Monday, March 12, 2012

*UPDATED!!!* What? Who's Obsessed?

Oh don't look at me like that, I haven't even started explaining yet!

So this is kind of how my brain works:
Does this look like my drawing? No? Well, because it's not. I got it from Tumblr.
Although I have some in-between feelings like, "kinda-like something" and "kinda okay about something." But when I'm uninterested, then I'm really not.

But I'm here to talk about obsessions.

Or addictions...? Same thing to me.

So most of you probably know how much I like coffee and that I have been trying to cut down on caffeine because it's bad for me. No, really, I swear. My doctor told me to STOP drinking it because it's a long story. Ha!

So anyway, trying to cut down on something is not easy, obviously. It's not easy to JUST stop something you've been doing for years, especially if you see it everywhere. Or SMELL it everywhere. It's just so tempting.

I like tea, too, so don't think I hate it because I don't.

(You weren't really thinking that, were you?)

I swear, I do my best not to think about it but it just keeps coming back to me. Sometimes I'd forget it but sometimes I couldn't stop thinking about it.

At first, I'd be really really strong and try not to think about coffee...
I'd be okay for a few days without it but it always comes back stronger. ALWAYS. It just keeps popping into my head, haunting me.

Like true love.
I work at night, so obviously, I need it to stay awake.

So after a few days' worth of effort at ignoring it, I eventually give in. Every time.
And then feel bad about myself because I wasn't strong enough.

So fuck you coffee and your seductive aroma.

I hate you.

Anyway, here's another obsession.

I hate Joseph Kony!

Oh, no, wait! Don't judge. This is not me jumping in the bandwagon of hating Kony. And I'm not just using Kony, KONY 2012, or Stop Kony to get traffic to my blog! Of course not! (See what I did there?)

I have a deeper reason. I hate him because of my new obsession.


He's awesome.

He's so cute and adorable, I want to put him in my pocket.

And his dad, too. OHMYGOD, HIS DAD!!! He's too funny and adorable. My dream dad-in-law.


So anyway, Hailey and I have been seducing tweeting Kev Jumba a lot for him to notice us but for some reason, he never responded to our tweets.

And when I say "a lot" I really mean A  LOT.

We did this for a few days but it's either he's not tweeting or he's tweeting but not mentioning us.

Even Jay started to be bothered by this.

I don't think Kev (hi, babe!) would do that to us, though.

So anyway, after a few days, I found out WHY he hasn't been responding to our tweets!


Hi, babe!

Tell me why I shouldn't hate Kony more than you do!

I fucking hate Kony.


Here's a video of KevJumba with his friend Ryan Higa.

His description of the video: "I was asked by GE to go on a mission to San Francisco with Ryan Higa. We had to look for these GlobalTap fountains. Trouble ensues..."

Tip: Forward it to 3:15 and watch it from there. So funny.


  1. I love coffee. I don't even know how I would begin to give it up. Even my vitamins have caffeine in em. Oooof.

    1. Haha! I'm trying to limit my intake to 1 (+1) cup a day.

  2. Ew, coffee. the aroma is the ONLY good thing about it. Otherwise, ew. If only it tasted like it smells. Drink more tea. NO MORE JAVA.

    1. I like tea, too, Matty. But you know, sometimes, I like coffee.

  3. I'm not supposed to be drinking anything with caffeine either. And other than those 3 or 4 cans of Pepsi a day, I' not.

    I don't know who this Kevin Jumba guy is, but he should probably acknowledge you two soon or things could get REALLY weird.


    1. It's actually a good thing that I don't like anything carbonated so sodas never became a problem.

      BUT I LOVE KEVJUMBA!!! You should support us on this, Jay.

  4. same here girl, couldn't go on a day without coffee (exaggeration). i always make sure that i don't go more than 1 cup. so what i do, i'd use my mug which is equivalent to 2 cups haha clever much!

    1. Haha. Brilliant. But I'm serious about cutting down on coffee. I swear I want to give it up.

  5. But I like Kony... HAHA !
    Coney Island.
    Yeah yeah different spelling...DUR!

    1. Haha! You should stop him or he'll beat you at taking over the world.

      Not that I'd let either of you win.

  6. Coffee isn't allowed to me anymore (Sad). Long story, I'll better send you an email. Now I understand why you hate Kony. You have every right and reason to hate him.

