Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometimes, I fuck life up and life kinda gets back at me. Oh, and I have a surprise!!

I just realized, sometimes, I suck. For instance, last night, while I was seriously focused on my job as I've always been (hi, bosses at work!), I had a few awesome blog ideas that made me go, "YES! I'll have a blog post for tomorrow." And then by the time I got home the next day, I was like, "Wait. What was I going to blog about?"

Okay, I don't really say, "YES!" like that but I think it makes the sentence more-- Well, I don't really know why I had to write it like that.

Anyway, here's another example. This is pretty deep. Like you totally won't believe I'd be this deep because as you may all know, I'm not the kind of person who takes everything seriously unless necessary but that's me so it's not gonna change.

Well? Are you ready to hear it?
I ruined my nail polish!

See? That's a TOTAL disaster! I just had my nails done last Sunday and come Tuesday, on my commute to work, I noticed the polish on my index finger was gone!!! Completely gone. It was embarrassing! How come I didn't notice it while I was STILL at home??!!

That's an indication that I'm getting old vintage. I prefer vintage.

Still not convinced? Here's another one: About a month ago, my cell phone stopped working. It totally refused to turn on despite my desperate pleadings, blackmails, and death threats. What I did was I had it repaired. It got slightly fixed. The bad news is, according to the technician, the camera will no longer work. So remember when I said I cut my bangs and had to borrow my sister's camera? That was the reason.

So I ended up buying a digital camera instead. Using the money I have been saving for a laptop. (Dear life, Seriously???)

Since I suck at everything these past few weeks, the digital camera I just bought is not working like it supposedly should so I have to return it within 7 days to have it replaced. I have work! And that, my friends, is just super wrong. As wrong as when Rachel Zoe uses the word "literally."

Wanna hear another one? Yes, there IS another one!

But this one is not really like I fuck life up. This is more like life really fucks up with me. Like totally!!

The Dev got transferred to night shift. MY SHIFT!!!

So if you don't know The Dev because you're pretty new to my blog, I understand. That's why I linked it. But if you have been reading my shit for a long time and still don't know who The Dev is, then I guess you deserve to be strangled in your sleep.

I'm kidding.

Anyway. To make this a little fair (because I'm a good person) it is more quiet in the office these past few nights. The Dev and Mutant Supervisor don't get along so they don't talk. And since Mutant avoids getting The Dev's attention, she hasn't been as hyper and toxic as she normally is. So I guess it's good?

But frankly? Ew. No. No, no, no!!!

So all in all, for the past few days, I've been like this:

Look! I'm drawing again!

Possible captions:
• I so suck because I forgot to wear shoes and just wore mismatched socks instead.
• I so suck because I can't get my hands to reach each other.
• I so suck because I don't have fingers.
• I so suck because I don't know if that gray thing behind me is a ghost or smog.
• I so suck that I forgot to put nose on my face.


Anyway, about the surprise, look at this:

TYLA, SWETA, and I organized an Online Mandatory Ice Cream and Vodka Party!!! And all of you are invited. No. ALL OF YOU ARE ORDERED TO JOIN. All you have to do is send me pictures of you drinking vodka and/or eating ice cream. You can send it to any of us via e-mail or Facebook private message. All your pictures will be posted next week, August 28, 2010, and it's gonna be a super awesome party! So you have 1 week. Be fucking creative or we will kill you. Read the invitation. The details are pretty much there.

So there you go.



  1. Hola Gnetchy Gnetch,

    I guess your life is pretty f***ked up now... man.. it is like something is following you... u know... something...

    but i guess you will survive...,1700&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=701&vpy=110&dur=1679&hovh=179&hovw=282&tx=152&ty=71&ei=urtsTPjRA8GrcZ2t7YQB&oei=q7tsTLiMGc-dcbvO-V0&esq=4&page=4&ndsp=14&ved=1t:429,r:3,s:45&biw=1024&bih=675

    sending someone to help you.. take a look and it is not a spam or something.... Take care...


  2. That sounds like my life last week. Hang in there, friend!

    And I so wish I'd known about the ice cream thing yesterday. When I was eating ice cream. Boo!

  3. Sorry life's been so sucky to you lately! I'm sure it will pick up. And if not, those are some pretty sweet coloured socks you have there--that's got to bring a little joy!

    I'll see what I can do for this vodka & ice cream social. I've got the vodka...just have to grab the ice cream now.

  4. looking forward to more posts about the Dev.. lol \m/

  5.'re getting old what are you 22. Please when you wake up in the morning and can't move from arthritis then you're getting old.

    Apart from that I totally get what you're saying about life taking a dump on you, but don't worry I still think your awsome

  6. OMG! the vodka and ice cream party sounds FUUNNNN!!! I'm pretty sure I had a pic drinking vodka but lemme check first if I didn't look so WASTED or else i'm really dead.

