Tuesday, September 7, 2010

THE MEGA UPDATE: This post proves that girls are ballsier than boys.

So about 2 weeks ago, I forced invited ALL OF YOU guys to an online party that I, along with my Asian girls, Tyla and Sweta organized. Due to the super short notice, some of you asked if we could postpone the party. So we did.

Because we're considerate like that. (HA-HA!)

And now, here are the pictures you all have been aching to see. We don't want to prolong your agony so enjoy the BLOGGER SOCIAL: The Online Vodka/Ice Cream Party!!!

Unfortunately, at the moment, Sweta is sick and cannot join the party. But she will. Definitely.

This is one of my favorite girls, Ria from Serious Stuff About Lif-- Oooh, Shiny!!!

You may have noticed from the title of her blog, our minds work the same, easily distracted by thi-- What the fuck was that sound???

I'm sorry about that. Got distracted.

Anyway, Ria asked if she could bring someone along. Of course she can. Everybody's welcome. So now, I present to you:

 Ria's friend, Gabriella! Ice cream tastes better when you're seriously focused. :)

 This is Christina from Christina In Wonderland. I sent her some death threats and tried to black mail her just to join. I told her I will kidnap Fran Kranz and shave his head. She didn't want that. 

And who the fuck is this girl? Obviously, that's me, eating ice cream from the tub.

You're probably wondering where the vodka party is. You're probably too anxious to see us drunk.


Fuck guys, just play along!!!


This is one of my favorite girls, Tyla from Run Fat Girl Run. Read her blog. She's awesome. She can pour in all her thoughts in a short post which is difficult but she can! I'm a fan.

Who drinks vodka from a wine glass?? Well, me!!! Got a problem with that? I thought so.

 Me again, giving my kinda friend the you're-not-planing-to-finish-that-whole-bottle-are-you glare.

Me and my evil plan. That drink I was gonna pour on my gay friend's head is called Zombie. Well, I know it's not vodka, it's rum or something but what the hell. 

And of course, for the finale picture: 

 Can anyone guess who this is??

I know you can't.

That's CB!!! Yes, CB from One Crazy Brunette Chick! She was hesitant at first to have this picture posted because aside from the part that this picture is from years ago, she was blond. Which wasn't a bad look for her at all. She said I was BS-ing her though I wasn't. But I want to show you her current gorgeous not-drunk look:

Yes, she had to come to this party in that pretty dress because one, I appreciated that even she was on blog vacation, she still sent me a picture and two, she designed my new header!

EDIT: After re-reading this post, I realized that the constant updates I have been making are headache inducing so I decided to reorganize this and put the latecomers in one table.

So here are the late but still awesome and badass comers:

This is LaceyRee from This Freckeled Lemonade. Have I told you she's cool? Yes, I just did. And she draws too! Her doodles are super awesome.

I think blackmail works EVERY TIME!!! This is Sey from 14th Street. I told her I will jump over the bridge if she fails to participate! And look, here she is!!

Sweta from The Disappearing Caravan is feeling better and is now here!!! Told you she's gonna join!

This is Janjan from Between Me And My Thoughts. I blackmailed her as well!! It totally works. Try it!!

And this one is (I don't know if I can reveal her name) from And I'm No Miss. And she brought some friends!! How badass is that? Awesome, right???

Okay, so did you enjoy the party? Thanks to those who attended and to those who still want to come, you still can!!! We welcome late comers. We won't throw you in the pool because we're nice.

Also, to the boys, you might want to prove my title wrong. Right? GIRLS RULE, FUCKERS!!! :-)



  1. Bitch... I was in SUCH a shit mood... but seeing your teensy ass plotting to dump that shit on him was PRICELESS!

    Yes... I love you and I look like a blond 17 year old crack whore. Nice. I do love my other picture though! People do know that you'd only post a second. "LOOK! I'm not ugly" picture for me right????

    I love you bitch!

  2. CB that was you ........Oh my I just had a high school flashback you looked just like this one girl who lived close to my place....she didn't smoke though but you look identical

    Gnetch after seeing that pic with the pitcher full of zombie I wouldn't turn my back on you :)

  3. Gnetch, you know me and alcohol aren't getting along lately. Why are you trying to encourage me?

    Sometimes, cuz, you're so selfish.

    Joking. I'm joking. Honestly. Don't pour anything on my head.

  4. I didn't see the original post, but more importantly, I have neither ice cream nor vodka in my house. I'm good at fail like that :/ Heck, even the beer in the fridge isn't mine - It belongs to my 26-year-old female roommate. So, except for the sports equipment in my room, I suppose she is the manliest person living in this house.

  5. CB- Well, I fucking love too you that's why I posted 2 pictures! And that picture of you in a pretty dress is one of my favorites.

    And yes, I was really being sneaky making fun of my gay friend. He thought it was just the two girls with him in the picture. He didn't know there was an evil Asian behind him!! Haha!

    Wolf- Yep, that's the blonde CB. And no, you wouldn't want to turn your back at me because you wouldn't know what I would do.

    TbR- Cuz, I wasn't at all being selfish. This is actually for you so you can reunite with alcohol just a little bit. I must emphasize, JUST A LITTLE BIT. I care like that, you see.

