Sunday, August 15, 2010

Well, I might have to start swearing less on Twitter because...

I don't really say "fuck" all that much on Twitter, though I do say it from time to time. But I think I have to stop. Wanna know why?

Here are the reasons:
  1. It's not too proper because I'm princessy and too girly
  2. Some people are bothered so much by the word "fuck" that their ears bleed at the sound of it and it might cause them to die.
  3. Because I found out that a 12-year-old, very adorable, talented boy is following me.
Ask me who. Don't be shy. It's okay.

Okay, ready? It's Greyson Chance.


And it is a verified account.

When I got that E-mail from Twitter, I was like, "OMG, my dream son!"

Also? It's just awesome that he's following me, along with super famous people like Ellen DeGeneres, Lady Gaga, and some random Bieber fans.

Wait. That was disturbing in so many levels. Please delete that last one from your memory.

*Clears throat*

Anyway, going back to my topic, I think I should stop cussing on Twitter because of the valid reasons I listed above. I really don't want to be the bad influence on this little boy. I don't want him to grow up arrogant and cocky like-- you know... *cough Bieber cough*.

Isn't he a cute little monster? I mean, Greyson? He's so cute I want to adopt him and keep him in my pocket or something.

Which brings me to a theory.

I have a feeling that I AM his real mom. I know he's 12. So? I probably conceived him when I was like 15. I just forgot about it. It is easy to forget you got knocked up. I mean, 9 months of carrying something in your belly is not that hard to forget.

And look, we have this undeniable resemblance.


See? We have the same... uhm.. knees!! Look!

And I believe that fate wanted us to find each other on Twitter. 

But... If I had him when I was 15, then I probably conceived him through immaculate conception.

And if that is true, there's no need to worry about 2012, people!!!

Okay. I'll stop right there.

P.S.  Greyson, I'm just joking. Don't leave your mom. She's your real mom. 


Oh, hey guys, wanna see my mug shot when I murdered my hair? It's already here. But comment on this post first. Then you can comment AGAIN over there!!!


  1. Okay my mind is in the gutter today becuase I could have sworn the title of this post said "I might have to start wearing less" when I saw it on my blog roll.

    Which also reminds me I should never go online until I'm fully awake

  2. You're so famous now that you have famous people following you on Twitter? You suck.

    But in the good way that makes me love you and love to make fun of you. :D

    You know I'm just joking. Random hug.

  3. Wolf: Oh fuckity fuck!!! It took me a long time to think of that title!!! I should have stuck on the first one that came to my mind.

    But on second thought, I think this one's more eye catching.

    Christina: If I get famous, I'll have David Caruso follow you on Twitter.

    Oh wait... LOL

  4. Oh hey look at that, you're 1 out of 74k! :P

  5. Oh my he's my second cousin? Madness.

    By the way, thank you for your reassurance above about not having to worry about 2012. At least I assume I'm included?

  6. Richard: Totally!!! Don't you think I'd be this honored that he's following only 74,000 people and I'm one of them? (read: sarcasm) Bahahaha!!

    TbR: If he's really my son, he's probably, like, your nephew. So we're like totally gonna be famous one day my dear cousin.

  7. Yeah you better stop saying f**k now.... i mean you have a son... Gosh.. he is cute... and well you are right... your knees match... :-D

    and Gnetchy Gnetch... Your hair... Ahem! i dont know what to say.... well... Ahem...

    haha... just kidding.. u are looking good... and mission accomplished... still can see ur angry asian face so i guess that is enough.. Muah.. xoxo

  8. Haha.. how cool. I discovered Greyson like a month ago, cuz someone linked his video of Paparazzi from Lady Gaga. That gave me goosebumps :) He's really talented an awesome unlike Bustin Jieber :) *runs and hides

    Oh, well, a well places curse here and there is ok. Some people curse in every sentence, that would probably make Greyson unfollow you. :P I like your style, keep it up!

  9. Didnt know about Greyson. But wow u r really famous now...Congratualtions! Keep going without using too much F*** ;-)

    That boy is really so sweet.

  10. I have decided I love your content, and will follow as soon as technology allows me to. (I'm on my BlackBerry, and it does allow me such capabilities.)

  11. Hahahahahahahaha! This was so nice to wake up to.

    How come you get a cute little 12-year old follower and I get weird people talking about Viagra who unfollow the next day??

    Must start cussing more...

