Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Not Unappreciative. I'm Just Forgetful.

For some reason, most of you have GUESSED that I have this huge plan of taking over the world. I don't know how you knew that. But anyway, since you have guessed it, there's no point in denying it.

Yes, that is my plan. And BBBF Crazy Brunette is also in on it. It's OUR plan, actually.

And since you know it already, fine! You're in.

But for those who are still doubtful of my awesomeness, well... here's more proof!


I'm No Miss gave me this award before she went on blog hiatus. So it has been like more than a month ago. I just forgot to post it. I did not intentionally ignore it. I swear!!! And Carina, she is a dear blog friend.

Three people think my blog is fucking sweet and if you disagree, you can get the hell out! See? I'm that sweet!

Do you really have the guts to disagree? No? Well, I didn't think so.

From Mishieru

Blog with substance! What did I tell you? With my great ideas and all, of course my blog has substance!

From Sami

From LaceyRee

Two Versatile Blogger Awards! One from Sami and another one from LaceyRee!!! You all know I'm versatile! I mean, I make you laugh, I send you death threats, I sometimes cuss, call people names, write awesome poems... The list goes on. I just haven't done a musical blog post but that's gonna happen soon.

Have you been to LaceyRee's blog? She's so good at drawing I thought she was a professional. But she said she's not. I don't believe her. She's so fucking good!!!


Thanks, guys!!! With these awards, I'm so ready for world domination!!!

So my complexion doesn't match on this picture. BLAME IT ON BAD LIGHTING!!! AND THAT'S AN ORDER!

But I curled my hair. See?

And I had to wear sunglasses because my eyes were puffy from all the flashes of TMZ's cameras. Those paparazzi just can't get enough of me!!! I just don't know why I don't get used to it.

Anyway, in a very unrelated news, Emily Jane is competing at Weddingbells.ca blogger search. 
"Voting will be JULY 6 – 27, 2010, and you can vote once, per email address, per day. All you need to do is register at Weddingbells.ca (you don’t need to be a bride, or getting married, or even interested in weddings!), and you will be able to sign in and vote at: http://Weddingbells.ca/bloggersearch." - Emily Jane
Well, actually, in order to register, you need to fill out a form in which you will be asked to write the name of your bride/groom-to-be. The fun part? You can think of any name! Well, I wrote Drew Fuller. Bite me! So Drew and I are gonna get married January next year. But he doesn't know it yet.

See that???

Check out this post for more details.

So! What are you waiting for? Register and vote for Em! Click that huge pink round button on my sidebar.


  1. I absolutely agree that you are awesome! Congrats on all those awards! Woohoo!

  2. congratulations to you and drew. cornwallace and i were thinking of getting married in january too. hows about we have a double wedding? just add a few more scoops of rice and i think we'll be able to accomodate both parties ....?

  3. oh and congrats on all the awards -- you totally deserve it girl <3

  4. Congrats on the awards you deffinitly deserve them. As for your plans of world domination I'm afraid I already have you beat. You see I am well on my way to taking over. I have already built a secret base inside a volcano, hired an army of goons for my bidding, and even have a couple sharks with laser beans attached to their forheads. Yes I even have my evil laugh down to perfection. Though I am currently looking for evil henchmen type people, the pay is good, hours are short, and theres even a dental plan. If interested send me your resume :)

  5. @The Wolf - Wait? You have DENTAL for your minions? I just gave them all some standard issue pliers and some vicodin.

    It's tough to compete in this market.

  6. Next year will be a busy one for you; getting married and winning the lottery around the same time. Happy days.

  7. You, and CB will never rule this world !
    Well unless I let you .
    Muhahahahahahaha !

  8. Gnetch I'm all 100% behind your back in this world denomination plan! Go go go! I'm sure you can make it.
    And congrats on your upcoming wedding hahaha!

  9. Better tell Drew before someone steal him away. Hahaha!

    Congrats on the awards!

  10. Your blog is f*cking sweet substance and you're Benny Hill-larious ;) You can be sure I'll give you an award next time, you rock :)

  11. Thanks for not forgetting the little people now that you're a huge star!!!

  12. 1. I ADORE your awards photo, haha :) Congrats, and 2. MASSIVE thank you for the shout out!! I love your registration :D

  13. U are totally outta ur brains Gnetchy.... and i love that!!!

  14. Congrats! your blog is really great.

  15. @The Wolf - I don't think I've ever tasted "laser beans" before. Sounds delicious.

    Gnetch, Taking over the world won't be easy, but you can do it. All you need is a pair of torn acid wash jeans, a shirt with the arms cut off, a mullet, aviator sunglasses, 2 packs of Go-gurt, a wheel of cheese, and a whoopee cushion.

    Don't ask me how they will come together, but they will some day and you'll thank me. Wait and see...

