Thursday, August 25, 2011

WARNING: This post is brought to you by PMS

So you know how sometimes (Yes. Just. Sometimes.) women go through weird moods that even the smallest things make them stabby, like, they could just give you THAT look and you would know that you should shut up because you are fully aware what's likely to happen to you if you try to be a smart ass?

Only, they'd actually be too lazy to move to hit you.

So here are a few things that sort of triggered my PMS the past few days.

1. Tiny droplets of urine in public bathrooms. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing droplets of pee on the toilet seat JUST when you're about to sit. I don't even have to explain this. I mean, come on! HOW gross could you get that you can't even wipe your own pee? And how do you pee anyway?

2. People in their early 20s who keep complaining about being old. I repeat. BEING OLD. Okay, what? Sure. You ARE old. You're actually starting to wither. Oh look! You're getting wrinkles! You might need diapers tomorrow. Sorry.

3. When someone chooses to come up with a lie when the truth isn't even that bad and SO not worth it to lie about or it would have caused the same result so they should have just been honest in the first place- like, at least you won't look stupid in front of them.

4. Reverse emoticons*. This is making me crazy. I can't even contain it so I had to rant it on Facebook! Where else?

No. Really. Why is it reversed?

Let me give you an example. If you write something like:

My dad bought a unicorn that farts fire. :)

Instant reaction: Awww... They are happy!!!

But if you write it like this:

My dad bought a unicorn that farts fire. (:

Reaction: Ow. Unicorns that fart fire make them sad. No, wait. That's actually a smiling emoticon!!!
This is disturbing in so many levels.
See my point? It's like you're playing with my emotions. That's not super nice.

5. People in public transportation who sing along with their iPod like they think they sound like the singer when they really sound horrible and ALSO those who talk too loud in public transportation. NO ONE ELSE WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU DO TO MAKE YOUR HAIR AWESOMELY CURLY! And no, your hair is not awesome at all. It smells like dog skin.

This list could go on and on and on and on and on but I'd like to keep this light.

So yeah, I'm PMS-ing.

Last year, I received this drawing from Nino. This is how he interpreted my PMS.

But to make it more accurate, it's like, on a pissed-off scale of 1 to Chris Brown** (Chris Brown being the extreme, obviously), I am borderline Kanye West.

Which is a good thing.

Sort of.

And yes, I deliberately gave effort to explain my hatred for that emoticon.

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  1. 1. Maybe they're standing when they pee? haha.

    2. Who's that early 20'2 complaining about his/her age? Wait till they reach my age.

    4. Hey, who reversed that emoticon? :) is the only smiling emoticon I always used why do they have to reverse it.

  2. oppps. sorry for the 20'2, it should be 20's.

  3. haha, I LOVE unicorns that fart fire!

    :)-(: <- Siamese twins!

  4. lol i know, can't people pee in the actual toilet bowl for once?!
    I know exactly what mood you mean, sometimes I'm annoyed by everyone lol

  5. I don't understand WHY the reverse emoticons? WHY!I get so confused!First I think oh this is sad..then I see no it's actually happy. then I'm :/ <-- xD Sorry I overuse that.Em,like a bleh thing.A bad grimace :p

  6. Lol, where did you come up with that drawing :P It wasn't my best work, ha! It's more like a cheap Chinese knockoff version of your awesome drawings -_- Btw, farting unicorns make me ^_____^ Hehe..

  7. Whenever I use a public restroom I make sure to wash my hands and then shake them right over the toilet. That way I can be sure then next person will walk in, see a couple of drops of what they think is urine and yell "DAMMIT! THESE SLOBS WHO NEVER CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES PISS ME OFF!"


  8. I do not like chocolate except for literally one day a month. Today was my I have to have chocolate right this minute day. And when you have to have chocolate, you also have to have a diet coke. Fast forward.... hour long bus call with my kiddos and I am stuffing my face with a candy bar, holding the diet coke, and ssssshhing them all at the same time. They ask why I am not drinking my water and eating my carrots (normal bus time snack) and I accidentally respond truthfully. PMS. oops.

