Monday, September 13, 2010

The Internet Gods are being assholes so I'm making a sacrifice for them to treat me nicely

I think-- No. I'm SURE there are some issues between me and the Internet Gods. Every time I try to do something VERY important like stalking reading blogs, it gives me this:

That's my Internet connection. Most of the time, especially when I watch YouTube videos, it stops and asks me to wait!!

Wait? You're asking me to wait? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!!

So forgive me guys if I miss some of your posts or fail to comment back. These fuckers think I'm such a loser and they are giving me a hard time loading your pages. But I'm trying my best to catch up. I'm dedicated like that.

What the fuck are you smoking, Internet Gods???

You have got to be smoking something. I don't deserve this kind of treatment because *I* am such an angel (DON'T. EVEN. THINK. ABOUT DISAGREEING)!

Who the hell do you think you are, treating me like this? My brother and I pay the bills MONTHLY and we split 50-50 but you're not being fair to me! You're nice to him but not to me???

What do you want me to do? Do I have to make a sacrifice? Do you want Horatio Caine's NAKED BODY? I will totally give you that!!! But seriously, ew!!!

I'll even give you Justin Bieber's head if you really, really, really want it. I'll give it to you. Even if I get more death threats from his fans on Twitter (like, more than I used to get...?)!!! I'll take it. Just treat me right!

I'm sorry about the pink background. It just looks good on her him.

P.S: I would like to thank EVERYONE who participated in the Vodka/Ice Cream Party. You guys are so awesome, you make my heart jump out of my mouth!! I have updated it 5 times so to anyone who hasn't seen the late comers, go HERE.


  1. Hahaha.... Poor Justin Bieber... Your drawings are amazing gal.. I enjoy reading your posts every single time... and i am sure that i am never going to start a woe with you ;-)

    Love ya

  2. Life's a bitch and internet connives with it MOST OF THE TIME hahaha! And oh! I'm not sure if the internet gods will be PLEASED or PISSED with bieber's head.

  3. Noo... don't give them Justin's head, they will get even more angry with you...:P

    Maybe there is a internet dance like the rain dance to please the internet Gods ain't it? :P

  4. I know all the Beiber fans will hate you for offering the internet gods his/her/it's head but I'm sure there are more who will love you for it. If they try something just point me in the right direction and I'll cut those bitches for you.....becuase I care :)

  5. oh my! is it Sun Broadband?

    thats my company. lolz

  6. Haha! Those "gods" they're like into some cult. Your drawing of them made me giggle, with those finger signs and the exposed nipples hehe

  7. OH MY GOD! I just wrote a massive comment about how they hate me too, and how I had to dance around my laptop and beat myself with a USB cable to appease the internet gods,and when I click publish the page timed out. They're watching us Gnetch. They're watching us.

  8. Internet explorer and firefox gods have turned against me but they loe blogger...
    Google Chrome has turned against blogger but great otherwise...
    Youtube is killing me when it's taking its time...aaaargh!
    Can't wait for the next party!

  9. I remember the time i used to connect through USB modem too, man it's a sucker! That's exactly what it do to me. My advice try the monthly connection of smart like the one i'm using.

    Nice drawings too hahaha! You really is the best Gnetch so don't let the internet get you okay?

    P.S. sorry if i wasn't able to join your vodka/ice cream party. My life is a wrecked the past weeks because of work.

  10. I missed you online recently. You're one of the few people, who crack me up constantly or make my cheeks warm with their cute comments. Oh, btw, I RTed your photo of Bieber, it's awesome! :D

    Here's the link:

    Spread the bieberhead! :P

  11. You're artwork is amazing :D Also,Sacrificing bieber would not help your case AT ALL.LOL I have been teasing a friend on facebook since she let slip yesterday that she likes bieber. I was like omfg...might have over done a little. ;)

    Also(and this is I guess the first thing I should have said)my internet gods hate me too.Maybe it's because I overwork them :D

  12. Gotta be honest, I've never had a problem with chrome. It's worked like a charm ever since firefox started flaking out on me.