  16. @ Dr. Heckle dammit hit the n instead of m on that one...though I'm sure laser beans would give you the shits faster then the speed of light

  17. Uuuuum yes, so I'm thinking THE FIRST fuckers to go to the dungeon will be:

    & MAX

    I mean really???? Are they doubting US????

    WHAT THE FUCK is that shit???? We have a serious problem. We cannot allow these fuckers to rebel ALREADY!

    You know what? I have 900 awards, BUT I do not have the 'Blog with Substance' Do you think people are trying to tell me something????

    Maybe I should give myself the 'Superficial Slutty Bitch Blog' Award...

    I think I will.

    WOLF, Heckle, Max... You better grow eyes on the back of your head fuckers.


  18. yeah of course u are awesome!! congrats for the awars..
    and I will be waiting for the wedding invitation.. tell the groom soon pls.. lol!!

  19. Crap! I have some awards that have been given to me too and I have yet to post them. Yay for your awards though!

  20. Gnetchy, thanks for rocking my world again! You keep me smiling and you shouldn't stop writing or else my world would change. Okay the world is yours for domination, I'll support you.

    Congratulations on the awards! I like the picture and while writing effing comment I am still laughing.

    I also love the idea of the wedding registration. I want to do it!!!

  21. Okay bitches, I know you've been waiting for my reply to your comments and I know this is several days late. We just had a storm that cut my Internet connection at home. But look!!! I'm back! Let's start.

    Mel: Thanks, Mel.

    Tyla: Yes!!! Double wedding sounds awesome. But I need to convince Drew first to marry me. I need your help!

    Wolf: You can't beat us. Ever!!! We have already finished our secret missions. There's no way you can catch up with us. We're like a million steps ahead. But if you want, you can be our bitch.

    Margaret: Ha! It is tough. See? When I finally revealed my secret mission, everyone suddenly claims that they are going to dominate the world!!!

    Cousin TbR: Well, my plan of winning the lottery in 2011 was supposed to be our secret!!! But yes, next year is definitely going to be a busy year.

    Max Evel: How dare you doubt my ability to take over the world?!!! Just so you know, I have already taken over Mars!

    Jan: Thank you. You're invited to my wedding.

    Mitch: No one would dare steal Drew away or I will shave their heads!!!

    MKL: Awww... Thanks, Nino!!!

    Katherine: Ofcourse not! Haha.

    Em: Thank you. And you're welcome. Hope you win.

    Ratzy: Wow, nice new profile pic. Haha. Thanks, dear!

    Sadako: Thanks, girl!

    Dr. Heckle: I knew you love beans!!! Anyway, I made a checklist of those things you just mentioned. How can I dominate the world with a mullet?? No way. No, no, no!!! How about a mohawk?

    CB: We should TORTURE Wolf, Heckle, and Max until they learn to kiss our asses! Those rebels!!!

    I wasn't surprised to get the Blog With Substance award because I send people death threats just so I could get an award. DEATH. THREATS.

    Tann: Thanks, Tann. Yes, you're invited. :D

    Island Gal: Thanks.

    Random: Ha! You've got to post them soon or else...

    Sey: Aw, that's so sweet of you!! Thank you! And you can definitely register so you can vote for Em! Who would you want to marry????

  22. Mars........Gnetch you couldn't take over a wet paper bag let alone a planet, and to let you know I've been working on my plans since I was 5 which was probably before you were born. There is no way I'm going to let you and someone who could possibly reek of cabbage take over.........this is my world bitches MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...I mean tee hee.

  23. Sweetie pie, sugar lumps, el tardo.
    I say this with much love.
    You can't win !
    You will be my puppet.
    Huggie Farts to you with lots of squeezing involved .

  24. Ugh! I'm always late like this and I hate that I don't get included in your first list of replies..

    I think I really should have that RSS feed on my sidebar. I am just tooo lazy to do that. I'd have to go to Mitch's site and check her RSS everytime, I know I'm pathetic haha!

    Well Gnetch, when you rule the world, NEVER forget about me and my family. Okay?

  25. Control of the world? Who wants that kind of burden?

    I would be blissfully happy with control over the hardness of my nipples...

  26. Wolf: A wet paper bag?? I have my minions to do that for me. Don't judge me!! I might be older than you, for all you know. I'm immortal. Did you just say that CB reeks of cabbage? Oh Wolfy, say goodbye to life. Bwahahahahaha....

    Max Evel: You can never stop me!! Never!!!

    I'm No Miss: Why? Am I not on your reader or your dashboard? That's too bad!

    Dr. Heckle: I don't see it as a burden. It's more like a power. Wait and see. When I rule the world, men will no longer have nipples!

  27. As if you need more awards. :P Just kidding. I'd give you all the awards if I could. :)