Sunday, December 25, 2011

*UPDATED!!!* (Now with pictures) Drunken Post - Christmas Edition

I can't think of a more appropriate title. Sooo yeah.

I don't know but it seems like the 2011 has been more of an asshole than 2010. At least for me. Don't judge. Yeah. Could' you not wdo that please?

Okay. Gotta adimt, there's really not much to talk about right now. I think I should just describe what's happening around me right now.

It's dark.

I'ts 3:51 a.m.

My mom's snoring. I can totally hear it. SHUT IT MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

OKay. I don't think tthis is going nowhere. This is pretty much just a waste of blogging space.

I hate it when people mispronounce my name. Or when they decide what name suits you best and start calling you that. Like Janet. I AM NOT JANET!!!

The fuck?

Wait. You know whatt? I'm gonna rant.

At the beginning of the year, I was like this:

Yeah. I can't get my drawing right but that's pretty much the thought.
But it turned out that 2011 is more of an asshole than 2010.

So here's to you, 2011:

Okay. So I drew something where I'm flipping 2011 off and welcoming (threatening) 2012 but Blogger is being an ass and won't uploa it.

2011 has been such a sucky year!!! I went through all the -lessnesses and such. So yeah.

If 2012 isn't nice, I'll introduce it to this guy over here:

Wait. I forgot I can't upload. Dammit.


Nope. it won't uploda.

Maybe I'll update this post tomorrow and upload the pictures.

I love you.

So how about resolutions? Have any?

I don't. I don't even have a bucket list.

But I decided to list a few right now. Things that are easier to accomplish. Because wishing for the ipmossible will only make you dissapointed. Also, I don't watn to pressure myself. So yeah.

So here it is.

1. Type this. - Check.
2. Pause to think what to write next. - CHeck.
3. Have an honest, deep conversation with someone.
4. Yawn five times in a row. - Check.
5. Pretend not to give a fuck. - Check.
6. Kill the red ant that's sexually molesting my back. - Check.
7. Get a new job.
8. Pause again to think what to write for numebr 8. - Check.
9. Chill the fuck out.
10. Think of the 10th item on my list - Check.

So there you go! I thiink I'm doing great. So far, I've accomplished 7 out of 10! Hell yeah, mother fuckres!!!



So I'm just posting the pictures. The pictures that won't "uploda".

Nope, I'm not gonna edit the typos and other spelling errors. Ha!

This is me flipping 2011 off. And yes, I thought I had to explain my drawings. Hey, I was drunk!

This is me welcoming/threatening 2012.
So apparently, I threatened 2012 that he will be introduced to Apocalypse if he decides to suck.
Wow, I just did that? Dayum!


  1. merry christmas girl! your bucket list is actually a good start haha! keep that up.

  2. 2011 was a total dick.

    I'll have an honest deep conversation with you sometime so you can check that one off your list.

    Merry Christmas

  3. I know, right? I'm having what you're having but I had it over on my blog and it's like 4 hours earlier and my mom's not snoring cuz she's been in Heaven for 40 years but other than that - Merry Champagne er....I mean Christmas. The Merry part. Yup!

  4. lots of typos and spelling errors. probably because of being drunk.

  5. oh god, so true! I find my 2010 was bad and 2011 is even worse. I wish 2012 let me be happier.

    At least like this

  6. @Gia - Merry Christmas!!

    @Jan - Thanks girl!!!

    @Jay- Yay! That would be awesome!

    @Middle Child - Drunk blogging FTW, right??

    @Sami - Yup! And I didn't edit it today! Hey, I'm honest! Or something.

    @Ainun - Right? 2011 was the worst!

  7. hahahahhaahahhaahahahahaha
    I love ur sense of humor and sarcasm! hahaa awesome. And ur mum's snores remind me of my dad's snores. The man roars in his sleep! And they are really loud. Can always hear 'em in all the other rooms.

  8. This is why I don't mix alcohol and my blog. But I must say I was impressed with your drunk spelling skills. I didn't have to guess at what words were supposed to be!

  9. 2011 wasn't my year too.

    I don't have a new year's resolution. I am not a good follower. I always suck BIG TIME with resolutions. But I tried to make a bucketlist -which I totally forgot I have one until I read your post.

    Good luck with #7

  10. lmao! Seriously, your blog posts always make me laugh my ass off.

    You = Awesome

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  12. @Anna - Thank you!!! My mom's snoring gets really loud too, sometimes!!

    @Ash - Haha! Thank you. I took 5 hours writing this. :p

    @Sey - Yup. 2011 was an asshole. Hope 2012 is better. And thanks.

    @Shantelle - Thank you!! That means a lot! Really means a lot. :)

  13. Hahahahaha I loved this!

    I can't believe I just found your blog, because I think we might be kindred spirits.

  14. Good thing we're all going to die this year. ;)

  15. The world shall be mine this year, and you can have the scraps !
    Muhahahahahaha !

  16. The red ant sexually molesting your back cracked me up! And yeah, Blogger's kind of an ass when it comes to uploa'ing pics sometimes.

  17. Why, why,WHYYYYYYYYY have I not seen this one? Stupid blogger! Stupid! Woman, make a bloglovin account. I've also subbed via email. Which I thought I already was.
    Yawn five times in a row. -I can't do this. I can sneeze 10 times in a row though. Unless someone talks to me. In which case I cannot sneeze at all.
    2011 was the year of "what was I thinking". If 2012 is the same or worse, I'll help you send it where it came from. Ha!

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