    Fresh Out of Gold Stars

  9. hahaha i hate the reverse emoticon too, someone actually jst sent it to me now lol
    I never ever sit on the seat of a public toilet. I'm so scared of catching some weird vajayjay infection lol

  10. I totally agree with #3. I just wrote a blog about liars and lying and it's so annoying. I have no idea why people choose to lie to me about stuff that doesn't even matter. Oh and the reverse emoticon thing is so funny! I notice that sometimes and I always mistake the (: for a sad face. lol

  11. I think they have pills for PMS now.
    Take one soon !

  12. @Sey - Just random people. No one in particular. But I hear that a lot.

    @Heckle - Hahahaha! Brilliant!

    @Jill - It's normal. I mean the mood... Right? :D

    @Sweta - My point exactly. So that emoticon is a bad grimace after all? Not a stroke victim? Dang!

    @Nino - Dude. I keep everything you guys send me! I'm appreciative like that! And that drawing was awesome.


    @Out of Gold Stars - Yes. That's true! I WANT all kinds of food when I'm PMS-ing. I'm not into chocolates too. But sometimes... You know!

    @Kitkat - That's what I'm worried about too. Aside from the fact that it's simply gross.

    @Myli - Exactly!!! And yes, that reversed emoticon is playing with our emotions. I'm sure.

    @Maxy - There is? No... For real?

  13. Classic! I was unaware of the reverse icons. That is annoying. If someone ever gave me the reversal, I will seriously put them in a choke hold. BTW check this 911 call it's the funniest thing ever and it involves a clueless,Filipina calling in because she has discovered a dead body. Of course it happened in Los Angeles County:

  14. That reverse emoticons made me free of all the stress that i had been having today. Cheers to your PMS-ing.

  15. If you have a unicorn be careful when Chris Brown is around.... he will beat it till it farts fire!


    I will admit, however, to using =\ before I discovered his right side up counter part: "/

    I apologize.

  17. First of all, I'm used to PMS so don't worry. We have 3 women/girls in the family and believe me, grabe sila sa PMS. Worse than Chris Brown. LMAO. Oops, I hope my mom wouldn't read this.

    1. That's also a big turn-off for me. Maybe some people just don't know how to use toilets properly. Bunch of idiots!

    2. No comment.

    (LOL. I'm 20 already. I miss being a teen.)

    4. That's kind of weird. I don't mind people using emoticons. It's your personal preference anyway.

    (Though the picture is really disturbing.)


    "People in public transportation who sing along with their iPod like they think they sound like the singer when they really sound horrible..."

    I'm dang guilty. Sareeeeh. Lol. I just love my voice. It's not that horrible, mind you. LOL.

    This is an awesome blog. I'm gonna include this in my link list. Gonna stalk you more in the next days. LOL.

    Anyway, I'm Hoobert!

    See you around. Ciao!

  18. damn! how late could i get with your pms rants. and yeah i noticed a few people using that reversed emoticon and i was like, wait a minute, don't they have anything else to do? tsk, tsk..

  19. I can't believe how I am a completely different person when I have PMS... I'm super nice most of the time and get annoyed with precious little old ladies at the grocery store when they are slow at the check out and want to kick them! It's completely crazy and not fair at all.
    Love your blog and am a new follower,
    The French Tangerine

  20. Oh, I forgot to say that i do the kicking of the old ladies when I have PMS... that didn't really make sense...

  21. Love your blog!!! Well Done being the blog of note - you deserve it!!

  22. Oh my god. You just explained my rage for the reverse emoticon thingie too!

    You do not know how long I have been sulking in the corner hating those things.

    Yeah, pee is bad. I always wonder why the heck is there pee on the toilet seat in a woman's bathroom.... it gets worse though when you notice that the pee is actually brown....