Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last night, I was like this: I AM PISSED! I think my muse went on vacation. How could my muse go on vacation so early in my blogging career?

And then this morning, I saw this... look over to the right guys. Scroll down a little bit. See? EIGHT FOLLOWERS??? My! That is AWESOME!!! Suddenly, my I-AM-PISSED mood turned into I-AM-DELIGHTED mood. Eight followers in 3 weeks of blogging? That's a good thing, right? Well, for me it is. So I thought I just have to thank them. And also the others who have shared their thoughts on my posts. And to the 400+ views (according to Flag Counter). I just want to thank you all! Though it would have been better if those 400+ viewers have at least posted a comment or something. *laughs* that is asking too much.

Anyway, here are my THANK YOUs. (Thank yous are arranged according to appearance).

Drum rolls please...

Maureen: My first ever follower. I actually e-mailed her to let her know that I love her posts and her template and all that. I saw her on Blogs of Note and hers was one of the first blogs I followed. Well, being a nice woman that she is, she checked out my blog and followed. Thank you.

Copie23: I don't know if this is a man or a woman. But still, thank you! I think you are someone I know personally and you just created a blog so I would have another follower and save my plummeting self-esteem. Hahaha! But still, thanks!

Christina In Wonderland: I kinda whored out my blog to her because she posted a discussion on 20sb about her looking for humor blogs so I sorta said, "Hey, mine's funny!" Haha! Good thing she liked it. Wait. Did you really, Christina?

Lauren and Unbreakable (a.k.a. JackoStain): I think they arrived on the same day, January 22. Correct me if I'm wrong, you guys. And Unbreakable is really a good commenter. Totally!

So there, the last time I checked, I had 5 followers and I was ecstatic.

Then today, when I checked my blog again, (to try to think of something to post) I have 3 more! *woot woot!*

So to Kate, Brandon Neil, and Harrid, THANK YOU!

I think I'm gonna cry now.

Nah! I'm not gonna cry! Did you buy that crap? Yeah okay, I thought you didn't.

And to the others who posted their comments on my latest post:

@Meghan: Yes, you should try my advice. It worked for me. Yay! If it doesn't work, I have a lot more plans to share. Just let me know.

@Kate: Thanks. It was a desperate time for me so I had to come up with a brilliant plan. lol.

@Brandon Neal: I didn't exactly say that all guys are like that. And I know you're not like that because... YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED! Woohooo! Congratulations!

@Egosyntonic: Your creepy creep really is creepy! And he liked you because you have warm hair?? That is like beyond creepy! Is he like the thin man on Charlie's Angels? Kidding. Thanks.

@Andhari: Youre right. Creeps come in all shapes and sizes. Thanks for stopping by. ;D

Guess that's about it.

Oh wait, to the others that I was not able to insert their links, SORRY! For some reason, I can't find it. Don't hate me.

There is more to come, I promise!

THIS IS AN UPDATE: Guess what? I have another one! AMANDA!!!! Thank you so much.

PS: I hope no one noticed my typo when I said "by that crap" instead of "buy that crap." But I've corrected it already so whatevs!

ANOTHER UPDATE: (Man... I'm never gonna get tired updating this post! NEVER!) I have 2 additions!

@Another David: You are #10! That's just awesomely awesome. Thanks!

@Egosyntonic: Thank you! Have you tried my hot sister scheme yet? Well, I guess my next post should be for you: FRENCH STALKER, GO AWAY! Sound good? But I have to get ready for work now. I'll post something this weekend. ;D

Guys, I've visited all your blogs and you are all fascinating! Check out each other's blogs. You'll never regret it. ;D

HERE'S ANOTHER ANOTHER UPDATE: I have another addition! Meghan!!! Thanks! And as of today, January 29, 2010, we are officially bloggy friends.

Guess what??? I have another... UPDATE!!! (Please don't get tired of these updates. I'm loving it).

@Katherine: Thank you and welcome to my blog! Your photo looks so adorable. You have cute little boys. Aww...

NEW UPDATE: (This post is now the official WELCOME FOLLOWERS post).

