Saturday, February 27, 2010

it's really a good thing that I read all your blogs

You all know by now that I work on a night shift, right? Right.

So when I'm bored, or when I get really really sleepy, I check my dashboard and read every, AND I MEAN EVERY blog you've (those I follow) recently posted to fight boredom and to keep me awake. Because you know, it's really hard to work when your brain is already on its way to dreamland. Sometimes, I get to comment, sometimes don't (because I'm working), haha.

So anyway, when I read Lauren's post, just in time for my birthday weekend, I found out that she got this award which is totally just in time for her birthday:

So yeah, I'm sharing this because she awarded me that award. Ha!

Really, I'm a beautiful blogger? *bats eyelashes*

So of course, I can't wait to go home to claim that award (although I don't know if this is supposed to be a surprise because I feel like I totally ruined her surprise for me by reading her post so early but then again why would she surprise me when my birthday is not until June! whew! that was a long sentence!)

Anyway, thanks so much, Lauren a.k.a. egosyntonicity. I'm deeply touched.

Apparently, there are rules. I have to tell you 7 things you don't know about me and choose 7 fabulous bloggers to award this award. (redundant much?)

So here goes.

-- this is gonna take me a long time because I'm really not good at these tell-me-about-yourself things. You see the Who The??? on my menu bar? (you probably don't because I ruined the HTML code and turned it white). Anyway, I haven't written anything YET because I don't know what to say about myself.


1. I'm attracted to guys who can rock long hair.
Yes. Totally. Whenever I see a guy who has beautiful hair, or even messy hair, as long as he can rock it and not look like someone who just can't afford to get a haircut, I'd be like "who's that???" You wanna know who my very first celebrity crush is? At the tender age of 8, I fell in love with this guy:

Edward Furlong during the Terminator 2 days

But I'm over him. Shit happens. Haha!

Moving on.

2. I only cuss when I'm joking. When I'm serious, I don't.
For some reason, I don't feel like cussing when I'm mad. For example, we had a fight, I can totally hurt your feelings with my in-your-face words and all but I wouldn't throw cuss words. I'd feel guilty. I only like to cuss when I don't mean it. Like when I'm shocked or when I'm complaining about some silly things. Even I can't understand why.

3. I am moody especially on PMS days.

4. I'm a designer.
This started as a hobby but then I started earning money from this so I turned it into a small-time business. I'm planning to be a millionaire by tomorrow so more power to me. Haha!

5. I use Dvorak keyboard.
If you're too lazy to read Wikipedia, you can still click on the link, look at the picture, and look at your own keyboard.


See the difference?

Yes. This is supposed to make me type faster and more efficiently. And it's more comfortable once you get used to it. This is actually part of our Medical Transcription training so we actually didn't have much choice but to get used to it.

6. I don't have a cute guy coworker.
Which effing sucks! I really should find a new guy. I mean new job!

7. I can't live without my pressed powder.
Yes, I'm vain in that sense. I can go to work and find out I left my cellphone at home and I'd be just fine but if I left my pressed powder somewhere, I, by all means, will go out of my way to buy a new one.

Finally, I'm done!

So now, I'm awarding this to 7 awesome bloggy friends who, in my 2 months of blogging, have been loyal and supportive and helpful and sweet to me.

1. Amanda Jean - No Day But Today
2. Christina - Christina In Wonderland
3. Connie - Conniedom
4. Katherine - This Or The Housework
5. Princess Vulgarities - The Not So Glamorous Princess V
6. Sami - Herding Cats
7. I have 2 people in mind for this last spot. But one has already been awarded by Lauren so I'm giving this to Andhari - Insomniac Lolita 

Oh, and now that you know 7 more things about me, please don't hate me! Hahaha!

edit: thanks for the HTML tips, Connie. Now I've fixed my menu bar. It's really fun experimenting with this thing. lol


  1. Thanks for the award, my dear. Made my afternoon :)

    Anyhoodle, I love that self explanatory moody thing on your list. People should stay away from me when I'm pmsing too. Uber bitch alert :p

  2. OMG, thanks! This is my first blog award and it's probably the best one there is, because it's complimenting the blogger! *Coy*

    Btw, re the HTML, see if this helps: Go to Edit HTML, then press CTRL + F, and look for FFFFFF. This should be somewhere near header. Anyway, change the FFFFFF to 000000 (or a dark colour hex) and preview. If it looks OK, then save. Also, feel free to email me (at the addy on my FB) the HTML file and let me fix it for you.

  3. Just read your blog. Good to read some things about you. No hot co-workers? That could be a good thing. Anyway, thanks for sharing.
    -Holly Renee

  4. Congrats. Love the blog! And the jewelry is so beautiful.

  5. Man. Everyone is so much cooler than me. *sigh* I want a Dvorak keyboard! Meh...

    And it's so insanely hard to believe you've only been blogging two months. Haven't I known you, like, forever? :)

  6. Thank you soooo much my dear! I am honoured! =) xo

  7. Wow.. your jewelery is really pretty! Do you have an etsy shop or something?

    Congrats on your award! Definitely awarded to the right person hehe! And...thanks so much for passing it my way! My baby poured coffee on my laptop but as soon as I'm back up and running I'll get back to writing :P

  8. OMG! I fucking LOVED him (num 1)when I was little! Now, I have to Google him and see what the hell his name is!!!

  9. Haha- "self explanatory" I can't count the number of times I have actually had to explain this to people, seriously. Your jewelery is adorable hun and I learned something new today- Dvorak, had no idea. I will probably go check into a bit.
    *sends cute guy worker your way via interwebs!* What!? how can you not have one, every girl needs some eye candy on the J.O.B

    I found you on 20sb and I shall return, keep up the great work!


  10. ANDHARI: You're welcome. Yeah, PMS is actually my best excuse for being bitchy.

    CONNIE: Thanx really for the HTML tips. And you totally deserve this award.

    HOLLY RENEE: How can that be a good thing? It's actually really sad. :(
    ...but not too sad ;)
    ...yeah, too sad :(

    SADAKO: Thanks. And I love your name. Is it like the ghost from The Ring?

    CHRISTINA: You can add Dvorak from your regional/language options.

    Also, I felt that we've known each other forever too! Haha! But my blog will be 2 months old on march 3. Woohoo!

    AMANDA: You're soooo welcome.

    KATHERINE: Thanks. No, I don't have a shop yet. I'm saving money for that. I post them (my designs) on my other facebook account so my other friends can view my new ones and order. Can't wait to see new blog posts. Hope your laptop gets fixed soon.

    CUPCAKE: He's Edward Furlong. But don't Google him. You'll be disappointed. Google just loves his mug shots! Did my warning came too late? Hahaha!

    KAYLA: I never knew Dvorak either until I got this job. And it's actually easier. And it really sucks that I don't have anyone to look forward to seeing every day! REALLY EFFING SUCKS! I'm still waiting for the cute guy coworker you sent me! LOL