Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Drunk. I Can't Think of A Better Title. But I Have Sweet Blog Friends

So I said you can expect some drunk blogging, right? I know I did. So here it is. Though I don't think I'm that drunk at all. I'm just tipsy. Okay, okay. Let me warn you, I really have no idea what to discuss. What the fucrk, you want me just to blog while im' drunk and since I'm nice to you like that, here I am, drunk blogging.

I have an idea!! I'll just tell you stuff that's happening as it happens. I don't know what else to tell you.

Wait. I know. How I spent my birthday? If you're at all intereset.d If not, get the fuck out.

Oh no, wait, don't go. I was kidding! Just keep reading please. I might say something funny. Who knows?

So Thursday, I spent the entire day sleeping. No. That was an exaggeration. When I got home from work, I read your posts and tweets and investigated on something that I cannot say on here. Because it's DISTURRRRRBING...

Anyway, I was supposed to meet my high school friends last Thursday but I stood them up. Not intentionally, of course. When I got home from my overnight work, I read and commented on your posts then tweeted a little bit while logged in to Facebook without doing anything and then I ate lunch and watched TV a little bit and then before I knew it, I fell asleep which I really did not intend to. I just did. So while my friends were waiting for my text on where and what time we were supposed to meet, i was in bed, snoring. Well, I don't really know for sure whether I'm snoring or not. I just said snoring because-- Actually, I don't know why i said it.

Friday, my actual damn-im-effing-old day, I spent the entire day at home with my mom and siblings. I ordered a lot of food. We had Vodka Mudshake. And we karaoke'd. Yes, we do karaoke at home. Fuck the neighbors. Sing with us if they have a problem.

Are you bored yet? Fine. I'm not gonna tell you what happened yesterday and today. Just today, we I had a few drinks with my kinda friends.

So right now, I'm watching the season finale of Glee. I only get to watch encore episodes because my work schedule sucks. I have been noticing something since Glee has started. Is it just me or Mr. Schuster looks edentulous? Is it his lips that's the problem?

And why does edentulous have a squiggly red line under it? It's a word, Blogger. It is!


Anyway, I'm looking for a picture of Mr. Schu where he looks like he has no teeth at all when he's singing but this damn Internet that thing keeps giving me this:

What's that little round thing called?

I just noticed that I also misspelled yesterday. I'm an idiot too. Sorry, Blogger. I'll correct it now.

Anyway, I found a picture of Mr. Schu.

See what I'm talkin about?

And I told you I'm not that drunk. I can still find picturse.

Moving on to another topic that is still somewhat related because it's still about my birthday, i would like to thank some sweet blog friends who made my day even better and almost made me cry. But only a littlle bit.

First, Carina made this for me and I was really really touched when I saw this:

This one made me laugh so hard. Look at what Tyla did to my picture:

And also, Sweta who, despite the threats Tyla and I made about giving her our angry Asian faces if she fails to explain why she disappeared for twoo weeks, gave me a shout out on her latest post. Plus the explanation on why she disappeared.


Did I miss anything? Let me know.

Now, I need to get some sleep. My head is throbbing like hell.

Wait. Does hell throb? No? Then why do people say that?

P.S. To Ms. 100th follower, I'll write your request post when I'm thinking a little bit more clearly. I promise. :)

(Sorry about the smiley. I just had to put it there.)


  1. Haha, your drunk blogging isn't that bad. I once got arrested for drunk blogging, had to explain to the judge and got 2 weeks blog prohibition. Anyway, the karaoke sounded fun ... Youtube link please ;-)

  2. Haha, it wasn't that bad at all! :) Happy belated birthday!

  3. This is pretty epic posting!!

  4. Hahaha! Really want to see how you talk while drunk Gnetch. I thought Jan and i will be dead when we do our meet up. You'd been practicing a lot lol! Kidding!

    I am glad you enjoy your burp-day! :)

  5. Well, now I feel like the WORST BBF EVER!!! (Best Blogging Friend)

    Grrrrr, to me! Hmph.

    Don't you love 'kinda' friends??? They're my fav!!! Because they can kiss my ass when I don't want them around and they can be at my beck and damn call when I want them there!!!

    I heart you the MOST!!!!


  6. Please please please get drunk and blog again?? lol
    Great post, and super funny picture your friend "fixed up"! And thanks for the shout out!And I'm glad your weekend was fun minus he falling a sleep on Thursday, but hey.. I love sleeping!Is it really such a bad to spend a day? I vote no! My fav activity :)

  7. I'm I alone int thinking that Mr. Schu is won of the ugliest guys of all time? And kind of the creepiest, too?

    Either way, hope you had a rad birthday, you drunken whore!!!!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! I am so behind in my blog reading...

    I love the drunk blogging. Keep it up! I totally had to google endentulous. Mr. Schu does look toothless when he sings. It is weird. I still think he is kinda cute though...

  9. Bravo! Wonderful job! Your drunk blogging was so much more interesting than mine haha

  10. Emily Jane: Oh, you think so? Thanks!!!

    Sami: Really?? Aw thanks.

    Mitch: I talk fast when I'm drunk. And oh yes, I'm actually practicing. LOL

    Ashley: Ha, bitch, don't worry. You're still the best BBF ever! Kinda friends are fun to be with. When everyone's in good mood. I effing heart you more!!!

    Carina: Ahaha. I will, I will. I love sleeping too. That's actually one of the best activities ever. And thanks again for the birthday card.

    Los Schoenys: I think so too!! I thought I was the only one who thinks that. And thanks!

    Random: My drunkeness made me use that word. If I were myself at that time, I would probably have just used "toothless." :)

    David: Haha. Thanks! But yours was effing funny.

  11. I love drunken blogging. I also love people who sing with no teeth. I love loading times too. I love lamp.

    I have to admit, pretty much all of my posts are BUI.

  12. Hell probably does throb. Just not in a sexy way.

    My head hurts just thinking about it.


    Happy belated, Gnetchy!!!

  13. Happy belated birthday! I did the same thing on my birthday last week...loser, me not you!

  14. lol I enjoyed your drunk blogging :D
    I did notice that about Mr. Shu !
    He's still a hottie though :P

  15. hahahhah drunk blogging idea rocked. u really were drunk as i cud see the typos but dude u still managed a lot.

  16. Belated Happy Birthday and I love the Vodka mudshake. Don't mind the neighbors, you bet they should sing with you if they're disturbed. LOL

    I love this post especially the dot(.) between intereset.d wow!!!

  17. Holy fuck!!! Now that's some impressive drunk blogging. I'm drunk now and couldn't keep up with the whole thing.

  18. Dr. Heckle: Ha! I knew it. Now I really have to send some pics for you to heckle.

    LiLu: Ohhh, so hell does throb.

    Thanks so much!!!

    Ashley: Thanks. Haha. It's fun, isn't it.

    Jill: Thank you. Yeah, some people think Mr. Schu is hot. I like Puck.

    Meg: Oh yeah. I saw that when I re-read this post when I woke up. I tried so hard to stop myself from correcting them. I didn't want to cheat.

    Sey: Thank you. Haha. I use Dvorak keyboard where the period [.] is placed above the letter E. That's how I made that typo. ;)

    lookitsbray: Thanks! I had a hell of a headache when I finished writing this. Trying to stay awake and alert when drunk is a difficult task.

  19. Drunk blogging? First time I'm hearing of it! But it isn't that bad after all! lol

    Have a nice day! xxx

  20. I suppose "picturse" is the new, updated spelling of "pictures" when you're tipsy hahahaha!!

    hey, glad you had a fun birthday.

  21. You're drinking without me now. Tsk tsk...

  22. Love the drunken posting. You post better drunk than many people do sober.

    And blogger needs to get with the creative spelling. Edentulous should so be a word.

  23. MelRoXx: I was sort of "challenged" to do it. Haha! Thanks! ♥

    Jan: OMG. You know, when I read this post the day after, I really wanted to edit this! But I stopped myself. I didn't want to cheat. ;)

    Marky: (He hates to be called that) WTF! We haven't seen each other in like, what-- 3 years?! Hello?!!

    Sadako: Aw, thank you!!! :)

  24. Happy Belated Birthday!

    You're funny when you're drunk. Actually you're funny when you're not too.

    Get some rest!

  25. Hey there. Belated Happy Birthday. I've never tried Drunk Blogging before. But from the looks of it, sounds like you had a fun time drunk blogging. =) You are right, Mr. Schu does look like he has no teeth. Lol!

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  27. Guys: Thank you!!! It's effin' nice of you guys to always visit. :)

    ChinkyGirlMel: Thank you!!! Try drunk blogging. It's so funny to read again once you're sober.

    edk.dolce: Ummm...

  28. We love you Gnetchy ♥ Get some rest yea? :) Drunk blogging-hm I might just that one out on the table too, >:D

  29. Wow! If you're aware you're drunk, the best thing you can do is avoid driving anywhere. Too many people have to go to court to fight DUI charges or end up hurting themselves or others in accidents. For Californians likes my self, the best Sacramento DUI Lawyer will be your last recourse. I'm glad you decided to sit and watch Glee, and hopefully more people do that.