  7. Literally? Rachel Zoe? Literally? She annoys the crap out of me.

    Best caption fothe cartoon is the last one - I suck because I forgot to put a nose on my face.

    I suck because yesterday was my first day off after nine days working and I did absolutely fucking nothing - no gym, no cleaning house, no laundry, no supermarket. I ate ice cream and napped with the dogs between Golden Girls reruns. Period.

  8. I'd been putting off ice cream since I was sick and you know you don't do dairy + sickness. But this sounds like a GREAT excuse for ice cream :)

  9. First of all, vodka and ice cream party? I'm so in. :)

    Secondly, *virtual hug* The Dev? Really? Well, we just can't have this now can we? That's it. I'm smuggling you into the US and getting you a job in the President's Cabinet. Lol.

  10. I've been studying chemistry for 10 hours a day for the past week.And to be honest I really don't get what the big deal is about the electrones lives, movements and losses.I don't caaaaare.Ha.Also check your fb inbox for 2 links about the party!
    Smile! :D

  11. I feel like ever since I started a blog I talk about it a lot. I see something happen like a bird poops on someone in the parking lot and I am look UGH that’s a perfect blog… and like you said I too forget about what I was going to blog about and it ends up not happening. Lately I have been writing at least the title down to remind me. That sucks about the nail polish. I totally relate to that. I don’t get my nails done a lot and when I do I get the French manicure. Well those chip within an hour of getting them done like EVERY time its such a waste of money.

  12. Ratz- Aw, that's a good picture!! Wahahaha!!!

    Ashton- Eat ice cream again. And vodka!!! And take pictures! COME ON!!!

    Ashley R.- Aw thanks. And yes please. Send me pictures, okay??

    Gessyl- Sure! Oh, are you gonna join the party?

    Wolf- WOLFY!!! You have to join my party. You can wear a mask if you want to stay anonymous! And thank you for saying I'm 22!! Haha.

    Jan- Send me your picture, girl!

    Brahm- She can be quite entertaining when you hear her say "literally." Like there was this one episode where she said, "I literally died." I laughed for hours!

    Em- Send me a pic or two!! Please... :)

    Christina- Pictures!!! And yes please. Whatever your plan is, I'm in.

    Ria- life really kinda sucks sometimes! Ugh! BTW, thanks for the pictures! I have 5 so far!!

    Stephanie Rose- That's a good idea. Only, I'm sometimes hesitant to log in on Blogger because I don't want to get caught. Also, about the nail polish, IT. WAS. EMBARRASSING. And yes, a total waste of money. :)

  13. Agree on the vodka/ice cream party. Sounds like the best parts of a kid's party combined with an adult's.

  14. Don't worry, we're getting "Vintage" too. hahaha! Even when life is getting it's way to go after you, I know you'll get your way at it too.

    I like the party but let me check too if I wouldn't look miserable at the picture (not a photogenic) a picture of the vodka accepted without me...LOL!!!

  15. :P yeah life suck....:D and that pic is cute...:P

  16. I prefer "vintage" as well... At least that's what I call the food that goes bad in the fridge... "This cheese isn't moldy! It's vintage."

    I called an old lady "vintage" once... She gave me a purple nurple that I'll never forget.

  17. i feel that i FAIL in life.


    ARGHHHH ruined nail polish gets into me too!!!!!! even the tiniest error gets into my head. even if im the only one who would notice it unless i mention it

    about blogging tho
    on some days.. that i get this thought and my mind just starts on making sentences and constructing paragraphs? I write it asap! like in a tissue paper or something.

    then when i get home and i have the time already i start retyping it. edit a thing or two but the thought is still there :)

  18. Oh my what a disaster Gnetchy! That would be the worst day of your life huh? Well, i know you can pull it off real good to something better. Just like that social event you have organized.

    Oh crap it's already the 24th and still got no picture of me with ice cream (yeah i don't drink so no vodka for me hehehe), if i could grab an ice cream then i will send it to you. I wouldn't wanna miss this kind of event especially if you are the host. It would definitely be an awesome event. ;D

  19. Sadako: I know, right?

    Sey: Send me the picture!!!

    Sid: Yeah, life sometimes does.

    Dr. Heckle: Totally! Vintage sounds more-- Uhm... expensive! You can also use it to the old lady's nurple. A vintage nurple! Awesome, I know!

    Hotcakes: I tried to do that but I'm the type of person who's too lazy to write. Typing seems easier to me.

    Mitch: More like month. And send me the picture already!!!

  20. Aww did you fix your cam?Cos I'm going to get some icecream TODAY haha.late enough[oops :P..but..but limp but le sigh] Also?I lost a nail digging at a fried chicken in kfc.I think I swallowed it.yikes.

  21. @Ratz: Ever heard about URL shorteners? ;)

    Gnetch, so much drama in your life, hehe. How to make it easier for you? I'll do anything except sending you a photo of me licking ice cream or sipping vodka :P