  7. I love coffee. No, I`m obsessed with coffee. I can`t go on a day without. I tried breaking the habit weeks ago - I substituted coffee with milk para healthy. Pero failed with a capital F. Hahaha.

    Diba si Kev yung sa Amazing Race?

  8. I can help you with your coffee obsession. I am an obsessive person. The same song has been playing over and over again for the past four days. Do I love it? Of course. More than love, I am obsessed. And how do you get over an obsession? You replace it. I had a toxic relationship with caffeine, but I just started smoking, and find I drink a lot less coffee.

    1. Oh I'm like that, too, when I like a song!

      I think I should try replacing coffee with vodka. :P

  9. KEV JUMBA <3 I understand you completely. I love him and his dad. He's quite the funny guy. And my summer goal is to get a celeb to tweet me back. My life would be complete.

    And oh man, coffee is way too seductive. It needs to stop!

  10. I seriously want to turn those coffee pics into one epic coffee-loving gif.

    1. Haha! I would do that to some of my drawings if I knew how to make gifs!!

  11. I guess I'm lucky, I never learned to like coffee. Except for I like soda, which is probably worse because of the sugar...

    1. Really? I don't drink soda. Carbonated drinks make me feel bloated and weird and even more thirsty. :)


  12. ooh...I really like your blog! Wonderful post;)

    I am doing a survey of bloggers, and I want to ask you a couple of questions.)
    1.) How old are you?
    2.) How old is your blog?
    3.) Why you created a blog?
    4.) How long you plan to carry it?

    In the earlier, thanks!

  13. So I've always enjoyed coffee but recently I've REALLY started enjoying coffee. Like, I'm REALLY getting into it. Reading up all about it, researching and hitting up coffee shops all over town, blah blah blah. It's kind of my personality. When I get into something, I GET IN TO IT!! I definitely obsess. Some of my past/current obsessions include:

    -Wine and cheese pairing

    I tend to stick with the obsessions involving food longer than the ones involving not food and exercising.

    Hope Kevin gets his junk checked out so you and him can make cute little Asian babies.

  14. As entertaining as this post was, if your doctor told you to stop drinking coffee... Maybe you should stop giving in to delicious, warm, liquid temptation?

    And good job, everyone knows the way to a man's heart is to obsess over and stalk him, haha ;)

    1. I knowww but...

      Wait! Did you have to describe coffee like that? It's like you're trying to tempt me!! haha!

      And yes, of course! I neeeed to stalk KevJumba!!

  15. Oh girl, now I know why you never sleep, nor cease to make noise - you are on caffein! Whoosh! Need to find a way decaffeinate you! We need Decaf Gnetchy! Oh wait... if decaf, you'll become normal and boring.. nah nah, forget it~ Here's your latte moccacino, babe! ~~ ^_^

    1. I knew you'd support my addiction. To coffee, that is.

      Do you support my KevJumba addiction as well?

  16. Be careful.... cause scorned coffee can get all stalker-ish!!

    1. I know! Haha! When Kevin finds out about me, I can always blame it to caffeine!

  17. I'm going strong 5 days without it.
    I give myself until Monday. I'll give up.
    Also. Kev Jumba should reply soon. Or the coffee-less Greek will spam his a** like it's never been spammed before.

    p.s.I'll do a post about you on my blog. I'm just warning you. Nothing to be afraid of. Weeeeeeeeee!

    1. I can't wait to read what you're planning to write about me!

      And yes, KevJumba should reply to me soon! I'm starting to lose hope, you know!!! :p

  18. Wow how much coffee do you drink? I need at least one cup a day in the morning but sometimes if I know I need to stay up late, I'll down another cup at 5pm. I think I'm psychologically hooked on coffee but I'm still not sure if it ACTUALLY works. :P I use to do fine with just tea but now it's in my head that I NEED something stronger.

    1. Just two cups a day. I used to go up to 4 cups plus 2 grande frappes but I'm poor now so I'm trying not to think about Starbucks anymore. And yes, coffee is definitely stronger than tea! Like really!!

  19. Ha ha ha! Your blog is fan-fucking-tastic!

    Unlike most people, my body rejects coffee like the plague. The few times I've been able to drink it, it immediately put me to sleep. How weird is that?

    Anyhoo...just wanted to drop by and say "hi". I'm a fellow Asian who also likes to draw.

    1. Thank you!!!!

      Actually, my body rejects it, too. When I have too much, like another cup after an hour, I throw up. That's why the doctor told me to stop it.

      And thank you for following. You're awesome!!!