    Steve- Well, uhm, you can get her beer and take a picture of you holding the beer then put it back in the fridge. Awesome idea, right??? :)

  6. ive got ginormous balls you can ever wish for honey. this post was kewl :D

  7. obviously i missed the fun. i really wanted to send a pic but i don't want to expose my drunken face for everyone in the blogosphere to see, so i back off.

  8. Grrr...This totally slipped my mind! FML! huhuhu. But looks like you had a lot of fun. You look soooo evil in that pic where you plan on pouring down the good stuff all over that guy. hahaha

  9. Total rad i tell you.... seemed like a fun party to me Gnetchy Gnetch... I dont drink... so... i was obviously not invited... but anyways... i should have been there for the icecream.. but my swollen eye would have spoiled it all... so... still i enjoyed reading this post... next time... next time....

  10. can u give me some ice cream? lolz :-)

  11. Just like I have always guessed.
    Cute, small, mean,and vicious .
    I like that in my friends.
    Your new page looks great.

  12. ice cream in the tub. nice. what kind was it?

  13. Aw this looks like so much fun!! Esp the vodka part ;) We're besties you know. Me and vodka.

  14. Sorry I was all over the place travelling while this was going down. And sick. Now I can have dairy and drink again, I may have to come late to the party :)

  15. Sorry I was all over the place travelling while this was going down. And sick. Now I can have dairy and drink again, I may have to come late to the party :)

  16. Devil Under Light- Ha!

    Jan- Haha. But that's the part that makes this all fun! Or send an ice cream pic!!

    Mel- YOu can still send me a pic. Even an ice cream pic.

    Ratz- I invited everyone. I wrote it in one of my posts. But you can still send me a picture. :p

    Midnight- Haha.

    Maxy- Well, that's like an awesome description. And thanks for liking my new layout. But I think I have to cut down the pink a little bit.

    David- It was Rocky Road and... Double Dutch I think...? But it has 2 flavors in 1 tub. Awesome, right?

    B- Oooh... we're gonna get along pretty well. :)

    Em- Aw, it's okay. I'll be waiting for the pic.

  17. i think i have a pic taken at gelatissimo.i'm gonna look for it and send it to you.

  18. Ah I missed my own party.What kind of a pooper does that?huh?? huh?? LOL tyla's pic :P ya'll look great!:D thanks for joining the party :D

  19. I sure have one of those pics. Great party Gnetch:)

  20. I'm such a loser to miss one party like this. Booo :P, the great part is I was able to dig one picture here with an ice cream. I will send it to you.

  21. I've no good comments, except that you look hot on all the pics. I'd love to eat ice cream with you :)

  22. You get away with rum but I couldn't? Damn you Asian Mommy! But seriously, eating ice cream from the tub? Classy...

    And you're still staying away from Kranz... leave his head alone, both of which belong to me. He just doesn't know it yet. :D

  23. GNETCHY!!! I have been gone from bloggy world far too long and I apologize for that. This party looks kick ass and I want in!!!
    Also, instead of doing my homework right now like I should, I will be catching up on your blog, so expect comments!

  24. I'm eating ice cream from the tube right now...
    Nom nom nom...
    Ah, glorious white choc ice cream with marshmallows...
    Did you pour the drink on his head?
    The new header rocks! :)

  25. How cute! You are such a beautiful girl Gnetch! And vodka is my drink of choice to :) I would have joined, if I didn't have such a strict about keeping my blog private ;)

  26. I don't want you to jump on the bridge. I better find some hole to crawl after this rather than losing a bad ass blogger. haha!!! Now you got me...black mail really works!

  27. You've got no argument over here at The Guy's Perspective. We know girls are ballsier than boys.

    In fact to prove it:

    My two boys scream like babies when they get a shot. My daughter just sits there, closes her eyes when the "pinch" comes, and goes about her business. And she's the youngest!!!

    Hey, nice pictures! Nothing wrong with drinking vodka from a wine glass. It all goes down the same.

  28. Looks so fun! Wish I'd been there!

  29. Jan- Where is it?? :)

    Sweta- You came just in time!

    I'm No Miss- Thanks!!

    Sey- Better late than never, girl! Thanks.

    Nino- No good comments? :( But thanks for the compliment.

    Christina- I love eating from the tub. And promise, on the next online party, rum will be our theme!

    LaceyRee- THANK YOU girl! You're super awesome.

    Ria- White choc and marshmallows? Aw, that's delicious! And no, I didn't pour the drink on his head. Haha.

    Carina- Thank you so much! :)

    Amy J.- Yes! Awesome, right?

    The Guys- See? Even you guys agree!! Thank you!

    Sadako- Thanks.

  30. Nice, looks like a pretty bad-ass phenomenon(been wanting to use this word!). Seems like it was real fun, glad to see no one was "zombie'd" over the head, itd be such a waste of good booze! Congrats on the party, looks like it was an epic success!

  31. Mike- Bad-ass phenomenon is an awesome phrase!!! Yes, it was fun and successful! No one was Zombied, sadly. LOL

  32. I really hate you for being able to eat ice cream and still being that skinny! Not fair! Send me some of that metabolism will ya??

  33. Damn I missed the party! I had a decent ice cream pic too :( Oh well, definitely next time. Cute blog!!