So to Connie, Sami, Amanda, and V: Thanks guys. You caught me at my worst mood. Haha!

UPDATE AGAIN: I have another follower! Welcome to my blog V. You're the 2nd V here. And you're just in time for my 1st month blogday! ;D

Also, may I welcome Lil Landy and Shelbie Brown!!!

NEW UPDATE: May I present to you all, Rachel Blate!!! Thanks Rachel. But I clicked on your photo, I didn't see your web address. I'd love to visit your blog. ;D

And... Nic Lake! Thanks! Love your "Regret" post! It got me thinking. ;D

UPDATE: I have new followers, T and Cupcake. Welcome and thank you for stalking!!!

AGAIN... UPDATE - 02/28/10 : I'd like to thank Jess, Elizapaa, and Amber.

Also, one follower left. :( I wonder what made her leave. My mutant post or my new layout?

LATE UPDATE: The follower who left has now been replaced by Somekioffunky and I'm so happy. And sorry for the late Welcome Message.

03/07/10 UPDATE: Thanks for following Becca! Your kids are really cute!

03/08/10 UPDATE: Thanks for your comment Jane! And welcome to my crazy brain! lol

Also Rob. Welcome. And do my prank. It's fun!

Damn! I should've thought about putting the dates on my updates a long time ago. But as I said, my brain is crazy. So brain, I forgive you. I don't blame you for not reminding me to put dates on my updates. I don't hold grudge. Love you, brain.

UPDATE: Hi awesome readers! Today, 03/09/10, we have a new friend, Ali!

UPDATE ON 03/10/10: I feel awesome that I've been updating this almost everyday. Thank you all. And I'd like to welcome Ashton! But I can't see your URL. You can send it to me if you like so I can insert your link here. ;D

03/17/10: I would like to welcome Carina the Blogarina @ The Blogette. Welcome to my blog girlie!
Also, welcome to my blog, Andy!!! ;D

03/18/10: Hi newest follower, Katie Walters! *super wave*

03/21/10: So we have a new addition. Someone just joined my cult. Welcome, Jordan! ;)

03/22/10: You guys. We have a new one. Hi, Stylez! Thanks so much! And Johana Hill! Thanks.

03/23/10: I saw a new follower. Thank you for following, Rainey.

03/24/10: Hi, Jill! Thanks for following. You're so awesome!  ;)

03/25/10: I have another follower. She's Shannon a.k.a. good girl gone grad. Thanks, Shannon!



  1. lol Don't worry about the commenter's that will come with time and your awesome so its just a matter of time.

  2. Agreed. Comments come with time :) LOOK HERE'S ANOTHER ONE!

    Enjoying the blog so far!

    Happy Monday.

  3. Haha. Of course I like your blog. If I didn't, I'd have slapped a bio-hazard warning label on the blog or something equally bad.

    And I'm only kind of joking. :)

    Kudos on your followers. I hope more continue to follow you.

  4. Aw thank you so much for the shout out! So cool that I was your number 1! ;) Love your blog; be prepared for many more commentors and followers!

  5. hahaha! creeper is creeping again! i have four new voicemails (all in french) that i can't spend the time listening to in order to translate them because i just keep screaming CREEP CREEP CREEP whenever i look at them! congrats on your followers! i have two of my own! yay! i am about to click follow on you as soon as i close this comment box!

  6. Hahahahaha I haven't had any opportunities to try your advice... I'm actually sort of looking forward to it. ;)

    Thanks for the comment! I'm super-new to blogging (and even newer to trying to make bloggy friends), so I was QUITE excited! I'll be following your blog from now on! :)


  7. You gonna get so many more followers in the future, my dear. :D I like your blog!

  8. I am totally becoming a follower because anyone that personally thanks all of there followers totally deserves them PLUS your blog is awesome!

    I hope your muse makes it back from vacay ASAP because I'll be not so patiently waiting for a new post :)

  9. thanks for the mention. very sweet post!

  10. Make that 29 followers! Your funny. I like funny people, so I am following along!

  11. You are adorable! This is such a good idea! congrats on getting so many followers, but your blog is great so there is no surprise :o)