  12. hahaha! the boy's damn cute. i probably live in the cave coz i don't have the slightest clue who the hell is he?

  13. hahaha! the boy's damn cute. i probably live in the cave coz i don't have the slightest clue who the hell is he?

  14. I think it's awesome that you're famous enough to have famous followers. If twitter didn't annoy me I would make you even more famous by following you.

  15. Hate to say it, but the kid kinda looks like Bieber. Sorry :(

  16. omg you're so famous! :D Also,I live in the cave with Janjan,so noo idea who he is.yikes :D
    Lady Gaga follows're FABULOUS :D

  17. What an adorable boy he cute and the resemblance on the knees, yay , so true.

    Congratulations dude! Don't forget us when you reach Hollywood. I'll miss your "f**k" words.

  18. I used to swear a decent amount of time on facebook but then my mom friended me and saw and she was not impressed. haha so that how I stopped swearing on facebook since I do not have a stop swearing on twitter story. That boy is soo adorable too btw

  19. Immaculate conception makes sense. But damn. That means that now I have to go out and get a sticker of your haloed silhouette and slap it on the back window of my car, just below the arcing sticker of my family name...Hernandez Gonzales Martinez Ortiz

  20. Ratz: I will try. But just on Twitter. HAHAHA. And thank you for saying something nice about my hair. :p

    Nino: He's so cute, right? I only appreciated that song when HE sang it.

    Meg: He is a cute little singer/song writer and he plays the piano. Fucking awesome, right? Oops! :p

    Tina: THANKS so much Tina!

    General Jinjur: This is our little secret but I followed him first. He followed back the next day. Shhhh... Don't tell anyone. Wahahaha. And about that Viagra thingy, I think I was followed and unfollowed by them too. Some even offer penis enlargement. I think they missed that little detail that we are girls.

    Jan: OMG, I will send you a video of him when I get home. You will totally be convinced that he's my son. HAHA.

    Ashton: If you have Twitter and followed me, I'd be more famous than Obama. I think.

    David: Oh no you di-in't!!

    Sweta: Okay, okay, I'll send you a video too!! Haha. And no, Gaga is not following me. Greyson is following Gaga, Ellen, and me. (*whispers* And other random Bieber fans.)

    Sey: Oh, I was being sarcastic when I said I'll stop saying it! But he is adorable, right?

    Stephanie: I'm kinda having a withdrawal syndrome at the moment. Hard to keep my "stop saying fuck on Twitter" promise but I'm trying. And I'm kidding.

  21. Well you awesome slut!!!! Holy shit... I'm a little happy that he isn'r following me though! I HATE having to feel responsible for corrupting the youth of America!

    Love you bitch!

  22. Wow! That boy is so wickedly talented just like you Gnetchy! Hmmm, yeah from now on you should stop swearing for the sake of that very cute son of yours hehehe.

    Yay! You are sooo famous now congrats!!! Well, i didn't have a doubt that you will be. :D

  23. Los Schoenys: Yes, exactly. HAHA. I'll have some stickers printed and sent to you. Make sure you place it right below your family name where everyone can see. Wait, that's too long. :D

    CB: Have you seen how much he has affected my tweets??? OMG! I'm starting to be responsible!

    I love you too, bitch!!! :/

    Mitch: Aw, thanks!! I know, right?? And he's the cutest thing ever!

  24. that's your son, for sure. with his Bieber hair. i thought you'd be a better parent than to let him do that to himself, but i was wrong (for the fifth time, ever). there are worse things than swearing, you know.

  25. hahaha that's cool he's following you!! :)

    lol on that knee resemblance!! :)

  26. Big Show: We're poor so I allowed him to grow his hair like that. Haircuts are expensive. :P

    Hotcakes: Our knees look alike, right? *crosses fingers*

  27. Wohoo that's great! He is super cute :) You mjust be excited! I was super excited when I discovered Heidi and Spencer followed me. And this week Angelina from Jersey Shore to... jippi! And although I have't notice you swearing much on twitter, (although I have noticed in your posts :P) it's good to cut back.. Personally, when I hear or read swearing I think the person is immature. Also, language is so rich, so swearing a lot is only a sign of low vocabulary. Having a small vocabulary is a sign of less intelligence, and I on't know about you but I would hate for people to think I was stupid. Hope you don't take offend, I only dare write this cause we're bloggy friends and twitter buds ;)