stupors, you got knocked up. Now I'm really disappointed.

  17. Found your blog today as I was perusing the "blogs of note"...I'm glad but also mad because now I'm hooked and want to read all of your past posts but I'm a teacher and a mom so I don't have time and did I mention I teach Language Arts? :) BTW, I never use reverse emoticons, but if I did, I would probably stop immediately after reading your post! I don't have a blog, but my son recently started his, so if you're in the mood, check it out: