Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Great Idea For Lazy Students To Pass Math

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Math haters, I have good news!

So I know most of you guys are still students. Right? And I know, though some of you may love Math, a lot of you doesn't. Students hate it. I hated it when I was a student.

Anyway, as always, I have thought of ways to pass a Math exam without studying your brains out and ending up looking like this in the process:

You're welcome.

Anyway, here are the solutions.

1. Offer your teacher a massage.
Who doesn't want a massage? But remember, you should do this a few minutes before the exam. Or you would not have enough time. Now, the purpose of this is not to kiss your teacher's ass. You have more class than that! Instead, while massaging his back, keep your eye on his exam papers. Do not be too obvious though. Do not lean over. Just literally keep your eyes wide open so you will be able to see every formula and every solution on the paper placed on his desk.

2. Summon a friendly ghost.

The saying that some ghosts are harmless and friendly has GOT to be true! Or else, this one would be useless. This one should be done during the exam. While you're taking the exam, you ask the friendly ghost to go to your teacher's desk to look at the answer and then fly back to you to tell you what you need to know. Do not be too obvious. Do not nod or say thank you to the ghost. Just pretend you're just thinking and then write down what the ghost is telling you. This is seriously very effective unless your teacher can see dead people too.

I know you're going to ask, "What if *I* don't have a sixth sense?!"

It's not my problem, dumbass!

Well, you can try bumping your head really hard on the wall several times or stand in front of a running vehicle driven by a drunkard. They say trauma opens up the third eye. Well, that is if you do not die first.


Are you ready for the third and final awesome solution to pass a Math exam?

Here goes.

3. Call Edward Cullen.

Only foolish girls will fall in love with a vampire in real life. Everybody is afraid of vampires! Obviously, no one wants do die from exsanguination. Of course, who would want to die pale? I strongly believe that everyone prefers to die tan! Tan is sexy, according to many!


Make sure Edward stands by the window where the sun shines through. This way, he will SPARKLE!!! And your teacher will be more than shocked to see a vampire who sparkles, that he will accidentally throw the paper he's holding.

Grab this opportunity. Get that paper immediately. But remember to be sneaky.


  1. Very good suggestions! I, too, hated math, and only wish I had this list when I was subjected to horrid maths classes when I was a student. My only complaint in this is that it seems you've given Edward Cullen the body of Taylor Lautner. But you can pretty much ignore this statement, because I'm going to kill myself for knowing the differences and choosing to comment on it.

    But bright side, I will totally be that nice ghost to come back and help with your test answers!

  2. Great suggestions! It is taking me forever to bring by grades up in maths! xxx

  3. Why did I never think of this? This could have helped me a lot when I was at school. I guess I just don't have your intelligence, which isn't fair.

  4. Gnetch, where are you when i am still studying??? We should've been classmates back then...:D

    This is really a great idea! And you include my darling Edward. I love you for that! Hehehe!

  5. I failed all of my Math classes in highschool, where the hell was this tutorial 8 years ago? :*( sniffle. I could be at Harvard right now. Eh, ah well. <3<3 shit happens. xoxo

  6. Thanks so much for the ideas! Hahahah, I'm so gonna use the Edward Cullen one. Except I have a feeling it's gonna end up with a female stampede and the teacher getting pummeled over in the process. *CRUNCH-CRUNCH* (ooh that's gotta hurt.. poor old fart) :D haha.

    Oh yeah, and I've been clicking your stalker button for the past ten minutes, but it won't let me stalk you, for some bloody reason. Stupid Blogger. *Sigh*. I guess I'm going to have to ogle from a distance for now. :D

  7. Bwahahahhahaha!!!! Oh!!! Gnetch! Accept my genuflect-----> You are AWESOME!!!! and i still hate maths.... Loved ur drawings.... Bwahahahahaha

  8. Ashley R: Haha. I messed the arms up and was too lazy to redo everything. :D

    MelRoXx: I hope these suggestions help! ;)

    TbR: Well, you can always go back to school just to make use of these suggestions. Oh! I just made another great idea for you!

    Mitch: When you were studying, I was studying too! Ahaha. Did you love that Edward Cullen drawing?

    Tyla: I wish we could all go back to the past.

    Sylvia: Thank you! This is for you! Glad you loved it. Anyway, you must be using an old browser. My browser at work does it too. It wouldn't let me click the follow and comment buttons. But thank you for mentioning me on one of your blog posts. I appreciate it.

    Ratz: Haha. No need for that, Ratzy! ♥


    Hahahahahaha....I can't stop laughing!

    Solution number 2 is too awesome! LMAO

  10. Yeah! But how come he became a macho man in your drawing hehehe!

  11. Fuck the massage! Show him your tits and your good to go hooker face! Love your face!

  12. hahaha! my classmates would have surely loved this idea.

  13. I hated math so much I'd actually do these. Except for Edward Cullen. No amount of failing grades could make me call upon him.

  14. Why wasn't this around when I was in sixth grade?WHY?

    I agree with CrazyBrunette,flashing ALWAYS Always.

  15. What a crazy post. Some great artwork. A lol'able post, it was! =))

  16. I hate math too but I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to go with Sadako - no amount of math could ever make me call on Edward Cullen :)

  17. Too funny! I love the massage idea. Of course, I don't think I could get away with that for some reason. :)

    Have a good one!

  18. As someone who one day could very well be teaching math, I'd prefer the massage over the ghost or the stupid twinkly vampire. Please and thanks.

  19. Ironic that Snooki from Jersey Shore will die because of tanning????

  20. I so wish that I had these guidelines when I was in school. Math sucks big donkey balls! CB did a great job on your button. I am grabbing it!

  21. Hey Gnetch, if I could only go back to my Geometry class to use this tutorial. I will go for option 3. I will have my solution then have my teacher shocked as well as she wasn't nice at all.

    I love your illustrations.... especially the ghost....another crazy idea that made my day complete. I hope I could also request for something for you to make fun with.....hahahaha!

  22. Man, when I take a math class, I'll remember to page Edward Cullen, I think he's my best bet

  23. you forgot the most obvious answer, a lil math nerd that can fit in your pocket and give you all the answers. Me and my friend had one for Spanish in high school

  24. Johana: Ahaha! Thank you dearie!!

    CB: I better get used to calling you CB now because I now have like 3 or 4 Ashleys! Anyway, new commenter is 17 years old. I can't suggest flashing (yet)! But that would work! Even without taking the fucking exam!! I love you bitch!!!

    Jan: So you're good at math! Haha! Got that. :)

    Sadako: Why not? He sparkles. :p

    Sweta: You should've asked me. I know everything. ;p
    Oh and thank you!!!

    Angel: Thanks! And thanks for stopping by.

    Emily Jane: His sparkling has no effect on you? LOL

    Guys: If the teacher is a female, why not?

    David: Would you know if there's a ghost behind you? Ha!

    Los Schoenys: Haha! She sure wouldn't die pale.

    Random: Thank you! Math really sucks! I hated it fucking big time too!

    Sey: You can totally ask me to make fun of something, Sey. Why not???

    Ashley: Just make sure there's sunlight somewhere to make it work. ;p

    Best Kept Secrets: Oh yeah! I missed that. Haha.

  25. I heart you MORE bitch! I AM THE ORIGINAL ASHLEY... Just as long as the other skank hoes know...

    I like CB better anyhow!


  26. CB: Haha. You are so my BBBF (best bitch blog friend), I'll totally whore you out on my next post!!!

    Oh. And when I said "new commenter" I meant 100th follower. I don't know why I said new commenter. I swear I'm not drunk.

  27. Hmmm... I'm guessing you didn't do good in math?? hahahahahaha summon a ghost, you hippie!!! :P

  28. Lol. You are awesome! I love the illustrations!

  29. Carina: Ha! The topic was a request. I did fine at it. I just didn't like it. :D

    ChinkyGirlMel: Thanks so much!!!

  30. Number 3= best suggestion ever. Except, of course, hiring a half-naked werewolf to shapeshift in front of your teacher. I lurv the wolfies...