  13. I couldn’t blog last week because of my boyfriends internet. It sucks!! It might actually be his computer because it happens whereever we go. I felt so lost without blogging and now all my stories are gonna suck because its been a week since they happened and I am starting to forget about them. I wish I could have taken part in your vodka and ice cream party thing. I love ice cream and I ate enough of it this week. However, there are no pictures of my face with the ice cream.. just pictures of the ice cream itself.

  14. Ratzy- Aw, thank you!!! ♥

    Jan- I'm sure they will love it. They love The Biebs!

    Sid- I'll have to TRY to learn that internet dance.

    Wolfy- Ha! I know you care because if not, I will give you its head!!! Haha!

    Midnight Driver- Haha! I tried to protect the name of my internet provider and you revealed it!

    I'm No Miss- Their nipples are exposed?? Oh these pornstar wannabes!! (I'm glad I amused you.)

    Tbr- I knew it!!! They might have something against us. Just be patient. We ARE gonna get them.

    Ria- Yes!!! Team Asian will organize another party soon. Be ready! Also, I think my internet provider works better with Firefox. Sometimes.

    Mitch- Thanks. And you can join next time.

    MKL- Aw, that's so nice of you!! And I saw you tweeted Justin Bieber!!! I saw that!!!

    Sweta- Thanks dear! Yes, I saw your status on Facebook about your friend. Haha.

    David- Good for you. It probably depends on the internet provider. Mine is just a suckass.

    Stephanie- Your stories are amazing, girl. You won't suck even if your internet does. And we will have another party soon. I will let you guys know.

    Maxy- Yes. It's a constant battle between me and the internet gods.

  15. The internet gods hate you even more when you try to share wirless with 6 people....all students so we're online 24/7

    awesome blog, even better doodles!

  16. LOL omg wonderful. That happens for me after midnight - I try to watch anything on youtube and those circles swirl every 3 seconds or so! I hate it! The most annoying circles in the world! :) xxx

  17. Down with the Bieber!!! I will pray to the mighty Gods TimeWarner and Comcast to get your interwebs back up.

  18. @Gneth: Because i worked in Sun Cellular. Sisiraan ko ang company ko. lolz

  19. I actually kind of like the pink background. I'm going to use it next time I need to present someone's head to someone else. I bet Salome would approve.

  20. major lols... will I ever come here and read a happy post??haha Just kidding! Kind of :P I don't think the internet gods want that sacrifice you gave them.. I think they are so bored with him! Maybe that's why that hate you. Because you are adding to the Bieber mention pile big time! haha

  21. I think the internet Gods love your brother or maybe they have a crush on him. Poor Bieber, that might be the reason why the God's doesn't permit you to read the blogs, they don't want Bieber! hahaha! The pink background jive with the head.

  22. Hmmm how about team Asian and team Greek co-organise the next party?
    We'll bring the food! :p

  23. It sounds like time to kick some internet ass!!!!!

    That shit is UN-fucking-acceptable!

  24. An even better title for this would have been "The 'Internet' Gods Must Be Crazy" after that really old (like early 80s I think) movie about the African guy with the Coke bottle or something. I dunno. I haven't seen it in forever.

    But seriously, I'm sorry your internet is being suckish to you.

    We should kill and sacrifice Justin Bieber, I agree. Let me know if you need help... I NEED to help you kill him, Gnetch. It's on my bucket list.

  25. Sara- Thanks, Sara! :)

    Debbie- Yes! Every 3 seconds!!! It's so annoying, I can't finish watching anything!

    Bear Monk- I need a lot of prayers. Haha.

    Sadako- Pink looks good on him, right? And Salome wouldn't mind I guess. She has to adapt to today's trend.

    Carina- This is a happy post!!! Haha. Well, you have a point. I'm actually shocked you haven't received any Bieber fan threats on Twitter yet.

    Sey- They have to accept The Biebs!!

    Ria- That's actually a very awesome idea!

    CB- Totally unfuckingacceptable!!!

    Christina- Shhh... Don't say it out loud. You don't want to get in trouble.

  26. Gnetch those illustrations are sooooo cute. You would not have been able to do those illustrations had your internet connection been perfect. Hehehehehe. But seriously, I do hope your net connection gets better. Have a great weekend dear!

  27. Mel- I hope it gets better too. It works fine at dawn (imagine that) but from 9 am to 2 pm, which is my internet time, it doesn't.