Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sexy Time (May or may not involve flashing. Oh, and other sexy things.)

There's probably some weird rumor going on around the net about me. Like, I think people are saying I'm a dude.



Oh, you want proof???

So I had to blur my other E-mail address because I use this one for professional things. I know, right?

I've also been getting spams from pimps asking me to learn about the "closed itches of my horny girlfriend" and "meet plennyy of ladiez."

Closed itches? Ew.


I can't even...

But thank you for making me feel less stupid about my typos, asshole.

FYI, spammers?

I'M A GIRL OKAY?!!!! Do I have to remind you every time???

So what? Should I dress like a guy now so it's not so weird for you? Because I'm totally thinking about your feelings here.

Do you like my moustache???

How about my Bieber hair???

Oh yeah, and that dude behind me is totally jealous.

Should I start dressing like this?
I look totally cute as a guy.
And do I have to get to know porn stars by name now?

I'm so hot when I'm angry. Those teeth! Dang!
See that censored picture? 


Got it?

Also, Google (and other search engines) my blog is not a porn site, remember?

Stop leading people here when they are looking for porn sites!!!

The blue ones are from Google Analytics. The green ones are from StatCounter.

Okay. I take that back. I kind of love these search keywords. Honestly. That's why I keep reviewing them. I mean, is there any other blog that attracts a person who looks for nude frontal pictures of Danny Devito? None!!!

I'm kind of expecting more perverted keywords after this post.

So share your search keywords! Make everyone laugh.

So I'm not really THAT angry. I'm just, you know. Overdramatic. And bored. Soooo...


  1. I swear the Megan Fox thing was not me. Also, I've thought of spamming the spammers back, and FWing stuff to them. But then I'm too bored to.

    ps.My spammers send me things about Mormon dating, Christian dating, Maid services, Cleaning ladies, Cheap cruises, Nursing opportunities and the list can go on.

  2. I have had an absurd amount of spam saying "Christmas is coming" as the subject and then being about discount viagra and cialis. On all three of my email accounts. Like 20 each. And I'm also a female. And why do spammers have such bad grammar and spelling? They're making themselves look bad, or worse, I guess.

  3. That Bieber hair is just too sexy for words. *right click - save*

    Oh yeah baby! ;-p


  4. Hahahah. Spam thinks I'm a boy too. I figure either
    A. They assume everyone is a boy, cuz there's no girl equivalent to viagra or "finding sexxxy ladiez for gud timezz."

    B. You've looked at porn and/or naked ladies. Apparently ONLY men should look at those things. If you look at naked dudes, you'll probably get gay-man spam.

    These are my (baseless) theories.

  5. DON'T EVER GIVE YOURSELF BIEBER HAIR EVER AGAIN. I almost had a god damn heart attack. SERIOUSLY.

    And I agree with you, I feel liek a cheap whore sometimes when people google and find my blog. You remember the one search, "How do you feel when fucking a chubby?" ... But now a lot of people are finding my blog by googling about hermaphrodites and Lady Gaga. lesigh..

    Also, the one search, "Don't say no, no, no, no. Just say ye, ye, ye, ye." Even though yeah is spelled Y-E-A-H, I digress, I think they were actually searching for the Bruno Mars song Marry You. The only reason I know/think that is because I'm addicted to this song and have listened to it a total of 427.5 times since I purchased it on iTunes liek 3 months ago.

    Then again, after looking at all your other searches, it probably was a search for a porno film's 'screenplay'.

    "Give it to me daddy. Say ye, ye, ye, ye."

    And one more thing..


    Love you :D
    I'll have to go on my timeline and compare googles.. Do you think it might have something to do with the fact that we're asian?

  6. Wow I am so sorry people come to your website for creepy purposes and send you really weird/random emails. I get those once in a while too. People are that bored?

  7. Sup dude, nice post bro. Haha... it's just the way of the internet. For every nice girl there are a trillion horny mouth breathers who want to look up something dirty and offer you penis pills.

  8. Actually G, i was thinking about the very same thing.. i have been getting spams saying and i quote "Christmas is going... time to get Viagra...." and i am like... what the f!! what the heck has Christmas to do with Viagra!!

  9. see what happens when u flood your computer with porn.

  10. hahah nice mustache, this post is hilarious!


  11. Did you scalp Bieber ?
    Did ya ?
    Because if you did ...
    I say, excellent job !

  12. I have full frontal pics of Danny Devito for sale...... but you gotta google search for my website if you want em. If I was you I might try " Creepydudeoutsidedevitosbathroom.com
    That might find me?

  13. :D really! i can see that :) *in a dumbly good way*

  14. Slutes? Itches? ye ye ye? What the hell kind of porn are these kids WATCHING?

  15. You should take these keywords (those as questions) and draw the answer for them. Would definitely be funny :P

  16. Haters gon' hate...

    Maybe you should stop giving your email address to different websites that want them. Oh, I don't know... forums, online game sites, social networking sites to name a few? Lol.
    But don't worry, I feel your pain bro (I mean sis), I got 47 of those things in one day! Love the drawings btw, so much lulz, reminds me of my bored MSPaint days as a kid :L

    P.S. You're a Filipina aye? :/

  17. What the hell is "toshio porn?" ...and how did that lead to your site?

    Maybe I need to dig through your archives, hrm? ;P

  18. Damn. Totally sexy as a boy. Also, does this mean you have open itches? Just wondering.


  19. I don't know, I think you looked good with the Beiber hair.... loved it... made me laugh.

    But look at the bright side - the key words brings you visitors?

  20. Tears from laughter and all the way down, even in reading the the comments.. oh boy.. I need more tisu.

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    I dont search for porn they come to me by them self.. especially the funny ones bwahahaha!~

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    Keep the good ones comming and thank God xD

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    thanks in advance!

  21. haha! well, maybe, 'thank goodness for the good ones' sounds like a porn site to them??? i don't think so.

    i used to receive those kind of spams in my e-mail before. good thing they're gone now coz i hate spams! (except the canned one.)

  22. hahaha! I get spams all the time!
    Always on drugs prescriptions...

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