Friday, January 15, 2010

I Can Make Some Sense Too, You Know?

So a friend of mine just gave birth to a baby boy. Because of this, I took the liberty of sharing with everyone their fabulously fabulous moment.

How their love started...

Well not that I know the whole story... I just made up this story based on the photos I have stolen from them. Yeah, that's theft, i know.

So I'm gonna call this story...



It all starts when two people f... yeah, you know what I mean. F...ind each other.

The girl has been waiting for the perfect man for her...

and in came this man.

They fell in love.


Sorry guys, I was not able to steal a wedding photo. Maybe I'm not as good a thief as I thought.

And then the good things came... They did it.

Yes. *nodding*



Obviously, the new mommy is happy... but still, she's gotta "Bring It!"

Nine months later (fast forward)... the baby came out... fresh off the uterus.

*whispers* I deliberately covered those with smileys. I don't want him to have a naked photo scandal circling around the net in case he grows up to be a Hollywood star. I'm just being careful, okay.

Can you blame me? Even they can't take their hands off him.

So, I'm done talking. Just take a look at this adorable little angel and the proud parents...

Cute, huh?

So happy for you guys.