Monday, August 8, 2011

A new nemesis, new job, revenge, and me being inspirational and stuff.

So seriously, I know it's been like a month since my last post but you know, I'm a busy girl!!! Don't look at me like that!

If you remember my last post about me needing a new job... Well? I got a job! I mean, I got another job. So now I have two-and-a-half jobs. But who wouldn't hire me with that last post? Seriously! With those secret talents I revealed? Who could say no, right? (Actually, that post had nothing to do with my new job.)

Wait. Don't worry. This is not a let-me-explain-my-absence kind of post. No! Okay. A little bit. Don't judge.

For the whole month of July, Blogger won't let me post! Remember what happened like a couple of months ago when Blogger's post editor won't stop loading?

It's happening again!!! Not a cool story, bro!

My new nemesis.
Can't a girl be happy for once, dammit!!!! (No. Seriously.)

So since I've been itching to update my blog for the past few weeks, I decided to download Windows Live Writer, which I tried using but after I finished writing, I found out that it's not really that effective because for some reason, it won't publish the post on my blog so now I'm back to using this Blogger's post editor, which apparently works if you disconnect and reconnect your Internet except that you won't see the icons at the top of the post editor.

But Blogger can kiss my ass.

I just love run-on sentences!

So anyway, I have managed to finish a few very inspirational and meaningful drawings while I was away.

Because I know it's my mission to inspire people.

So here you go.

Someone should pay me with this next one: A Stand Against Brain Abuse poster.

I'd like to call this next one, "The Uninvitation".

Because some bitches just don't get it.

Anyway, about my new job? It's a work-at-home kind of thing that has something to do with "creative writing". At least that's what the employer calls it.

And you know what's good about working at home?

You don't need to worry about your dress or your makeup, or what other people might say about what you're wearing.

You can work looking like this:

I think I'm going to keep this look. Very fashion-y!

But I hope I get paid for all those articles! I mean, trying to stay away from blogs and Twitter was a huge sacrifice. I actually had a Twitter withdrawal. And I need that money. Badly! So.

Okay, okay. I know this post should die in a fire but I'm a ninja so I can do whatever I want.

UPDATE: I got paid!!!!
That's all. :)



    Please. I'll be first in line. You'll recognize me by my white-sheet-with-two-eyeholes disguise.

    ((congrats on the new job, lady!))

  2. Great work like always. I really like the un-invitation beach card. I miss your blog posts.

  3. Man, I love that sexy picture of you. I'm gonna steal it, print it out and tape it to my mirror. ;-)


  4. Also, you should post more often. ha! ;-)

  5. Carry on being the awesome person that you are. Enjoy!

  6. lmao at the pics! you look so fashion-y in that last pic guuurl!

  7. @Nicki: I will, I will. And you'll sure be getting a VIP pass!!! Haha!!

    @Iz: Aw, thank you!!!

    @Jay: Dude. You're not going to put my picture on a voodoo doll, are you?? I will hunt you down!

    @Ratz: Haha! Thanks Ratzy!!! <3

    @Kitkat: Kitkat!! You're back from your vacay?? I missed you!!!

  8. Who hit you in the face with a pie ?

    Good job with the pics.

    You are a dork , and now I leave your post with a a hair tug !

    HA !

  9. Wow, a fancy new job, huh? :) What are you doing, exactly? Awesome pic btw, I think you should do a vlog as a mime. I'd watch!

  10. hahah! you're so hilarious! :p
    Congratz on getting a new job :3
    love your new 'work face' ;) so hot :P

  11. @Maxy: I got the dorkiness from you. DAD!

    @Woody: Sort of writing what the boss tells me to write. And I would do a video blog but not as a mime. Soon. Maybe. I think. :p

    @Kay: Thanks, Kay! I'm SO gonna keep that look!

  12. glad you got paid and congrats for the new job. can I request for a book?

  13. @Richard: Right??

    @Sey: Sure! Which one? :P

  14. HAHAHAHA! I love that picture! I might as well get employed with that kind of job! Hehehe

  15. Para los que les gusta la magia es un lugar donde podes aprender magia, trucos y un monton de cosas mas! entren yaaa!!!